When time stopped

We published in our blog two articles in 2019 related to what was looming for 2020. There was no talk of the pandemic (we began to publish about that in January 2020) but rather about the problems that were foreseen in the global horizon.

Given the astrological conditions that arose and the geopolitical situation of the world, riots were witness in different countries simply because their citizens were not satisfied with the management carried out by the different governments. In the article called ‘Forecast for 2020’ the following was mentioned:

‘…However, from August onwards, changes began to happen that not many expected. Starting with the primary elections in Argentina, with a result that surprised even those who won. The riots began in Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia, and for what we can sense there is a drastic change taking place in the line of governments, something completely different from the situation at the beginning of the year.
This not only happened in South America, but around the world. Massive protests in Hong Kong, France, Lebanon, Iran, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom with BREXIT in the works, Pakistan, Spain with Cataluña, and probably more others in brewing.
You could say that this is just the beginning, of something that is going to materialize during 2020.

One may ask, how can it be that the population in different parts of the world, with different living conditions, religious and cultural standards, take to the streets to protest at the same time against the ruling class?’

The article mentioned that when Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008, coincidentally the stock market crashed after the burst of the housing bubble in the United States. This event had worldwide repercussions and different governments came to the rescue of banks and corporations, leaving behind many of their citizens on the streets.

At that time, the energies present had the purpose of bringing to the surface the corruption existing in the financial sector in collusion with the governments, showing clearly that the problems were not only related to governments but also were involved large global corporations.

Those responsible for carrying out the corrective policies to fix the situation took the wrong path of saving friends and associates who had generated the problem, and left people adrift. The problem that existed that Pluto brought to light was meant to provide the opportunity to fix something that was wrong and be able to apply a remedy, but instead of doing that, they swept the dirt under the rug, and they moved on like nothing ever happened, continuing with more of the same.

In 2019 the riots began in different parts of the world and when coincidentally the yellow vests in France and the request for democracy in Hong Kong were taking a lot of attention globally…, the pandemic arrived.

What action did the governments take? Lock up their own citizens to protect them from the virus. (There is an article at the bottom with official data showing that the cases of infections per million inhabitants were similar for places that had strict quarantines against others that had greater freedom of movement).

What happened in 2020 can be compared to a night football game when the power goes out. IF is a game, the game stops, in the case of the world, the world stopped.

Like with a game play at night, when the light returns, the game resumes from where it stopped; it seems that the same is happening in the world. The social revolts that are being generated around the world against governments because in some way their actions are threatening the freedom or well-being of their citizens are increasing, and to everyone’s surprise, Cuba and South Africa have been added to the existing list from 2019.

Governments are suspected of trying to lock people up again, because it seems as the only way to avoid general protests, but given the astrological conditions previously mentioned, it could be said that it is like trying to cover the sun with a finger. Pluto works slowly because it creates tremendous changes.

There are strong energies in motion hard to control or manage by any person or government. We will see the effects of these energies over the following months, but it will be difficult for them to repeat the same erroneous actions of the past. Something was broken at the conscious and social level that will not allow it.

The waters are separating. For those who are not conscious of the current situation may be surprised of the unexpected outcome, for others that are aware, they will see the unfolding events as something they have been waiting for long time.





For some people “their world” is their home, for others it is their neighborhood, for others their city, for others the province or state, for most people their country, some others the continent, few see themselves as inhabitants of planet earth and only a few see themselves as beings of the universe.

Although the above definition may seem trivial, it is very real and depending on where each one is positioned, the impact on their daily life is quite different.

People limit their knowledge by the geographic area with which they are identified or feel integrated to. It goes without saying that the larger the area with which one feels integrated with, the greater the possibility for mind and knowledge expansion.

The more information and knowledge are acquired, so it will be the possibility for advancing in the evolutionary process. There is a parallel between the increase in knowledge and the development of consciousness. The definition of wisdom can be summarized as the best application of knowledge. Knowledge alone is useless, it must be applied otherwise Wikipedia would be considered “wisdom”, just as the Encyclopedia Britannica would have been at another time.

