The human body and the influences that affect it

The human body and the influences that affect it

If I feel it, exists

Usually astrology is taken as pseudoscience, superstition, witchcraft or just entertainment simply because no one bothers to explain how it works. If the principle and the mechanics of its operation were understood, there could be a change of perception.

In ancient times, those who could predict an eclipse were called wizards or sorcerers while today NASA has a list of all eclipses that will happen in the future. Applying the reasoning of antiquity, today NASA could be defined as an organization of wizards and sorcerers. It’s just adapting the definition to the times, today you can’t talk about astrology like 500 years ago. The chip must be changed.

The oldest “astrological ephemeris” known today are from 3,000 B.C. from Sumerian clay tablets. Over centuries these tables evolved to the ones we know today. These tables related to the day by day position of the planets in the solar system are possible, because our universe and our Solar System, works in a predictable and orderly manner. Everything works in balance. We can find different cycles everywhere in the universe, as well as within and around us. The Antikythera machine developed more than two thousand years ago is proof of this.

From its beginnings, astrology had the purpose of “understanding” the correlation between the position of the stars and certain personal or social events on earth. Astrology was not for public consumption for millennia and this knowledge was limited to the ruling class. It was “classified information”. Something similar happened with weather forecasting when it was “classified information” handled solely by the military until the mid-20th century. With the advancement of aerospace technology and the availability of satellites, this information became accessible to the public, even today with a dedicated weather channel in the United States.

In a broader sense, some of the new technology being developed has to do with figuring out how our brain and human body work, of which there is still a lot to discover. There are several ventures working on the interaction of the human body and robotics with AI and chips implants.
Related to human behavior, there are already systems that use AI to predict people’s behavior and are used, among others, for crime prevention, evaluation of potential candidates for certain important positions in companies, and more.
New information coming from quantum mechanics and physics is challenging known laws of physics, and even biology has a new line of research called “epigenetics,” which is the study of the cell and its behavior in relation to its environment.

Our body is made up of trillions of cells, each of which is influenced by its individual environment, as well as by the general environment. The human body contains more than 70% water and the rest are minerals. We know about the effect the Moon has on the tides, so let’s put into perspective the energy needed to move oceans and rivers compared to the human body. Logic says that the water contained in the human body will be affected in a similar way to the rest of the water on the planet. Just out of curiosity, the percentages of water and what we define continents on earth, is like the composition of the human body, 70-30.

In the medical field, it is known that with the full Moon, people with a psychological disorder are more affected than the rest, and the police and insurance companies know that during periods of the full Moon there is an increase in traffic accidents. Astrology in this case, can define which person could be most affected by the lunar cycle depending on the aspects of their natal chart.
In agriculture, the cycles of the Moon are considered, the embryonic reproduction process beginning with the ovulation cycle of woman is governed by the moon. The nine-moon gestation period is not a myth. ‘Chronobiology’ determines the circadian cycle of the human body based on the position of the Sun and the Moon.

Our body, which is made up of water and other minerals, works with electricity. Each cell has the mechanism to charge something similar to a “battery” based on a chemical reaction, which provides energy for the cell to function at certain levels of energy and frequency. The sum of these, are the basis of the operation of the different body systems that make the human body such as circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immunological and others.

In addition to these systems that we could define as mechanical, we have our “Central Processing Unit” known as the brain, which works based on “automatic programming” to manage the mechanical systems, as well as our psyche, which works based on programs uploaded from our gestation period until today. These programs are updated every day of our lives through new experiences and new knowledge acquire.

Astrology as a system measures the energies that each planet generates in comparison to our natal chart. The energy of the planets is similar for everyone, but the natal chart makes the difference between one individual and another. The only way to understand how the planetary movement can influence our lives is by doing a personal analysis based on the natal chart. The information provided by astrology will indicate the active energy cycle at a given moment, but only our actions will determine its materialization. There is free will.

The energy of the planets at a given moment will have some result in our organism. Both in our behavior (Psyche) and in the functioning of our ‘mechanical systems’. Since each aspect and combination between our natal chart and the position of the planets generates a certain type of energy (expansion or restriction, similar to positive or negative) in different combinations and degrees depending on the moment.

As additional information to better understand how the energy (frequency) of our environment, including planets, can affect us, let’s consider a new syndrome called EHS (Electronic Hypersensitivity Syndrome). In the same way that new studies from renowned universities declared that certain music and melodies could affect our brain and our state of mind, there are frequencies that surround us that can affect both our physical part and our psyche.

Article published in the Washington Post on August 31, 2015.

What is EHS?

EHS is, essentially, a grab-bag of physical symptoms with no known cause. Sufferers of EHS, estimated as “several” per million people, tend to experience some combination of physical symptoms like nausea, headaches, palpitations, fatigue and rashes/other dermatological problems, often at the same time. (Less commonly, they may also complain of confusion, memory loss, panic attacks and the like.)
The interesting thing about this new syndrome, about which little is said, is that if the person goes to a place where there are no WIFI frequencies, cell phone towers or low frequency antennas, the symptoms disappear without any other palliative.

Even if Wikipedia (the new church) defines that EHS has no scientific basis , things that happen to people are ignored because they cannot be explained.

In the year 400 St. Augustine said, ‘Miracles happen not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature’.

Everyone can draw their own conclusions.,has%20no%20relation%20to%20electromagnetic%20or%20radio-frequency%20signals.

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