Astrology for the 21st Century – 2nd part

In the previous article, we mentioned the topic related to heart vibrations and how these are unique for each individual, which can identify each person just like a fingerprint.
The purpose of dealing with this topic is because most people do not understand how the energies in which we are immersed, can interfere with our functioning.

Astrology “measures” the energies manifested between the celestial bodies of the solar system and us. It is a measurement system that analyzes the energies generated by each planet, passing through the grid that is our natal chart, giving us a personalized result in that combination.

In case anyone still has any doubts, it may be that with the information that was released recently, this stated principle is easier to understand.

A sound device is available on the market with from which we can listen directly without the use of headphones. This happens while the people around us are not hearing a sound from the device.
This technology allows you to be playing a video game, having a video-conference, listening to music, watching videos, and so on, without wearing headphones. Since the person doesn’t wear headphones, the ambient noise is also present.
Such device that borders science fiction today is possible.

For those who understand the subject of vibrations and frequencies, both in our body and in our environment, they understand how the new device works.
For those who don’t, the following may help you understand better. Our brain processes information through our neurons, based on information received in the mode of frequencies, and electrical impulses that come from our five senses; in addition to information that comes to us from other sources, such as the environment, other people, and things that have an energy field.

How does music reach our brain, and we can listen to it?
Our auditory system, through all its components, captures a sound and generates an electrical stimulus that goes to the brain to be processed, and as a result, we can ‘hear’ the sound. There is a sequence of actions that occur in a time imperceptible to us. Consider the processing speed and capacity of the brain since there are many other things going on at the same time.

Now let’s consider, what would happen if a frequency generated somewhere else reaches our brain directly but not from our hearing system?

Our brain would identify the signal and process it and we would hear that sound, regardless whether it came from. This is the case with this new device.
Considering this, it can be deduced that both our hearing, as well as the rest of our senses, could be replaced by some device that stimulates our brain, with information that we would ‘perceive’ in some way, but which we may or may not know where is coming from.
The knowledge on how our brain works has advanced in such a way that, devices that interact directly with are already in the market.
The question we must ask ourselves is, how do we differentiate if something we feel is real or has been ‘implanted’ from the outside? All the thoughts we have are of our own creation, or could they come from another source?

Using astrology, a state of mind that we do not know where it came from, because it occurred without any apparent cause, could be identified as a transit of the Moon, for example.

Technology today is making possible to relate to things which were not understood previously, or people could have given an ‘esoteric’ meaning.

Klaus Schwab, a German economist, engineer and business administrator, with multiple doctorates and global recognition, has written a book called ‘The Forth Industrial Revolution’.
In short, Schwab speaks in this book of the future he sees for humanity, with the union of our physical part, with technology and biology. Technological advancement has reached such a point, which allows a microchip to be implanted in each person and thus become part of a global network, where all the information produced by each person, including their thoughts, could be observe and process from a distance.
Theoretically, the objective of this is to prevent diseases, crimes, buy and sell without having to carry any means of payment and so on.
The main concern with this approach as with any centralized system is who has control of the information and what is done with it.

Today, with the technology available, artificial intelligence is automatically giving us the answer to an email, or it is blocking or flagging an article that was upload to social networks, it suggests friends and other things that we already take as normal, simply because of an algorithm that someone programmed.

If Schwab’s vision is fulfill, considering that main technology companies work with very little supervision from governments, and have reach beyond the borders of any country, it is valid to ask, where the global control center will be placed. Will the people have some decision about it?

Today, under the current conditions, we are very limited, and we don’t have any saying.

Astrology only serves to measure certain energies that affect us, but we are the ones who have the last word to do or not do at all times. There is a principle of ‘free-will’ in our lives.

If everything goes as predicted, really both astrology and our free-will would be limited, and we would be very close to becoming ‘BORGS’ as anticipated by the science fiction series Star-Trek, where we would become just a point within the global network, losing in the process our freedom and individual identity.

Astrology has anticipated that during 2020, we were going to be closing a cycle, but as with everything, nothings is set in stone. The change is happening and it will happen, but our saying on what our future will be, needs to be determined by us, and not by any algorithm

The technology is there and is not good or bad, how is been used is another story.