Returning to the areas that may or may not limit knowledge, let’s put this example that can illustrate what is been said. Let’s take any fish; we study its physiology, its peculiarities, its feeding methods, reproduction and the rest, but in this evaluation, we take for granted that this fish is in the water, be it an ocean, a river or a lake. Small detail, if there was no water, there would be no fish.
In a documentary we can see how the fish goes through its daily life and we have full and complete knowledge of its life. Any day we hear a news where it shows thousands and thousands of dead fish on the beach or floating on the water and the caused is being investigated.

In this situation, the relationship and/or influence of the environment and the fish may or may not be acknowledge. The fish of which we have so much knowledge only lives if the essential conditions for its life are present. If the water changes its PH, if a bacteria or algae grew excessively or any other variants that could happen in the water changes, the change in the environment will influence the fish.

Now let’s bring this into our daily life. We find ourselves exposed to influences some of which we see or hear and others that we do not see which transcend the geographical definitions not only of “our world”, but of the earth. In the same way that rivers and ocean’s tides and agriculture are influenced by heavenly events, so are we, like the fish in the water, are influenced at every moment by energies that we do not see, in addition to those of the surrounding environment.

There are three types of influences that could impact our “normal” life and development. One is the immediate environment, the other one is the general environment and above all, the influences we received from the universe. We must remind ourselves that we are part of that little blue ball found in the solar system. Most of the time we loose perspective.

The immediate environment is given by the level of identification (belief) that the person has. The general environment, which is the one that most people support or believe, and the other one that transcends any limit on earth and has to do with the universal order of things.
Yes, there is a universal order! Do not forget that the Sun rises every day at the exact hour and minute that is expected to rise, it is never late.

The immediate level or belief is given by the learning or programming process that the person has. That is the starting point from where each person usually acts. It is neither good nor bad, it is what it is.
Depending on where the person establishes his perimeter of scope (evolution), consequently, this will be his state of expansion of knowledge and programming horizon achieved. Each one sets its limits.
The vision of the world will be quite different from a person who never left the city where was born, or does not want to leave, with one who traveled, lived and evaluated other cultures, beliefs systems and ways of life. It is not a question of traveling and being a ‘tourist’, but rather being an “explorer”, analyzing the reason for each custom or belief and its origin. This will provide a broader overview and that knowledge can break down limiting barriers to previously held beliefs. In another words, updating the operating system.

The more knowledge one has of other cultures and customs, the easier it will be to get out of the straitjacket, which are the beliefs that limit evaluating things from a broader perspective. Let’s not forget that each belief was created or promoted by something or someone, it is not of our origin, it was acquired.

Take for example the United States, a person can be identified as “American” by the mere fact of being born within one of the 50 states of the American Union. But that is today, before the year 1776 when the independence of the United States was declared with only 13 states, the people born in the current territory of what is known as such, were not Americans. The same goes for Latin America or Europe. What we know as India and Pakistan were one country before the split. The reverse happened with Iraq, where at a certain moment a geographical area was limited and defined as Iraq grouping original ethnic groups that had great differences between them in the past. These types of changes continue today around the world.

Where are we going with all this? We are simply trying to mention that the beliefs that we have at a certain moment are only circumstantial, they were not always like that, they are not absolute, and these believes could change in the future.
So, are the beliefs that we currently have valid? In the examples mentioned, we are talking about countries, but there are also people who handle beliefs that are more limiting than just a country and have differences by region. Take for example Spain.
Religious beliefs add to the segmentation.
What has to be clear is that each belief system limits our personal evolution.

Is all this a coincidence, does it have to be this way or is there something else behind it?

