Joe Biden – Lunar Eclipse

Reviewing Joe Biden’s political career, we can point out certain periods when astrological events where in consonance with some of Biden’s achievements.
For example, in 2008, Barack Obama choose Biden as running mate for the presidency when Saturn was on Biden’s X House of social standing and increase of responsibilities. In 2013 he finished a successful year, been nominated the man of the year when a solar eclipse occurred over his Mars in House XI, or when Jupiter was transiting his House X when Obama honored him with the Medal of Freedom.

These are just samples of how astrology and daily life’s events could be related.

On November 19th, 2021, is going to be a lunar eclipse belonging to the Saros series 126 at 27 degrees of Scorpio.
In Biden’s natal chart, his Sun is at 27 degrees, 34 minutes of Scorpio in House XII. House XII is the house that rules the subconscious, hospitals, jails, and secrets.
Since this is a lunar eclipse, the Moon is opposite to the Sun. The Moon falls on Biden’s House VI of health and work at 27 degrees of Taurus, and the Sun at 27 degrees of Scorpio in House XII over Biden’s natal Sun.

The astrological interpretation of the Sun and the Moon in these positions triggers energy that will affect themes ruled by both houses, XII and VI as mentioned above.

This can be interpreted as Biden’s deterioration of the mental health that could require hospitalization and not been able to carry on with his job as president.

There are other challenging aspects present within the eclipse.

Mars is in opposition of Uranus. This aspect creates an explosive energy that can materialize as sudden and unexpected changes. Mars is in conjunctions to Biden’s natal Mars and by been square to Uranus, activates an energy that will be hard to control. He may be reacting impulsively without any consideration with the consequences of his actions.

In addition, Mars is squaring Saturn (which also squares Uranus).
It is common to see accidents happening when Mars is squaring Saturn, and is we consider Mars opposing Uranus, the sum of both aspects within the eclipse, produce a combination with unpredictable consequences for Biden. None of them are good.

In our previous two articles related to the presidential inauguration, as well as with June’s solar eclipse impacting the US, there are aspects indicating social unrest, violence, and the possibility of a military conflict abroad as internally within the country.
If we analyze all the aspects present since the inauguration, by the lunar eclipse in November, it can either Biden actions sparking the situation, or external or foreign interventions lead him to act rashly. The same energy applies in both situations.

Astrology indicates the energy that gets activated by celestial aspects, but it cannot predict how that energy will manifest. Human actions are the end results on how the energy gets manifested. Bad energies can be well managed, but for that to be possible, a clear conscious need to be present.

Just in case, let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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The End of Astrology

In our article “About Astrology” published a little over a year ago, we explained why astrology was only useful for elements on planet earth. Reviewing some of the previous concepts we can mention the following:
We know that the Moon has a fundamental importance in the cycles on earth affecting rivers and ocean’s tides, the agriculture and woman hormonal cycle to cite some examples. If the person was located on the moon, its influence on the body would be completely different, as well as if the person was on planet Mars. The planet Mars has its own moon, so we must assume that by been on Mars, it would be necessary to analyze how its moon would affects the human body. The Earth’s moon would no longer have its influence. The same way we ignore the effect of Mar’s moon when we are in Earth, by been in Mars, Earth’s moon will not be the considered.
For astrology, the moment of the event and its geographical location are basic for the calculations required. Like they say, location, location, location.
With these basic concepts we would like to put to rest the scope of astrology at list in relation to a basic principle.

Given the moment we are living there is an important topic that must be mentioned.

At a global scale the predictions made for 2020 were right on target, but for the personal-level predictions some were not fulfilled or were wrong in their actual outcome. This happened because astrology stopped working or is there another aspect that should have been considered that was not? The answer is that there is a little of both depending on the individual case.

During 2020 around the world, most people remained restricted in their freedom of movement due to the pandemic. Regardless of one’s zodiac sign, we all suffer the consequences of restrictions. Keep in mind that many people probably had planetary aspects that predicted local or foreign travel that were not fulfilled. Although certain trend can indicate a path, the materialization of this trend depends on many other external factors, and at the personal level, the use of our free will.

The ‘Mundane Astrology’ is the part of astrology that analyzes the global effects of astrological aspects.
What happened in 2020 and part of 2021 clearly demonstrates that global aspects existed and currently exist, that super exceed personal’s aspects. In recent history we find the First and Second World Wars, which affected the entire planet to a greater or lesser degree. As much as someone could have a planetary transit that augured business success, if bombs were falling from the sky, there were other more important issues to think about other than business success.

