Astrology & Life (Health, Love & Money)

This post is directed to people not familiar with astrology or for those who think that is merely a pastime.
Even if it will sound strange, astrology is a science and is older than astronomy. The reason for this, is simply because since ancient time celestial bodies were first considered gods, and later some people became “experts” in the understanding of the movement of the stars, and the consequences that those events had at the earth level. This people that we can call them “astrologers”, were present in circles of power, ruling classes, royalty and even in the catholic church. Not many people know that even Popes were declared astrologers in ancient times. Some of the founding fathers of the US were astrologers, and in recent history, there was a famous astrologer consulted by President Regan on a regular basis related to government decisions.

Life is expressed in constant movement of energy, and astrology has a system for measuring the energy produced by celestial bodies, and providing an interpretation on how that energy is manifested.

We are led to believe that we are in full control of our destiny, and in part is true. What they don’t tell you, is that you will be free within certain natural boundaries, and that we transit life within cycles, which they repeat themselves in intervals.
The same way that our moon takes 28 days and hours to run a cycle, which influences the tides of oceans and rivers, hormonal woman cycle and agriculture, the earth takes 365 days and hours to cycle around the sun (and we celebrate our New Year when a new cycle starts), all the rest of planets have their own cycle. Each one of them have a different frequency, energy and meaning.
Astrology simply analyzes the effect on earth (from the global to the individual level) of a given celestial event. In the 1800s the prediction of the weather was considered quackery in the scientific circles, and today we understand what a low-pressure system means, and its consequences, for example. We even have a TV channel dedicated to the weather forecast.

The same way that you can predict with certain accuracy the weather, the same way we can forecast possible outcomes at the personal and global levels. It is just information management.
Empires were ruled based on this information. Most probably it was because the information provided by the experts of this science, were most of the time correct when providing advice.

A person with astrological knowledge, can do a prediction mainly based on the future celestial aspects, and based on that, predict an outcome. The process is mathematical and follows the rule of simply putting two and two together. Why is that? Because besides understanding the relationship of planets, zodiacal signs and aspects, also is especially important, to go back and check what happened when similar situation was presented in the past. It is simply the utilization of valid information.
Situations and people are different, but the energy present in the period based on celestial aspects is the same. The energy will be the same but manifested according to the present circumstances.
It happens with our personal relationships, financial speculations, health and the rest. Sometimes people repeat situations in their lives, and they don’t understand why. Everything that we know, people, financial markets, countries, governments, everything is ruled by this energy cycles.

The financial markets got very smart in predicting trends by computer generated analysis, mainly for advising when to buy or to sell. No more than that. But all the analysis is done based on financial trends, economic indicators, people mood, accounting and government’s regulations, laws and common practice.
In today’s world, where negative interest are been applied, when money printing is only limited by the capacity of machinery, or by the time needed for the administrative approval’s cycle, the future prediction of markets is not working. Things could work only when all parameters are within reasonable and predictive limits. These parameters were broken after the crisis of 2008.

On the other hand, astrology is based on laws of the universe, which are exact, they don’t change depending on the government, or the financial situation, or any other man-made situation. You can predict today with 100% accuracy, at what time the sun will rise on February 13th, 2056. Same for when is going to be a full moon during the month of July 2099. The same applies for when solar or lunar eclipses will happen and so on and so for.

The same problems that keep people worried in the 1500s are the same worries that we have today. We have A/C, fast cars, airplanes and the rest but basic human nature has not changed. Astrology can be used today as in ancient times, simply because the same things that motivate people today, motivated people then (love, health and money – in any order). People is the base of society, so the desire of people is what is reflected in the society, country or the world.

Most probably this information is not something that you will read every day regarding astrology. If you still think that astrology is an entertainment, I did not reach your understanding and you can stop here. If something that it was mentioned at list makes you wonder, then keep reading.

What follows is a practical case for forecasting the financial markets. In December 19th, 2019, the following article was posted in our blog, regarding the markets in 2020.

“Eclipses are considered to have an effect when having an aspect with any planet of the natal chart. The Solar Eclipses have an effect of external manifestations, while Moon’s Eclipses have an impact on the mood variations at personal as well as general levels, the psyque and the subconscious.
The impact of the eclipses can be felt at list for 6 months after from when they occur.

In the case we are dealing in this article, we are analyzing the eclipses and the US chart.

