Astrological evaluation – Spanish Flu and Covid-19

We posted an astrological analysis in January 2020 mentioning the similar aspects between the called Spanish Flu of 1918 and the Corona virus; when it was not yet declared pandemic by the OMS. There were similar aspects between the lunar eclipse of June 24th, 1918 and the one on January 10th, 2020. In addition, we mentioned that the eclipse of 2020 was stronger from the astrological point of view.

In this article, we are showing the trend followed by the Spanish flu and the planetary transits between 1918 and 1919 and the current transits for 2020 and beginning of 2021.

Besides the energies generated by the lunar eclipse of June 1918, there were not many hard aspects to point out. The opposition from Saturn to Uranus between the months of October and January were the worst part. Jupiter trine Pluto, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto, generated positives energies but they were short cycles.

Transits 1918 BW

Analyzing year 2020, we have a complete different picture.

The lunar eclipse triggered the event on January 10, but as shown on the chart below, there are many additional hard aspects during the year that complicates matters.
Transits 2020 BW
Jupiter is in conjunction with Pluto from April until October, similar to the aspect that we had in August 1918; but in 2020 the period is longer. This can be seen as a period when authorities are using all power available to fight the situation.
In addition, Jupiter sextile Neptune, talks about trying to find a cure or a vaccine for the virus. This period goes from February until October.

As shown in the graphic, by middle of August the actual trend of cases is going down, and we expect this trend to continue down, because of both Jupiter’s cycles been on the positive side.
However, once these both transits are gone, hard aspects enter into play. There is a solar eclipse in December that brings out Neptune’s dark side. Neptune hard aspect, talks about sickness hard to pinpoint, deception or under handle dealings. One week later of the eclipse, we have Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction at 0 degree of Aquarius. By this planetary aspect, known as the great conjunction, the dark aspect of Aquarius is activated. We can define this aspect as “escape from reality”.

Jupiter squaring Uranus in January 2021 is a hard aspect that could have its positive side. For example discovering a cure for the virus, or a vaccine. But, since at that time will be already active February’s transit of Saturn square Uranus, and having the energies of December eclipse active; either truth comes out that everything is a lie, that there are many bad side effects to the remedies applied, that everything is a big scheme, or a new virus shows up.

From December 2020 and during 2021 Q1, we can expect things to get a little crazy.

From the astrological point of view, there is no comparison at the energy level between the Spanish Flu and the current pandemic. In 2020, we are under very hard planetary aspects, something that did not happen in 1918. In just few months, we will be able to see the results.

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(Image: courtesy of the National Museum of Health and Medicine) Public Domain

Elevation of Consciousness

Seven months ago we published an article called “Universe, Solar System and Astrology”, and also one related called, “About Astrology”. For those who have not seen them, I suggest you do, since they provide an inside to what follows.

Although someone may question what the functioning of the human being and the universe has to do with astrology, we must make clear that the understanding of how these works, is the basis and the core of astrology.
Those who consider that astrology is a matter of sorcerers or esotericism, I ask you to reconsider your ideas. Meteorology’s forecasts are not very different in its essence. The Egyptians related the floods of the Nile river according to the movements of the Syrian star. Galileo, Torricelli, Pascal and Descartes, just to mention some well-known names, did their research related to variations in atmospheric conditions, but it was not until the early 1900s, when meteorology was consolidated as such, and came to be managed by the military, since it was considered classified information, very valuable in military campaigns.
Astrology, for its part, although it is recorded that it has existed for 4,000 years, is in question its “scientific” validity today, beyond the proven evidence available.

In the article presented months ago, we talked about the similarity of the functioning of the universe and the human body, given the information obtained by the space probes sent out of our solar system. In this opportunity, we are going to address the place of the human being in the universe.

Without going into the religious aspect, the vast majority of people believe that there is an existence after death, that there is a purpose in things, and that both we and the vastness of the universe, are not just the product of a “cosmic accident”.
If you are one of the people who think that getting up every day, having breakfast, going to work, lunch, watching Netflix and going to sleep, to start the same cycle again the next day, I suggest you not continue. You will not be interested in the subject.

