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Solar Eclipse October 25th, 2022

Solar Eclipse Aspects

Pluto square Sun

Uranus square Saturn

Pluto quincunx Mars

Jupiter quincunx Sun

Neptune quincunx Mercury

From the astrological point of view, there is a big difference between the energies that are generated by a lunar and a solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse will generate energies that will have an impact on our psyche, while the solar eclipse will have an impact on our exterior and our interaction with the world on a physical level.

What encompasses the shadow of the eclipse is said to be the area that receives most of the energy, beyond the fact that the impact is global.

When this article is published, the war between Russia and Ukraine is ongoing, and Sweden and Finland are in a moment of tension with Russia, since they want to be part of the European bloc. Coincidentally, the countries in conflict, like their neighbors, are under the ‘shadow’ of the eclipse.

Now, what is the meaning of the aspects of the eclipse mentioned at the beginning of the article?

Pluto square against the constellation of planets like the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus speaks of a transformative energy shock. Pluto continues to transit the sign of Capricorn, which rules structures, governments, international organizations just to mention the most important topics, and by squaring this conglomeration of planets, it not only speaks of a transformative energy, reaching topics such as trade, travel, communications and finances, but also of profound changes.
It is worth mentioning that all these areas will be significantly affected. This will start a process of change and transformation in which we may all be involved.

During the lunar eclipse of January 10, 2020, Pluto was only in opposition to the Moon (it was in conjunction with the Sun) and today we can see the psychological effect it caused on a large part of the world’s population during 2020 and the 2021, of which the effects can still be seen today. On this occasion, Pluto squares not only the Moon but also the planets mentioned. Just these aspects can have a significant effect on everyone considering that it is not an eclipse of the Moon but of the Sun. It is an external manifestation that can affect the people’s main.

Both the governments and the world population, represented by the Sun and the Moon respectively, will go through a period of adjustment and transformation. In our article about the solar eclipse of April 30, 2022, we talked about the regenerative aspects that the eclipse had and mentioned that by end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 would the results of that energy will begin to materialize, which can be defined as positive.
It seems that the upcoming solar eclipse of October 25 will be the peak that makes us hit rock bottom, and months later it would be seen that things begin to take another direction. It looks like first some events need to happen in order to shake people up in order to get their priorities in order.

Mercury squaring Pluto can bring about a significant change in trade and travel. Regarding trade, after reaching the peak of globalization, a significant change may indicate a return to local trade, prioritizing exchange within each country. About travel, everything points to more restrictions. If we see all the changes that have occurred with air travel from 2001 onwards, it would be very strange if all the restrictions were lifted. Everything points to more control and restrictions.

Venus squaring Pluto affects the financial side. The world can go through the collapse of certain currencies which leads to the revaluation and change of currency denomination in some countries. The collapse of the stock markets, which can occur mainly because multinational companies been affected by restrictions on trade and travel as mentioned by the aspect of Mercury. Possibly governments will put restrictions or high tariffs on imports to defend their integrity.

Uranus squaring Saturn, we have to consider the technological part of Uranus being restricted by Saturn, which governs the power structures. This can impact cryptocurrencies which operation relies 100% on the technology working properly. The aspects mentioned for Venus also apply to this sector because of the finances.

The quincunx between Pluto and Mars, although it is not an aspect that is commonly mentioned, in this case it is worth doing. Mars the god of war and Pluto regent of the atomic and profound transformations, considering the circumstances in which we find ourselves, makes us think. This aspect generates disharmonic energy between the two parts. This aspect during a warlike conflict is not good. Pluto rules the atomic, Mars the war.

In this regard there are two facts to mention that cannot escape people’s memory, which are the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
On June 25, 1945, a lunar eclipse occurred in Capricorn. In that eclipse, Pluto squared Mars. Eclipses prior to this one may have had similar aspect (it is not frequent), but keep in mind that something that does not exist cannot be used. Even if that condition had been present during an eclipse, there were no atomic bombs before 1945.
This aspect speaks that atomic weapons can be used, but it does not speak of a nuclear holocaust, there is a continuation. It could be that they are used in certain military, communications, and strategic targets only. If this happens, it could lead to restrictions on travel and international trade. Just thinking that the global GPS system could be affected, commercial aviation would cease to operate.

Another quincunx occurs between Jupiter and the Sun, the Moon and Mercury which also speaks of problems in communications, trade, and travel.

Neptune quincunx with Mercury creates confusion with issues related to Mercury in addition to what was mentioned above.

Following there is a link related to the situation in the United States and the transformation process which the country is going through. At some point, it is very likely that the United States will intervene directly in the war, beyond the weapons support it is currently providing Ukraine. This may speak of a magnification of the conflict that will undoubtedly affect the great world economies. Already the shadow of the eclipse includes Europe and Eastern countries, in addition to the process active in the United States. The sum of all these aspects can impact the world economy at a level difficult to predict.

It only remains to hope that this happens with the least possible impact on the population. Jupiter entering directly into the sign of Aries by the end of 2022, will give us the possibility of beginning a new cycle in the development of humanity. Without a doubt, each one will have to contribute their own for this to happen.

Changes in the United States and the world

Changes in the United States and the world

Sir Winston Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

  • Lunar eclipse January 10th, 2020
  • Solar eclipse December 14th, 2020
  • Presidential inauguration on January 20th, 2021
  • Solar eclipse June 10th, 2021
  • Neptune’s Opposition
  • Pluto’s Return


Usually, a situation is analyzed with the elements available at the moment, and most often not considering elements from the past which are related. A phrase that is often used to understand the meaning of this is ‘the last drink does not make you drunk, but the sum of everything that was drunk before’. Another example for those who don’t drink would be compulsively spending on a credit card and then not knowing what to do when the statement arrives.

