Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology

Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology

The content of this article was not generated or has not used CHATGPT, it was written by a human.

Trying in a certain way to change our perspective to reality, in this article we are going to talk about a book called ‘Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology‘, written by Doctor H.L. Cornell published in 1933.
Dr. Cornell had previously written in 1918 ‘Astrology and the Diagnosis of Disease’.
As we can deduce, Dr. Cornell, apart from being a medical doctor, was an astrologer.
Born in the year 1872, die in the year 1938 after many year of a successful practice as an M.D. in the United States and India.
The encyclopedia was the result of 15 years of study analyzing the relationship between diseases and the astrological characteristics of patients.
To have a dimension of when this book was written, when Cornell did his research, Pluto was not yet considered within the planets of the natal chart.
The first sight of Pluto was in 1915 and it was not until 1930 when it was named as such and included in astrology.
Although not considered highly influential when first founded, events on earth since its discovery and the years that followed, including the development of nuclear power, have given it unusual importance in certain aspects of our mundane life as well as personal one.
Once Pluto was accepted into the grid of planets, it was followed by the definition of the sign that it would rule and therefore the part of the body to which its influence corresponded. The first discussions were based on assigning Pluto the sign of Aries or Scorpio, but the final decision was that Scorpio was accepted as the sign; therefore, Pluto governs the genitals and the rectal area in the human body.

Going back to the encyclopedia written by Dr. Cornell, this is the first of its kind because although there have been writings about conditions according to certain aspects of the natal chart since ancient times, they were not organized or structured in such a way that they could be used as a consultation book or for teaching.
The encyclopedia consists of 958 pages which are arranged alphabetically according to the parts of the human body. It begins with the letter A being the first subject treated the Abdomen.

Within Abdomen, it’s mentioned that the internal part of the abdomen is ruled by the sign of Virgo and the 6th house and the external part is ruled by Scorpio. The muscles of the abdomen are ruled by Mars and this part takes precedence when Mars is in the patient’s sign of Virgo.
The sign of Pisces, which is opposite Virgo, when occupied by certain planets, tends to affect the abdomen.
The Moon and Venus also have rulership over the abdomen and should be considered when they have some hard aspect with another planet of the corresponding signs.
This is only the description of a small part of the encyclopedia in relation to the abdomen.

It is hard to dimension the reach and scope of the studies carried out by Dr. Cornell but considering the length of the research done by a medical professional during his peak and last years of a successful career, speaks of a life experience focused on relating medicine with astrology.

We begin the article by talking about what makes our reality, and with what has been mentioned so far, it is worth asking why astrology has not been considered within the medical practice. Moreover, not only is it not considered, but for many it is treated as quackery.

Nowadays, when for something to exist it has to be validated by science, we need to ask if science at any time proved wrong the work of Dr. Cornell. For the information available, it was never evaluated. Things are simply forgotten and thus those interested in creating ‘our reality’ make us believe that certain things just do not exist.

The age of Aquarius brings knowledge to the forefront. In the same way that this encyclopedia exists, there is information on many other topics that would greatly improve our quality of life, such as free energy, the use of the energies of the human body, and many other things that are hidden that would make ‘our reality’ very different from the one we have today.

There are energies at play at the moment that gives the possibility to open our minds allowing us to evaluate new information, which, although it was already known, is hidden behind the veil that each one must uncover.

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