On the other hand, if you are part of the rest that “thinks” that, there is something more than what we can see, feel, taste or that some device can “measure”; this article may interest you. What is proposed will not reveal anything new, but will put into context certain topics that today, due to the level of information we handle, can be understood. Fifty years ago, this information was limited only to a smaller group of free thinkers.

From the explanations in the aforementioned articles, it is clear that “astrology” is to be used only on planet earth. Although each planet, the Moon or asteroid in the solar system has its “particular characteristic” given its energy, this does not mean that there cannot be another astrology based on Mars, Venus or Jupiter, as to mention other planets, as well as in any other solar system in the universe. We know that M-type planets are those that, due to their characteristics, could host human life, and hundreds, if not thousands, have been found, but it must be understood that everything is relative. Depending on where the planet is located, and to the system that it belongs to, it will depend the influence it receives.
For astrology, this concept is clear at earth’s level, when you can have your birthday anywhere on the planet, and by doing that, you can change the energies that will influence that solar year. The chart done for each particular birthday is called Solar Return, and it is made based on the original natal chart and the location where the birthday happens.

Let’s put the human being in perspective of the earth and the universe.
If an astronaut after being on the space station for a few months needs months of treatment and exercises to return to having the same bone and muscle structure, which was lost while in space, let’s think for a minute a human being inhabiting the planet Mars, for example.
The trip to Mars could take between 6 and 9 months depending on when the trip begins. After that period, in what physical conditions would the astronaut arrive? Suppose that mentally everything works properly, what would happen to the physical part of the astronaut? Moreover, in this regard, we are not only referring to the deterioration given the duration of the journey through space, but also, from the astrological point of view.
Being on Mars, astrology should be Mars centered and Earth would become a planet along with the others. The Earth’s moon would cease to have an influence on the human body, which we know regulates different systems of the body, and especially in women, the hormonal cycle for procreation. How would the physical cycles of the human body be affected by the new planetary influence?

Being able to travel to the stars has always been something that has captured the imagination of humanity, and has inspired Hollywood in countless series and movies on the subject.
From Star Trek, trips to the Moon, Mars and other planets, to Interstellar, where the possibility of a parallel reality is presented.

Although we perceive time as linear, it is actually circular. Astrology demonstrates this through the cycles of each of the celestial bodies that go from 28 days and hours with the Moon, to more than 140 years with Pluto. Each cycle has a “purpose”, not like the mouse’s wheel where it turns and turns, and is always in the same place.
The cycles measured by astrology never repeat in exact position considering all the heavenly bodies. The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that will occur in December 2020, is given to one degree of orb, while the similar previous one occurred in the 1600s, to two degrees of orb, but with the other celestial bodies in different positions . This gives us a clear idea of the complexity of the things that influence us on a daily basis, since each cycle never will be exactly as the previous one.

This means that although the cycles are repeated, they never occur with the same astrological characteristics, and if we add to this, that the person state and development between one cycle and the next one changes, regardless of whether the cycle could be similar, the person is not. This considering that everything happens at Earth’s level, and by mentioning this, we do not even consider the Space Station.
In the movie Interstellar, the protagonist travels through a wormhole and into another dimension of time. While days pass for him, years have passed on earth, to the point that when he can return, he finds his daughter on her deathbed, older than what his grandmother could be.

Here we pause, since we are going to enter the second topic that concerns us, and that is not easy to explain.

Astrology aims to help humans “to evolve” on this plane. It is a tool; it is a GPS of life if you want to see it that way. The question is for what?
Let us start with the harsh reality that we are born and die alone. In other words, there may have been many people around the mother at the time of birth, but the one who was born did not share his birth experience with those present, they only witnessed the event. The same happens with the moment of death, people who will witness the event can surround you, but the person who departs, goes alone. We are unique and independent beings in this regard.