At this moment another interesting aspect is taking place which is new for all of us, including to astrology. What is happening coincides with many predictions that speak of the Earth’s changes.

Although the issue of the pandemic captured the attention of the global population, not all people reacted in the same way. The astrological aspects of the pandemic were present and were similar to those of the Spanish flu of 1918, but the consequences this time were far different from what happened in 1918.
In 1918, more than 50 million people died from the pandemic in the world, when the world population was a fraction of today. According to CDC figures, in 2020 in the United States 500 thousand people died who had the virus and for the same period, the deaths from cancer patients were 600 thousand. Coincidentally, no deaths were reported from the seasonal flu in the United States, when 80 thousand people die in 2018 Flu Season with 900 thousand hospitalizations.

Although the main media help make the situation look more serious than it was, the astrological aspects helped to magnify the perception of the actual situation. The lunar eclipse that occurred on January 10, 2020, had very negative energy aspects that undoubtedly helped to magnify the perception of things. A lunar eclipse affects the internal psychological processes of people and the masses.

Even if the general conditions were similar to everyone, not all people reacted in the same way. Beyond the real situation, many people were prey to fear and after a while, some managed to overcome it and others got stuck in that state and some still remain there.
As predicted with the solar eclipse of December 2020 and the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on December 21st, the vaccine was not the solution, and a new variant of the virus came out. The mutation would not be anything new since in the way nature works, even the seasonal flu virus mutates from one year to the next.

The ‘vaccine’ is a separate issue.

How can it be explained that, faced with an overwhelming fear campaign from the main media, many people continued their ‘normal’ lives within what was legally possible, and others were paralyzed?

These responses can be directly associated with the ‘evolutionary level’ of the person.

It has nothing to do with the profession, cultural or socioeconomic level or other characteristics, but simply refers to the degree of inner development that each one has.
If the person is prey to fear, then that determines that he/she is in the first steps of its evolutionary development, where there is still a long way to go. It is neither good nor bad, it is what it is, and the consequences of its own inner state are manifested in its actions.

As mentioned on several occasions, astrology is a tool that serves only at Earth level. Moreover, it works on an earthly level, on the earthly plane and for earthly things. It can serve as a tool in the evolutionary process to understand the aspects that one must work at a personal level to evolve.

Currently, we are under a universal aspect that is raising the level of vibration and frequency of the earth.

This can be measure, everything is measurable.

It is worth mentioning that today there is technology available to measure a thought (energy produced and effect), listen to the sound emitted by a human cell in its vibration, identify a person by its heart’s magnetic frequency from a distance as if it was a fingerprint, and so many other things that clearly denote that we are immersed in a complex matrix of interrelated frequencies.

The level of frequency that the earth is receiving is producing physical changes on the earth, and everything that is in it (people include). The Earth is going through a transformation process. The change in frequency does not happen from one day to the next, it is a process, it is like a change of skin. Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, sinking or cracking of the earth and so on are all manifestations of the change that is taking place. Within this process, species of animals and plants that are not in tune with the new vibratory level will disappear, and eventually new ones will develop. Also, it will happen with the geography around the world. This change definitely will affect people.
To avoid surprises, it is worth mentioning that the evolutionary process is personal, not in groups. Evolution has nothing to do with personal or blood relationships that one has. Just like a human being is born and dies regardless of its environment, in the same way the person evolves. This process is done individually.

Returning to astrology and its position on the change happening, being this an earthly tool, little by little it will lose its validity under the new vibratory level. This will happen because under the new frequency the Earth’s mundane level and necessities will disappear.

Everything that remains on Earth will vibrate with the new frequency and vibration, and only those who have achieved a certain evolution level in accordance with the time of the universe will remain. Those who did not arrive in their evolutionary process at the required level, will continue their journey and evolutionary process as determined by the laws of the universe.

We are reaching the end of a cycle.


The US and its Transformation

“Whoever yields properly to Fate, is deemed Wise among men, and he knows the laws of heaven.”
— Euripides

Neptune is ruler of Pisces and House XII, it is associated with health’s services and charitable institutions, extrasensory connections and at a mundane level, it’s related to prisons, hospitals, intelligence and espionage organizations.
The sign of Virgo is associated with work and health corresponding to House VI.

Pluto is ruler of Scorpio and House VIII, which is associated with the deep processes of transformation, represented by the Phoenix Bird, that burns and is reborn from the ashes.  In mundane astrology is related to massive destruction (natural or man-made) , dictators, organized crime and corruption.
The sign of Scorpio is associated with the secret forces of nature and is also associated with House VIII.