On December 14th, 2001 there was a Solar Eclipse belonging to the Saros series 132 at 22 degrees 29 minutes of the sign of Sagittarius.
On December 30th, 2001 there was a Lunar Eclipse belonging to the Saros series 144 at 8 degrees 41 minutes of the sign of Cancer.
The Saros series is been mentioned because for those not familiar, eclipses repeat in similar aspects periodically, and can be tracked from times B.C. to any time in the future. The information regarding Saros Series is available in Wikipedia, NASA website and others.

In December 2001, the Solar eclipse that happened on the 14th was on House 1, in opposition to Mars in house 7 and square to Neptune in House 9.
House 1 in a country represents the identity of the country, House 7 its partners, and House 9 is identified with foreign countries, the law and high ideals.
Mars rules the armed forces, the war, fire and metal within other things. Neptune rules creativity, spiritual connection as well as deception and under handed dealings.

The Lunar Eclipse of the 30th, 2001 happened in House 7 and in conjunction with the natal Sun of the US, where the Moon was opposed by the Sun in House 1.

We can see that energy manifested by these eclipses affected the country itself in its identity in relation to its partners, foreign countries and the law. At the time of the eclipse, people did not have the knowledge of really what was happening, but now we know the results of the government’s decisions taken back then.

We are in December 2019 and there is a Solar Eclipse on the 26th, follow by a Lunar Eclipse on January 10th, 2020. Both are from the Saros series 132 and 144 respectively, same series as the end of 2001.

The Solar Eclipse on the 26th, 2019 happens at 4 degrees of Capricorn, is again in House 1 in opposition to Venus and Jupiter in House 7.
Venus rules money, banks, art and beauty and Jupiter rules growth and expansion.
With a Solar eclipse in opposition to Venus in House 7, is talking about challenges with money or investments related to partners (other countries).
There is a Lunar eclipse of January 10th, 2020, which is in conjunction with US natal Mercury (within 4 degrees) that most probably will affect internal as foreign commerce.

Now we will refer to another Saros series that will affect 2020, that was present during 2002.

In June 10th, 2002 was a Solar eclipse at 19 degrees 53 minutes of the sign of Gemini belonging to Saros series 137.
This Solar eclipse made conjunction with Mars. To the already campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan, we can add the focus on Iraq regarding the weapons of mass destruction, which became known in the following months after the eclipse.

On June 21st, 2020 similar Solar eclipse Saros series 137 will happen at 0 degree 21 minutes of the sign of Cancer, and this time, instead of affecting Mars, which is related to arm forces and wars, will conjunct US natal Venus. This eclipse will add strength to the one that happens on December 26th, 2019, with an impact on money and banks.

On June 24th, 2002 a Lunar eclipse of Saros series 149, at 3 degree 3 minutes of Capricorn was in direct opposition to US natal Venus (ruler of money and banks).
The following Lunar eclipse of series 149 is coming on July 5th, 2020 at 13 degrees, 30 minutes of Capricorn, and this will have an exact opposition to the US natal Sun. The Sun represents the government in the US, and we should expect some type of event that will affect the government or the mood of the people toward the government.

If we look at the charts of the evolution of the stock market for 2002, we will see that from March on, there was a downturn trend were it lost almost 30% of its value by October, compared to the top for Dow Jones, reached in March of the same year.

Dow Jones

Similar downturn happened with Nasdaq during the same period.


Depending on the planetary aspects, it can be analyzed from the astrological point of view what energies are at play and their trend. By the planets involved, we have an idea of the areas that can be at play, but there are so many variables and factors that nobody can provide name, day or time of the event. Even if things look like there are always under “somebody’s” control, there is the open possibility of a “Black Swan” that spoils the party. That black swan is not more than active energies that get materialized.

Up to this point, we discussed only the eclipses, but in addition, we can mention the US chart’s planetary transits at play, which usually confirms the eclipse’s analysis.

In 2020 there will be active an opposition from Saturn and Pluto against Mercury (ruler of commerce, communication and travel). This will happen from US natal chart House 2 of income, with House 8 of investment’s profits and debts. The planets involved are Saturn, which rules restrictions and responsibility, and Pluto, who drives profound transformation symbolized by death and rebirth.

Year 2020 will most probably be a year where the economy will take a sharp downturn, as well as great changes overall, that maybe at this moment are hard to dimension.

Time will tell”.


In another post we forecast the pandemic by doing the parallelism between the astrological aspects during the Spanish Flu in 1918 and today, for example.