From birth to death, astrology marks an evolutionary path that will be marked by different energies that are manifested by the celestial aspects in regards to the natal chart, and the person will have the possibility to act as he/she pleases in each of those moments. That is, if a piece of cake is on the table, it is their decision that determines whether to eat it or not. This is the case with every action taken during our lifetime, from the time we have consciousness to death.

And what happens after death?
There is enough information available about near-death experiences and what happened, as well as communications with other entities or types of energies that may or may not have been on the earth plane. The Catholic Church and other religions speak of heavenly hierarchies. Jesus is the son of God, and even in that, there is a hierarchy or level; but what does it means?
It just represents that there are different levels of evolved consciousness at the earth level, as well as at levels that we do not perceive with our five senses. We have to remember that we are talking about the universe; we have to put aside our ego in order to understand its immensity and complexity.

The film Interstellar, which is based on known scientific information, when posing the time reality that exists between the earth plane and other planes, shows clearly that the “universal” times are not the same as the earthly times. At this point we return to the paradox that occurs with space travel and its consequences.

Going back to astrology and our application, we empirically know that time on earth is limited by two parallels which are birth and death. It has to be clear that we are on this plane to evolve, and that means experiencing life and making the best decisions in our actions both towards ourselves and towards others. The “others” not only refers to people, but everything around us. While this may sound like utopian thinking, it is a reality, and that is what it is all about when we say evolution. We are talking about evolution of consciousness.
All the feelings we generate are energy, just like the energies generated by the celestial stars and the aspects with our natal chart. The first objective of our evolution path is to understand and manage our feelings.

There are both positive and negative feelings. In general, negative feelings are those that tend to last longer. Speaking of time, doesn’t it seem that time goes faster when you are having a good time, and it seems that time stops or goes slower when you are not comfortable or having problems? As we know, time is the same, and then, why that happens?

Looks like our emotions and feelings have something to do on how we perceive time.

The main effort when working on one’s evolution should be focus on the management of feelings. Not to the point of becoming an automaton, but by having control both on the moments of euphoria as well as those of sorrow. Astrology can anticipate when a period of low vibration is coming, and this provides and opportunity to better “managing” that energy. We are beings with a high level of consciousness, but this natural state can be developed or left in its raw state; the key is to develop it in the best possible way during our life time.
This development can only be achieved with practice, with small exercises and by being constant throughout life. As we perfect our methods, most of the time based on trial and error, the road will became easier. There is no magic solution to evolve our consciousness on this plane.

As we evolve, time will no longer be a factor in our life. While this sounds strange, it is just that. When certain level of evolution has been reached, time is no longer seen as a dominant factor in life. It is no longer a conditioning factor.
Managing our feelings leads to detachment from things that condition us, which prevent the progress in our personal development. A person is not its posessions, its looks and the rest, each of us is much more than that, although we are indoctrinated that we are valued based on our material aspects and possessions.

If we think that as a specie we are going to be successful by being able to live on another planet or solar system, that we are going to excel simply by traveling to space, we should stop and take a look at things from another perspective.
If we did not develop ourselves and our civilization to certain level of consciousness before we take our civilization to another planet, we would carry with us the same problems that we have today on earth.

What do you think of the level of consciousness of the organizations or people who are taking the lead on space exploration at this time? If we have to look for other worlds because we have made a dump of ours, with that same level of consciousness, we will repeat the same mistake wherever we go. It is not a matter of a place, it is a matter of consciousness.

The universe is perfect, including the laws that govern it. In the same way that our existence can be compromised on earth for having surpassed all the coherence parameters that exist, in the same way, any extra-terrestrial adventure will fail.
The only solution to the present dilemma is not to look for a solution to our problems by moving out of where we are, but by working toward solving all the problems that we have created. We got here by adopting a frivolous ego centrism and devoid of any ethical and moral value in our actions, both at the personal, and/or global levels.

Astrology pointed out that the present global crisis was going to happen, let us think outside the box for a minute. Can anybody in their right mind think that we can solve our problems using the same structures and tools that got us here in the first place. Lets think again.