In the year 1776, when the independence of the United States was declared, Neptune was transiting the sign of Virgo and Pluto the sign of Capricorn. Therefore, those are the zodiacal signs position for both planets in the natal chart of the United States.
Capricorn, whose ruler is Saturn, refers to government structures, laws and civil administrative order, government’s economic plan, among others.

There are two astrological events that are of the utmost importance for the United States starting in the year 2021.

The first one is that Pluto, after doing a full circle passing through the 12 houses, is back to its natal position in the United States chart. This event in astrology is known as Pluto’s Return. This aspect marks a significant period for the country. Similar transforming energies were generated during the independence period. In addition to this important event, Neptune in transit opposes the native Neptune of the United States natal chart.

The previous time that Neptune was in this position was during 1859. In that year an event known as “John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry” happened. This was an attempt to take over the United States arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, by John Brown leading the slave revolt in the south of the country. Although the United States Army won the confrontation, this event is known as a prelude to the beginning of the Civil War between the North and the South.

Pluto’s Return produces a transformative energy that is difficult to control. Above all, it must be understood that evolutionary processes, however catastrophic they may seem, have a purpose. If we see the Universal Flood in the Bible, beyond how catastrophic that could be, it only says that an event of such magnitude was necessary given the degree of stagnation that the world had reached. Let’s keep in mind that there is a purpose to our life, we are here to evolve, life is not just for passing time.
The Flood is a good example of a Plutonian process, where the event that occurs is intended to shake the foundations in such a way that provides the avenue for something new. Without going into the religious issue and beyond the belief that each one has, there is no doubt that we are under the influence of universal laws which are fulfilled beyond our wishes.

Between the Return of Pluto and the opposition of Neptune in transit, the United States begins a process of redefining its basic principles and ideals. Since the opposition of Neptune is between House III of communication and neighboring countries with House IX of high ideals and foreign lands, these subjects are going to be paramount.

If leaders are aware of the energies at play, then they should promote new guidelines to adjust to reality, considering the improvements for allowing society to develop to its best version. Only promoting and supporting individual self-improvement will lead to development and growth. We are not referring from the economic point of view, but from the evolutionary point of view as the central and main axis.
The Constitution of the United States took into consideration every aspect of the person allowing their free development and personal growth. At the time of independence, they were fighting against the oppression and abuses of the English empire. The constitution put an end to such situation. The United States became what it is, just by wielding ideals that it knew how to maintain over time.
Certain basic characteristics deteriorated over time, and the energies been activated during this period will force to evaluate the current situation. If those in charge of carrying out the country’s policies are not aware, both the population and/or external events will force them to make a change.

In 1859 only Neptune was active with the opposition, and we know how that situation unfold, in the year 2021 and 2022 Pluto’s Return is added.

All we can say is that there is not possible negotiation with Pluto.

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. (Euripides)


Fall of Vietnam, Fall of Afghanistan

Astrological aspects related to the fall of Vietnam and Afghanistan

Solar eclipse December 13, 1974
21 10’ Sagittarius

Solar eclipse June 10, 2021
19 57’ Gemini
Solar Eclipse of December 13, 1974
Sun & Moon 21 10’ Sagittarius
Mars conjunction Neptune

Solar eclipse aspects with US Natal Chart
Sun & Moon opposition natal Mars ruler of Armed Forces

Planetary transits for the US in 1975
Saturn square Saturn (from House VII of associations to House X of social status)
Saturn conjunct Sun (House VII of associations)
Saturn entering 8th house (death and debt)
Saturn opposition Pluto (House VIII of death and debts to House II of income)
Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021
Sun & Moon 19 57’ Gemini
Sun & Moon square Neptune (deception and under handed dealings)
Mars opposition Pluto (Mars ruler of Armed Forces in opposition of Pluto of profound changes)

Solar Eclipse aspects with US Natal Chart
Sun & Moon conjunct Mars (The Armed Forces are put under the spotlight)

Planetary transits for the US in 2021
Neptune opposition Neptune (from House III of communication to House IX of higher ideals)
Neptune square Mars (from House III of communication to House VII of partnerships)
Pluto opposition Mercury (from House II of income to House VIII of death and debts)

History repeats itself but never exactly as the previous time.

Everything is movement and things change, so even if there could be similar energies active at any given time compared to the past, events will be similar on the outcome but different in the way they happen. Lets mention that this will happen only when there was no evolution, so no lesson was learned the previous time.

The fall of Saigon was a surprising event where things went from under control to let’s get the hell out of here. This week something similar happened with Afghanistan. The US started the withdraw of troops from Afghanistan and already the Taliban occupied several provinces.