I hope this article helps to understand that astrology as such, is a tool, is a GPS that can help us guide our lives regardless what is our priority. First, we need to understand ourselves, and then understand how the world works. When we achieve that, we will have total control of our destiny by understanding our limits, our potentials and moreover, when is the best time for us to accomplish our dreams.


Argentina – June Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses are known as the triggers for new initiatives, or projects and/or new paths. When the eclipse happens on a cardinal sign, associated with action and initiative, at 29 degrees or within the first degree of the sign, it is said to have a transformative characteristic, and is more powerful in its energy compared to the rest of the Solar eclipses. If we add that the eclipse coincides with the start of one of the four seasons, it is most significant. These eclipses are very rare, and usually they signify events that will be remember for a long time.
The eclipse of June 21 happens at 0 degrees 21 minutes in the sign of Cancer, bringing it into the above category. It is worth remembering that the energy generated will materialize depending on the actions taken, since the results are not guaranteed by the only fact that there is an eclipse. Whether for positive as negative things, the outcome will depend on how that energy is managed.
A weapon can be used for hunting an animal and be able to feed or can be used to commit a crime. The weapon is the same, the way it is used is what varies. The same goes for the energies generated by the eclipses.

The sign of Cancer, which is associated with the image of the mother and mother earth, in a country, is associated with its population. The sign of Cancer as well the citizens of the country, are represented by the Moon.
In the human body, the sign of Cancer, as mentioned in our article on the second part of the pandemic, has to do with the lungs, bust, chest, breasts, ribs, cartilage, diaphragm, stomach, liver and gastric region. The Sun represents the government of the country. In the case of the eclipse of the Sun, the Moon (the people) will cover the light of the Sun (government).

A Lunar eclipse is interpreted as an internal process where the subconscious, thoughts or different emotions are activated, while a solar eclipse is interpreted as the external manifestation, through actions or situations. The signs, planets and aspects between the eclipse location and the natal chart gives the guidelines for interpretation.

In the specific case of Argentina, this eclipse happens at 6 degrees of Mercury, which is in conjunction with Venus in the natal chart, and squares with Mars in transit in conjunction with Natal Pluto in House VI.
Natal Pluto is located in house VI of health and work, and by having a hard aspect, such as the conjunction with Mars, and the square with the eclipse, talks of energies that are activated affecting both the work and health environments of the country.

Mercury, which is part of the eclipse, refers to economics, communications and travel. If there was no negative aspect, we could even say that this eclipse was going to give a boost to the themes concerning Mercury, also because of the good aspect with the natal Jupiter, but by having the square of Pluto, this has to be interpreted as the negative manifestation of those aspects.

Just to have a better understanding on how the energy of an eclipse can manifest, it is worth mentioning than on June 21, 2001, there was also an eclipse of the Sun at 0 degree of Cancer. It is not a common thing for a solar eclipse to repeat itself to the same degree of a given zodiacal sign, and that is why the reason for this article. Looking back, we did not find any similar eclipse during the twenty century.

In the eclipse of 2001, Jupiter was part of it by been at 5 degrees from the Sun and the Moon, which also had natal Mercury and Venus participating. The only negative aspect was the square with Pluto (like the one we have in 2020). We could say that overall, there were more positive aspects than negative, and there were energies present for a favorable change.
Because of wrong administration and government management and actions, the result was that negative conditions prevailed over the rest, and by December there was a general financial and social crisis that ended up with the president resigning from office.

This makes it clear, that far beyond the possibilities presented by astrology, in this particular case, the result will depend on the actions taken by those responsible for leading the country.

At this moment, the current situation is more complicated given by the movement restrictions imposed on the population, commerce, national debt negotiations and payments, on top of the global uncertainty.
The presence of Pluto in the eclipse, and with Mars in transit in the house of health and work, speaks clearly of what the current problem is, which can be intensified in the months after the eclipse. The effect will remain active for at least 6 months after the eclipse.

The eclipse on House IX of foreign lands and justice system, with the presence of Mercury and Venus natal in that house, speaks of the relationship with other countries regarding trade and debt, as well as internal negotiations for possible reforms in the justice system.

From the day of the eclipse until the end of 2020, we will see how events unfold, but it will be hardly a normal or stable period, and the outcome will depend on government’s actions and how the people with react to them. These actions could minimize or maximize the energies that are going to be present because of the eclipse.