As people spend their energies defending their ‘beliefs’ or views of what is right or wrong, they don’t realize that they are watching a movie, and they think they are a part of, when in reality they are mere spectators.
If the person does not get out of its own straitjacket, which can be defined as its limiting beliefs, the person cannot develop or evolve or, as we would say, “be part of the movie instead of being a spectator.”

The news in all countries is generally biased since it has the purpose of keeping alive the flame of some real or imagined concern that afflicts or may affect its citizens, society or the country. On the other hand, the ruling class, regardless of their political color, their only objective is convincing the electorate to vote for them in the next election, while they justify the problems and general deterioration to causes beyond their control. The causes always come from elsewhere, they are never responsible for unfulfilled promises or mistakes, there is always a justification, but yes, they assure that the next time, things will turn out well if they continue in the government.

The mass programming that exists worldwide has reached such sophisticated levels that people continue to think that the ideas they have are of their own and don’t realize they have been induced. The reasoning process has been annulled and this has been replaced by that of direct consumption.

Prepare for what is coming.

We are at a fork in the road in the evolutionary process of humanity, and these are quite different from each other.
People who cannot get out of their programming and straitjacket and are just waiting to be told what they can or cannot do, are like the fish whose environmental conditions changed. Similar to what happened when the fish appeared floating, afterword the authorities and experts will try to analyze what caused such event.

On the other hand, people who have been able to leave their programming and have freedom of thought and movement, will be able to decide which path to follow at will.

According to the theory of evolution, we were microorganisms in the water, which then evolved and were able to get out of it and walk the earth. This theory, regardless of whether you can accept it or not, applies to the process in which we are immersed at this moment.

The evolution process is personal and embracing that process is a personal choice. Nothing and no one can do it for you and on the other hand, once you made your choice to follow it, nothing could prevent you from exercising your free will.

Different approch, same results

In January we posted our last report of the pandemic. We show how the different planetary transits coincide with the trend followed by the pandemic.

There is another important aspect that also supports the influence of the planetary transits in our life in general.

Looking at the information from the CDC, we can clearly see that States in the US that shutdown completely their activities, follow the same trends of new cases that others states that close only some activities.
Regardless if in your state you stay at home or moving around, the trend were the same.

The number of people affected depends on State’s population and big concentrations in cities, but as we can see from the graphic, the trend remains the same with minimum variances.

Probably this is one of the best examples on how planetary energies have an effect in our daily life.

The chart below shows the planetary transits that were active.

On our first post from January 2020 we showed the similarities between the Spanish Flu of 1918 and what was coming for 2020.

The chart for the Spanish Flu and the planetary transits at that time.

It is all about energy and its effect.

Chronobiology & Astrology

Is common practice when we analyze any situation for placing ourselves in the center, and we tend to ignore what is in the background or other variables active at that moment, that needs to be considered. Everything that surrounds us is not limited to the walls of our house, our office, the city or the country where we are, but rather, ‘everything’ including what goes beyond our “home”, planet earth.

When doing an analysis in order to solve a problem, it is obvious that we will obtain the best result when we take into consideration the greatest amount of information possible. If we rely on a single source of information, it is most likely that the result obtained will be conditioned by that information.

Although we are all familiar with the four seasons and the climatological differences between them, the difference between night and day, between the phases of the moon and others, we rarely relate to these conditions and the effects they may have on our lives. We just take them as external things, which just happens out there and have nothing to do with our lives.

Since ancient times, a relationship between external conditions and the influence they had on living beings was understood. Nowadays there is a branch of biology called ‘Chronobiology’.
Chronobiology studies the influence mainly of the Sun and the Moon on the processes of living beings. This should not surprise anyone given that since ancient times, before it was defined as Chronobiology, farmers knew about the wright moment to plant seeds and when to harvest, just to mention an example. These were events governed by the seasons (position of the Sun) and the phases of Moon.

Although Chronobiology only analyzes the impact of the Sun and the Moon in living organisms, astrology for its part, considers all the other planets in the solar system, the cycles of each one of them and the interrelation they have. Everything must be analyzed considering multiple variables active at any given time.

