The Morning of the Magicians

The Morning of the Magicians is the English title of the original French book ‘Le Matin des Magiciens‘ written by Louis Pauwels, in collaboration with Jacques Bergier, published in 1960. The book sold more than 2 million copies in different languages.
Although the book was very successful, with very favorable reviews, it also had its detractors who spoke of conspiracy theories.
The book covers topics such as parapsychology, Nazism and esotericism, alchemy, ancient civilizations, and the issue of unidentified flying objects, among others.
Since that book was published, public in general had access to this type of information in later years, which makes it clear that Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier had access to information that was restricted to certain circles at the time of the writing. The book took five years in the making.

In 2023 Netflix aired the series Ancient Apocalypse created by Graham Hancock, where the author travels around the world showing ancient ruins that somehow do not match with the official ancient history. It should be no surprise that there is a lot of outcry from certain scientific circles that see the series as a challenge to what they preach.

In the book The Morning of the Magicians, the Vril society is discussed, which emerged during the period of the Third Reich in Germany. Although the Vril society is considered pseudoscientific and esoteric today, the weapons developed by Germany at that time surpassed all scientific advances known. It is worth saying that the definition of esoteric and pseudoscientific can doubtfully be applied to the technological advances that were made.

Germany had prototypes of what we know today as flying saucers and the famous V-1 and V-2 bombs that caused so much ruin in England. The scientists who were part of this society in Germany were divided between the Soviet Union and the United States, with Wernher Von Braun being one of the most renown scientist leading NASA’s Apollo project, with the objective of reaching the moon. For its part, some other scientists of the Vril society went to the Soviet Union helping on the development of their space program, with the achievement of putting the first astronaut in space. Without a doubt, the members of the Vril society managed to obtain technical and scientific information from non-traditional sources.
As we can see from the 1960s to the present, certain scientific circles and the media criticize and try to discredit information that contradicts the official story.

What happens with astrology is no different. Being a science that has been used since ancient times, especially by the ruling classes, it is trivialized or discredited as pseudoscientific or esoteric.
Just to mention a couple of examples, both the Antikythera machine that dates back more than two thousand years, and Joan Quigley, the astrologer that consulted Ronald Regan on main government topics, are facts mentioned as curiosities.

Several of the scientific definitions had to be modified over time by science itself, as new information was available, but while this was happening, what had previously been said was the rule and anyone challenging that was a conspirator.
The question we must ask ourselves is, what gives certain circles or groups the power to determine what is true or what is false, defining things white or black when our existence advances in different shades of gray.
White or black could only be applied to birth and death, the rest varies from day to day between those two colors.

Astrology shows us the cycles we go through in life, shows the movement of energy and how has an impact on each one of us, something which science has nothing to say. But our life is real, and we humans experience it day by day, regardless of what science ignores.
It is time to start having serious discussions on the subject. In our blog you can go back before 2019 and you can find information regarding our resent history which was predicted based on astrological facts by comparing previous historic events.

If someone wants to criticize something, first it should have a solid base that will disqualify whatever is criticizing. Just to disagree with something for a mere disagreement does not make sense. If that happens it’s probably because the person is just acting on someone else’s thoughts.

It’s time to wake up.

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