Great conjunction Jupiter and Saturn next to the solstice of December 2020

Astronomy defines as the Great Conjunction, the closest approximation seen from Earth of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. This Great Conjunction occurs approximately every 20 years, and the next one will occur on December 21, 2020. This conjunction in particular has some additional aspects, which we are going to analyze from an astrological point of view, given the following considerations.

– The conjunction occurs at 0.1 degree of separation, which is not common. The
previous one with similar characteristics occurred on July 16, 1623, that is
to say 397 years ago. This one happened at 0.2 degree.
– The date coincides with the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and
summer’s in the southern hemisphere
– It happens at 0 degree and minutes of the sign of Aquarius
– Mars is square to Pluto with a 0-degree orb and minutes
– Jupiter and Saturn conjoint Pluto with an orb of 6 degrees and minutes

Like eclipses, when an astrological event occurs within the first or last degree of the zodiacal sign, it becomes more relevant, since its energy is magnified.
The articles presented from August 2019 to date, are a good basis to understand how future events can unfold. We are used to analyzing any event at the moment, and most of the time we do not take into account the previous circumstances to the event. Things should always be analyzed in context, including recent history, as well as previous similar cycles. This will allow getting a full picture on how we arrived to any given moment, and from there, see what to expect for the nearest future. As we always mention, it is not the last drink that gets you drunk, but the sum of everything that was previously drank.

A week before the solstice, a Solar eclipse at 23 degrees and minutes of Sagittarius will happen. While Jupiter and Saturn are not part of this particular eclipse, the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury square Neptune, which are an important aspects to consider.
The eclipses of the Sun are activators of external energies, while those of the Moon influence and triggers internal processes. All eclipses influence in different ways people, as well as institutions or countries.
Mercury governs communications, business, and travel, while Neptune can create either enlightenment or disappointment, and is associated with rare illness, plagues and shady deals, just to mention some characteristics, that can be identified with current global events.

December’s eclipse will have its main shadow over Chile and Argentina. It is said, that where the shadow of the eclipse passes, the greatest energy of the eclipse is received, beyond having a global reach.
The number of events listed will occur in a short period of time. If we compare this information with the analysis made regarding the eclipse of January 10, in addition to the planetary transits at the beginning of the year; we can expect that by the end of the year the situation will worsen.

Returning to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, while Saturn is the planet of restriction and heavy load. Given that the conjunction happens at 0 degree of the sign of Aquarius, we can speculate that this will bring to light the worst characteristic of this zodiacal sign.
The negative side of Aquarius if we define it in one sentence is: “Living outside of reality”.
What does this mean? That in any complicated situation, one abstracts from the surrounding reality, and creates a “virtual reality”, which is far from what is really happening.
Jupiter’s energy in this sign can be seen as an avenue for creating a more just, balanced and harmonious world, both from a human point of view, as well as from the environment, artistic and education’s point of view. By been in the position that it is, these objectives are most likely to be attempted but, any action will not be happening at the right time, or will fail by not having the necessary resources, or by not been able to reach the goals.
Saturn on the other hand, which presents the raw side of reality, noting responsibility in acts, ideas and objectives, by ruling the world organizations and governments, will strain all structures, responsive mechanism and resources, creating a situation where nobody wins.
There may be plans put in place to improve things, but these plans collide with the harsh reality, resulting in more problems than if nothing had been attempted. The saying, “Dam if you do it, and dam if you don’t” fits perfect for the situation we are describing.
Regarding Neptune, which squares the Moon and the Sun in the solar eclipse, it could signal the mutations of the current virus, or a new virus, or simply a vaccine that will not work.
Mercury which is in similar aspect, could signal that restrictions on travel, commerce and communication are going to be intensified.
Mars is in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, and this energy can be manifested in wars, or civil unrest. This is not an energy for negotiations, or to solve problems by talking. A lot of heavy energy and alter egos are at full capacity.
The effect of the eclipse could lasts up to 6 months; the gran conjunction happening at the solstice and in the position mentioned, does not forecast an improvement of the current situation at middle of 2020. Just prepare yourself because looks like the situation is not going to improve, at list for the first part of 2021.