Today the biological clock can be determined reaching the cell and its atomic level, with the possibility to analyze in animals’ cycles like eating, sleeping, mating, hibernating, migration, cell regeneration, etc., in plants movements of leaves, photosynthetic reactions, etc., as well as in microbial organisms such as fungi and protozoa, including bacteria. The best-studied rhythm in chronobiology is the circadian rhythm, a cycle of approximately 24 hours showing the physiological processes in all organisms.

Now we can position ourselves in the current topic in which we are all immersed, the pandemic.

If we look at the history of the world, pandemics have happened over time and in many of them, the loss of human life has been considerable; but something that it seems that we do not consider is that in the same way that pandemics appeared out of nowhere, they disappeared; and without vaccines.

Today it is common to hear that immunological passports are being considered; that we must get used to the virus for the rest of our lives and so on. The question we must ask ourselves is, what is the difference of this moment with respect to the history of the world?

As far as we know, some ‘environmental’ aspects activate the element that generates the disease, it spreads and the pandemic occurs. In the same way, another environmental aspect causes it to dissipate and disappear. There is talk of herd immunity as a solution, and it is likely that this is the case, but something causes the ‘environmental’ conditions that generated the disease to change, and for this reason the disease disappears with time. This has already happened countless times in the history for what we know.

In the astrological comparison we made between the Spanish Flu and the current pandemic, there are similar aspects, which could have been the ones that created the favorable conditions for them to materialize. It is worth mentioning that aspects present when the pandemic started in 2020 were more adverse than with the pandemic of the 1918.
At the moment of this article, new infections have gone down globally and looks like they are in decline on its way to eventually disappear. According to the astrological aspects this is confirmed.

The important thing to keep in mind is to not lose perspective of how human beings function internally as well as all the living elements that surround us. This includes the elements that we see and those that exist, but we do not see because of their tiny size.

There is a biological clock in every living thing, and as far as we know, no one has been able to beat it. When the clock says that the time has come, it is the time to go. An old saying goes: “Nobody dies on the eve of their last day.”
It seems that in ancient times they already had information about the biological clock that exists in everything, did we forget about it?


Blade Runner – Solar Eclipse June 10th 2021

In the movie Blade Runner 2049, besides mentioning the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) event called the ‘Blackout’ in 2022 which destroyed almost every digital file, something else that caught my attention was the date of June 10th, 2021. That was supposed to be the date when the first baby was born between a human and a Replicant.
On that date, we will have a Solar Eclipse, and it will be seen from parts of North America, Europe and Asia.
Since the movie is based in the US, the following analysis of the eclipse is between the Solar eclipse and the US natal chart.

The movie presents a dystopian society, not much different to what is happening now because of the virus, the economy and the rest. In the movie the ruling powers are trying to cover certain ‘truth’ from coming to light, because if it happens, it will challenge current ‘law and order’. Any similarity with the current situation is just a coincidence.

Analyzing the US natal chart and the Solar eclipse, there are several aspects that come to light that need to be mentioned.

The Solar eclipse happens at 19 degrees of the sign of Geminis with the following aspects
The Sun and the Moon making a conjunction to natal Mars in the US chart, which is at 21 degrees.

Within the eclipse the following aspects are active:
Sun and Moon square Neptune
Mercury square Neptune
Saturn square Uranus
Mars opposition Pluto

The aspects between the Solar eclipse and US natal chart are the following:
Sun and Moon square US Neptune
Mars opposition US Pluto

Hard Planetary Transits active in the US charts:
Neptune opposition Neptune
Neptune square Mars
Pluto conjunct Pluto

The Solar eclipse generates an external energy which is represented by actions which are related to the houses and planets in the aspects.