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Astrology for the 21st Century – 3rd part

Astrology for the 21st Century – 3rd part

It is worth noting that to understand these articles you need an open mind, and handle certain information that, although it is not every day conversation, with the internet, anyone has access.
Let’s think that many times we reject certain ideas or themes, just for the fact that they conflict with our beliefs, which may or may not be valid. The open-minded person is willing to change their beliefs as long as new information invalidates what they previously had. It is not more than that.
This is the basis of the evolution of the human being. You don’t evolve by clinging to fixed ideas written in stone, but to flow with new information.

In November 2019, we published an article called Universe, Solar System and Astrology, in which we referred to the information obtained by the probes Voyager 1 and 2.
In the article, we talked about the composition of the solar system and the similarities with a human cell. With the information obtained by the probes, it was determined that “something” delimits our solar system. Something similar to a layer or substance, that differentiates what is inside and outside of it. We look at the sky and see a continuum as if there were nothing between the celestial bodies, but as shown by NASA’s information, there are things that we do not see but devices can measure.
We could make the analogy of when we are diving, inside the water, everything is a continuum and only when one comes to the surface, one does see the difference of environments between air and water. There is something limiting or composed of different substances between the two sides. Something similar was detected by the probes.

In a new study observed the similarity that exists, between the neural networks of our brain and the cosmic network between galaxies. This study was carried out between the departments of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Bologna-Italy, the Institute of Neurosurgery of the Department of Neuroscience and Bio-medicine of the University of Verona-Italy, with the collaboration of astrophysicists of the University of Hamburg-Germany, and the Institute of Radio Astronomy of Bologna-Italy.

Whit this new information we can say that something thought to be symbolic, maybe it was not. We talk about an axiom that comes from ancient Egypt attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, that says ‘as above is below, as below is above’, later incorporated by the Catholic religion into the ‘Our Father’, in ‘thus in the earth, as in heaven’

The micro and the macro, both behave under the same principle.

We are discovering how the universe works, but we still do not fully know how the human body works. If you don’t share this opinion, please ask yourself, if we know everything about the human body, why is there no cure for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases that afflict us? Only palliatives exist, but no cure.
There is no cure, simply because we still do not know everything about the functioning and composition of our body, other than that sometimes we act as if we do.

What led us to start our blog was the strong evidence that astrology is a method of measuring energies and not something esoteric. Even if this is what people was led to believe. By the new findings been made public by the scientific community, we are getting closer to a point of disclosure on what astrology is.

We try to ignore the inexplicable, what we don’t understand, or what clashes with our ‘beliefs’, but that doesn’t stop things from happening. We rely on words like ‘fatality’, ‘misfortune’, ‘luck’, and we define these as truths that, ultimately, are nothing more than energies that we can define as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ from our point of view, and that astrology can predict and measure.

Each element within astrology is well defined, it has its own characteristics, is predictable and measurable.
For example, a square (90 degrees) generates restrictive energy; a trine (120 degrees) generates expansive energy. Saturn is restriction, responsibility, while Jupiter is expansion and abundance.
Saturn never is going to be expansion and Jupiter never is going to mean restriction.
While what is expressed is an oversimplification of things, it is done for better understanding the essence of astrology. Parameters already defined and within a value system, are the bases of a measurement system.

William Lilly, a famous English astrologer, had already developed a value system in the 1600s based on planets, aspects and houses. Lilly created the measurement system in those days without all the available information we have today. One has to wonder the reason why the scientific model was left aside, and replaced by the esoteric one.

We as conscious beings, cannot extract ourselves nor differentiate ourselves from, the functioning of the universe; we are a fractal as part of the universal hologram, in the same way that a cell goes through the same principles and cycles of the human body.

As above is below, as below is above.

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The Universe, Solar System & Astrology

Astrology for the 21st Century

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For those who are interested in the essence of astrology, that is, going a beyond a certain zodiacal signs, planets and general information available, this article can help you advance in the discovery on the fundamentals of astrology.

Through many years of study and practice one comes to the realization how things work, and far from knowing everything, we have enough information to scratch the surface of astrology’s great knowledge. At one point, you have to ask yourself where so much knowledge comes from.

If it were for the history that we know, there is no way that four thousand years ago, astrologers would already know something that we are just beginning to understand now with available scientific information. Moreover, probably in scientific circles there is much more knowledge in the works that did not made to the public yet, that could be linked to astrology.