For both the last drink and the credit card statement, they need to be analyzed within the full context in order to achieve an accurate assessment of the situation.

In life we go through cyclical processes which are influenced by the energies of the moment. How one reacts to these energies is something that each one must analyze. We need to learn from wrong reactions from the past which had no desirable outcomes. In simple terms, if we do the correct assessment on any situation, and we learn from it, we have less chance from tripping twice with the same stone in the future.

Astrology allows to measure the energy cycles. In our case we are using planetary transits and eclipses to do our analysis.

Our present time are the consequences of the energies generated in recent years, and the actions taken by the ruling class in response to that. Fate is not written in stone. The energies only mark the possibilities, but the actions of the people are what ultimately materialize or not those energies and the consequences of those actions.

The list of astrological events that are stated at the beginning of the article speaks of the energies generated globally and for the United States in the last two years.

Could it be that the United States will be involved in a war? There are possibilities, but it will depend on the actions of the government (the president and congress)

Can it be that the United States is divided in different regions? There is a possibility that this will happen, it will depend on the actions of the government and how the citizens respond to those actions.

Could it be that the United States must fight to defend the integrity of its territory? There is a possibility that this will happen, it will depend on the actions of the government and the actions of other countries such as China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea, just to mention a few.

To understand the above questions, we must go back to historical events as well as recent events that have occurred globally and mainly in the United States.

It all begins with the entry of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn in 2008. Many have already forgotten that, but the financial collapse brought “irreversible” consequences to the global economic system. What energy did Pluto activate going into Capricorn? Pluto generated regeneration energy, and the possibility of modifying an outdated and, above all, corrupt system.

The rulers at that time decided to patch up an outdated system and tried to move on as if nothing had happened. Very serious mistake. If something is not working, it should be replaced, not ignored or just patched.

The lunar eclipse of January 10, 2020, would not necessarily have had the effects it did, if from 2008 onwards the powers that be had taken action to change an obsolete system. Not only they continue with the failed practices, but they accelerate the printing money from thin air, increased unpayable government debts, support the stock markets even if they are decoupled from reality, and many reasons more.

When we hear that probably we are going to have a ‘reset’, that opportunity was around 2009, at that time there was a favorable constructive energy to do it.

The solar eclipse of December 14, 2020 had global consequences, but in particular activated certain energies for the United States.

In the articles of the reference, there is detailed information for each event, but in short, this solar eclipse highlighted the armed forces, countries allies with the United States, its ideals, and also was present the possibility of betrayal by other countries.

During the year 2021 the opposition of Neptune in transit with the natal Neptune of the United States took place. If we  look at the history of the United States, under similar condition, an event took place that is considered the beginning of the civil war, although the clashes between the armies of the north and south began sometime later.

It is worth mentioning that at that time, there was not a transit significant as Pluto’s return present, this time around it is. This is the first occurrence since the United States was founded. It is not a minor detail. Just to mention the significance of this transit, the United Kingdom lost its position as a global empire when it happened to them.

Presidential inauguration on January 20, 2020. The birth chart of this event clearly speaks of the possibility of an armed conflict abroad, of allied countries confronting the US, of internal revolts and/or loss of ideals or direction of the country. This energy is active for the 4 years which is the term of the president, unless another president is sworn in during this period. In that case the cycle will be interrupted and a new one will start.

The solar eclipse of June 10, 2021 not only confirms everything previously expressed, but also generates additional energy. The curious thing about what was manifested in this eclipse, considering the world situation at that time, and that of March 2022, is that it talks about the United States providing aid to another country, but eventually, the US will get directly involved in the conflict. Under the current situation, the “aid” of war material or logistics to Ukraine can be transformed into a direct participation against Russia. We are talking about armed forces (planet mars), economic sanctions would not be considered in this aspect.

In short, Pluto’s return speaks of a before and after in the United States. The change will be there for everyone to see. Pluto represented by the phoenix bird, is consumed in its fire and is reborn from the ashes. When it is reborn it has new qualities leaving behind the previous negative aspects. That is the basis of the alchemical process of regeneration. It would be impossible to return in the same way when it had to be consumed by fire to transform.

If the United States receives an attack from another country, something similar to 9/11, it will not be an isolated event, but a systematic one, which would lead citizens to question the country’s defense capabilities. Having armed forces deployed throughout the world but limited to defending their own territory from external attack, would lead to a rethinking of military strategies. The defense resources of the United States depends on high technology, satellites, missile shield and others, but what would happen if it has an attack from water or land? Russia’s army deployment around Ukraine was no secret, but what about a stealth attack on US soil?

For all that has been said above, the possibility that allied countries will turn against the US is latent. It would be unreasonable to think that both Mexico and Canada would lend themselves to such a move, but nothing can be ruled out. The United States has extensive coastlines which encompass the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean waters.

According to astrological aspects, what happens in the coming months and during 2023 will undoubtedly lead to a structural change in the United States. Like any process of change, it will have to go through moments of confusion and uncertainty to separate the wheat from the chaff. Whatever change will occur in the United States will lead to a global change, mainly considering the current power structures. The ineffectiveness of the WHO (with the pandemic), like the UN (no able to prevent the Russia-Ukraine conflict), or like NATO’s goals and objectives, prompts certain questions and the real possibility of the end of the cycle.

Looks like we are heading to a New World Order, but who can say what New Order that is.

We are the witness of an historical change in the US and the world structures.