The Solar eclipse occurs on House VII of partnerships and associations, which can indicate strong actions put in motion regarding other friendly countries to the US. Mars rules fire, war, power and is associated to the armed forces. That aspect by itself can indicate that the US goes in support of another country, but by the other aspects present, can indicate a mayor involvement than just aide.
Within the eclipse, Mars is in opposition to Pluto, which can indicate an armed conflict that materializes within 6 months of the eclipse. Also, Mars is in opposition to US natal Pluto, and can indicate that the US can be the victim of an attack.

Since the Sun and the Moon in the Solar eclipse are square to US natal Neptune, there is the possibility for the country to fall into a trap set by others, or that is deceived by other countries actions.

The US has in transit Neptune in House III (Neighbors, Communication) in opposition to natal Neptune in House IX (Other countries, Law, High Ideals), and Neptune squares Mars in House VII (Partnerships), all the previous mentioned scenarios get enhanced.

These energies are active during the next 6 months after the eclipse. The report made for the US Presidential Inauguration talks about the possibility of internal military problems within the US as well as with other countries, and this is valid for the entire 4 years of the presidency. The presence of thousands of armed soldiers in Washington DC speaks clearly that the government is managing the possibility of some problem. What is not clear to the public is the source of the problem, but by taking such drastic measures, there is no doubt that the danger of an attack to the central government is real.

Is a possibility that the date mentioned on the movie Blade Runner is just a coincidence, but by the theme of the movie and current world situation makes you wonder.
As always, one would like to be wrong on this type of evaluation, and we hope for the best outcome. Nevertheless, is not a bad idea to be prepared just in case.

The Art of Living

What came first the chicken or the egg? This question that seems silly contains many mysteries that could easily clarify the influences of the natal chart in our lives.
Although some believe in evolution and it all started with the ‘Big-Bang’ and life of microorganisms in the water that at some point crawled to the shore, to later evolve and grow legs to be able to move on land, and from there, one day we arrived. For the others who believe that we were ‘created’ it is not clear whether what was created first was the chicken or the egg.
We are not going to try to elucidate that now at all, but we are going to use that relationship of the chicken and the egg to try to explain the natal chart and its manifestation in our lives.

Let’s take the example of a natal chart that has planets and complicated aspects in its III house. House III is related to close relatives such as brothers, uncles, cousins, neighbors, short trips and communication to summarize the scope of this house.

Beyond the natal aspect, during life there will be transits that impact those planets in the III house, activating the energies that the aspects produce. Consider a conjunction, square, or opposition that generally activate heavy energies.

The question we must ask ourselves is whether the people around us are the ones who generate the conflicts or problems at that moment, or the other possibility, that since we are the ones who have that natal aspect added to the transits, we are the ones who are emitting that energy, causing others to ‘channel’ it and represent it with us.
As you can see, the situation is like the chicken and the egg. Which comes first?

Our reaction from the ego will be that the others are the ones who are creating a problem for us, but we rarely think that coincidentally, we are the ones who have those natal aspects and those transits.

If we could open our minds and rationalize things outside of our formed belief structures and put ourselves from the point of view of the ‘observer’, we would be able to understand that others are only fulfilling an acting role, following a script that agrees with our astrological aspects.

It is not easy to get rid of all our beliefs and conditioning, but with work and perseverance, that straitjacket that handcuffs us and prevents us from evolving can be modified.
As we understand how the universe works and we within it, we will be able to see that both others and ourselves are ‘actors’ in a great play that is very complex, called ‘life in the third dimension’.

The next time you are going through a difficult period in your life, look at your natal chart and the planetary transits, and you may be surprised by the coincidences that you will find between these and the events you are experiencing.

The art of living is summarized in taking life as a play in which we participate, but understanding that we have a role to play and that the better we “act” instead of suffering the role, the better we will carry it forward. In each play there are angels and demons, saviors and villains and it is so, precisely because this duality creates the dynamics and movement that is life. Movies and plays always have these components, our life is no different.

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