Not many astrologers today talk about astrology as an energy measurement system. This is not a criticism, but simply consider that an astrologer learns what he/she is taught, and then with practice, polishes the work and hence the professional difference between them.

Just to understand and be able to weight what I am saying, my teacher in astrology to whom I am deeply grateful for all the knowledge that he transmitted to me, was doing his natal chart by hand when I met him. Depending on where the person was born, managing the time changes was quite a challenge. It took him a couple of hours just to “draw” the natal chart on a photocopy of a blank chart. For each consultation, the ephemeris book was at hand.

Back in the 90’s, I brought him my laptop with a program that made natal charts. He could not believe that the computer was able to draw the natal chart and show the transits. We did many tests with previous charts he had. He was just amazed.

In order not to make a long story, he ended up buying a computer and the system to make the natal charts and follow transits.

While what I mention does not change the basis of astrology, it aims to understand how a technological change can revolutionize an ancient manual practice.

When I mention that astrology is a tool used to measure the flow of energy of any given moment, is because very few astrologers see it from that point of view. To understand that astrology identifies movements of energy, we first have to understand, how the energy in the human body works.

If it is not first understood that every cell, organ, and even a thought can be measured in its frequency, astrology could never be understood as an element that measures energy.

What follows is an example to support what is been mentioned.

In the book Astrology in the 21st Century, available in Amazon, there is a section related to organ transplant and its impact on astrology.

From the information available from MIT and the Pentagon, we now have an answer to a question related to heart transplants, which was mentioned in the book as paradigm to be solved.

The experiences of people with heart transplants were mentioned in the book, since after the transplant, the recipient acquired personality characteristics of the donor. This subject is very well documented, there are books written, and is something well known in certain medical circles.

The question presented from the astrological point of view, was about how to manage the future cycles of the recipient of a heart after the transplant, especially related to aspects of the Sun and Leo, since they rule the heart.

From the new information available from MIT related to the laser developed by the Pentagon, we now know that each heartbeat has unique characteristics for each person. It is like a fingerprint. It identifies the person!

Knowing this, we can now support the concept that, from the astrological point of view, when analyzing any future transit for a person who received a heart transplant, the donor’s cycles should also be included in the evaluation, in order to have all the necessary information for the analysis.

Strange as this may seem, if we need to evaluate all energy cycles, we must consider the original cycle of the heart along with the cycles of the person who received it, in order to have a complete picture of the person’s energy cycle. Otherwise, the astrologer would work with partial or incorrect information regarding this aspect.

From what we know, organ transplants were not done in ancient time’s, so a heart condition would lead to its irreparable outcome, but now with organ transplants, a much more complex situation is created considering the energy cycles.

It is worth mentioning that each organ has a defined frequency, which has not been disclosed yet, so in this regard a lung, a kidney, a liver for example, also have their specific characteristics in the individual, as occurs with the heart.

As we learn more about the human body’s characteristic and how it works, there is a need to keep astrology aligned with this new information.

It is the new requirement of the 21st century, and something to take into consideration by future astrologers.

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Astrology for the 21st Century – 2nd part

COVID-19 Energy Cycle

On August 20th we did our second analysis of the trend follow by COVID19 and the Spanish Flu. Our first article on the subject calling it a pandemic goes back to January 2020.

From our August post, we were forecasting an increase of cases as soon as the positive planetary transits were ending between October and November, and we were going to start suffering the raw aspects of the virus. The energy does not stop from one day to the next, instead it dies gradually.

Comparing with the Spanish Flu of 1918, we are under much heavier energy transits overall, and we are going to witness the full power at the end of 2020 and during 2021’s Q1.

The spike that we are witnessing at this writing, will continue going up, since there is no good energy around that can stop it.

On December 14th, the solar eclipse will complicate matters, since it has a hard aspect with Neptune which rules sickness, deception and under handed dealings. We should not expect great results from the vaccines.

This energy will be increased on December 21st by the Great Conjunction in Aquarius.

Aspects in January and February are adding more fuel to the fire, and if we consider that we will be in the middle of winter and flu season in the northern hemisphere, we complete the combo for a complicated situation.

With all this energy active, prepare for lock-downs, travel restrictions and economic hardship.

Time will tell.

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