From the astrological point of view, we present an analysis of the energies active that can represent the situation that happened in Vietnam and what is happening in Afghanistan.

Each planet has a representation in the mundane astrology.

Mars represents the Armed Forces, war, and conflicts.
Saturn represents the government structure and organization, the Supreme Court, and the Laws.
Neptune represents high ideals, or deception and at the government level the intelligence community, and general health problems
Pluto represents profound changes, and also refers to corruption, massive destructions (natural and man-made)

The Solar Eclipses activate outcomes and events in contrast to Lunar Eclipses which influence internal processes. Depending of the aspects within the eclipse as well as with the natal chart evaluated, so are the energies active that will be manifested.
Also, by understanding what each planet represents, the conjunctions, oppositions and squares between them, will point out the challenging aspects.

In both Solar Eclipses there are challenging aspects that include the Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Also, the planetary transits for 2021 are adding fuel to the fire.
The US in under a Neptune-Neptune opposition, between house III (communication and neighboring countries) and House IX (high ideals and foreign lands). The opposition can only bring confusing energies between these two aspects in the country in general (government and population). On top of that, Neptune in transit makes square with natal Mars. These must be a very confusing times within the Armed Forces in regard to philosophies, leadership and objectives looking to the future. There must be a lot of soul searching and purpose of beign within their leaders.

After the Vietnam War, a lot of changes were made in the Armed Forces, and most probably in 2021 on, they will go through another transformation process.

When time stopped

We published in our blog two articles in 2019 related to what was looming for 2020. There was no talk of the pandemic (we began to publish about that in January 2020) but rather about the problems that were foreseen in the global horizon.

Given the astrological conditions that arose and the geopolitical situation of the world, riots were witness in different countries simply because their citizens were not satisfied with the management carried out by the different governments. In the article called ‘Forecast for 2020’ the following was mentioned:

‘…However, from August onwards, changes began to happen that not many expected. Starting with the primary elections in Argentina, with a result that surprised even those who won. The riots began in Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia, and for what we can sense there is a drastic change taking place in the line of governments, something completely different from the situation at the beginning of the year.
This not only happened in South America, but around the world. Massive protests in Hong Kong, France, Lebanon, Iran, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom with BREXIT in the works, Pakistan, Spain with Cataluña, and probably more others in brewing.
You could say that this is just the beginning, of something that is going to materialize during 2020.

One may ask, how can it be that the population in different parts of the world, with different living conditions, religious and cultural standards, take to the streets to protest at the same time against the ruling class?’

The article mentioned that when Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008, coincidentally the stock market crashed after the burst of the housing bubble in the United States. This event had worldwide repercussions and different governments came to the rescue of banks and corporations, leaving behind many of their citizens on the streets.

At that time, the energies present had the purpose of bringing to the surface the corruption existing in the financial sector in collusion with the governments, showing clearly that the problems were not only related to governments but also were involved large global corporations.

Those responsible for carrying out the corrective policies to fix the situation took the wrong path of saving friends and associates who had generated the problem, and left people adrift. The problem that existed that Pluto brought to light was meant to provide the opportunity to fix something that was wrong and be able to apply a remedy, but instead of doing that, they swept the dirt under the rug, and they moved on like nothing ever happened, continuing with more of the same.

In 2019 the riots began in different parts of the world and when coincidentally the yellow vests in France and the request for democracy in Hong Kong were taking a lot of attention globally…, the pandemic arrived.

What action did the governments take? Lock up their own citizens to protect them from the virus. (There is an article at the bottom with official data showing that the cases of infections per million inhabitants were similar for places that had strict quarantines against others that had greater freedom of movement).

What happened in 2020 can be compared to a night football game when the power goes out. IF is a game, the game stops, in the case of the world, the world stopped.

Like with a game play at night, when the light returns, the game resumes from where it stopped; it seems that the same is happening in the world. The social revolts that are being generated around the world against governments because in some way their actions are threatening the freedom or well-being of their citizens are increasing, and to everyone’s surprise, Cuba and South Africa have been added to the existing list from 2019.

Governments are suspected of trying to lock people up again, because it seems as the only way to avoid general protests, but given the astrological conditions previously mentioned, it could be said that it is like trying to cover the sun with a finger. Pluto works slowly because it creates tremendous changes.

There are strong energies in motion hard to control or manage by any person or government. We will see the effects of these energies over the following months, but it will be difficult for them to repeat the same erroneous actions of the past. Something was broken at the conscious and social level that will not allow it.

The waters are separating. For those who are not conscious of the current situation may be surprised of the unexpected outcome, for others that are aware, they will see the unfolding events as something they have been waiting for long time.