DNA & the Natal Chart

According to Wikipedia, DNA was first isolated by the Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher, who in 1869, discovered a microscopic substance in the pus of discarded surgical bandages.

According to The Human Genome Project, this was one of the great feats of exploration in history. An international team of researches worked tireless for sequencing and mapping all of the genes — together known as the genome — of members of our species Homo sapiens.
Beginning on October 1, 1990 and completed in April 2003, the HGP gave us the ability, for the first time, to read nature’s complete genetic blueprint for building a human being.

DNA carries the instructions for the development, growth, reproduction, and functioning of all life.
Differences in the genetic code are the reason why one person has blue eyes rather than brown, why some people are susceptible to certain diseases, why birds only have two wings, and why giraffes have long necks.

Astrology on the other hand, for what we know today, existed for more than four thousand years, and it has been practice by Kings, Pharaohs, Rulers, Popes and very well-known historical personalities since we have record.

Some see astrology as a divination tool, I don’t know how that got started but nothing could be further from the truth. Astrology is just a tool than can provide information regarding personal characteristics when we were born and the energy cycles during life based on the natal chart. The actions taken by each person are completely their own responsibility. Depending on those actions, there will be consequences, but keep in mind that energies will not materialize unless there is an action that channels that energy.

So much for predicting the future, which is not the purpose of this article.

With the findings of the Human Genome Project, now we know that our DNA contains a blue print of what we are. It details from our physical characteristics, to what most probably will be, the sickness that will takes us to our grave, if we don’t die in an accident.
This means that looking at our DNA and our social media anybody can have a complete understanding of our physical qualities, deficiencies and state of mind. With the information available today, there is no wondering around. We are transparent.

Now let us move to astrology. Our natal chart provides information very similar to the DNA. By reading the information on the chart, an astrologer can identify some physical characteristics; most of the psychological profile of the person at birth, what sickness is the person more prompt to have during life, including what most probably will cause its departure from this plane. (Including accidents).

Somebody may say nonsense! Charlatanry! Blasphemy! etc., etc.

If anybody accepts that DNA contains information that tailors our being, that contains what sickness we are prompted to and the rest, why is not wide knowledge that astrology has been providing similar information for millennia?

Reading the DNA is just information, just like reading a natal chart. It does not prevent anybody from getting sick, unless you take actions to diminish the challenging aspect you were born with. The same way that DNA changes through life because of your habits (physical and mental), the same way you can ‘evolve’ your challenging conditions stated in your natal chart. This process is commonly known as “evolution of consciousness”. In another words, you work to polish your rough edges.

At this point, if you are still reading but have some doubt, let me mention this, which is a personal experience.

I have done a large number of natal charts, mostly to people that I don’t know, some of then I don’t even know there faces because we talk on the phone, and every aspect of themselves that I mentioned, was right on target.
Some people they just can not believe that they can get so expose and open, regarding aspects of their lives which they don’t share with everybody, just by simply reading at the natal chart. I’m not a psychic, I come from a technological education and trade. Astrology was a hobby for me.

Many years ago, I disputed astrology because I thought it defied “free will”. It took me years to understand that yes, we have free will, but within certain limits that were set previously (physical contexture, family, country, education, gender and the rest).

In summary, you have to understand that DNA as well as the natal chart, they both provide information about your challenges and potentials you bring to this plane when you were born.
The actions taken from the time you had consciousness until today, marked the road you travel in your life. Depending of those actions taken, you may have changed or not your original DNA, as well as your original aspects present in the natal chart.

Something that astrology provides in addition to our natal profile is the energy cycles that you personally will go through life, based on your natal chart which is the starting of your energy cycles. Not too much different from a weather forecast.

If you know that is going to rain, most probably you will not go for a day at the beach.
Consider that if we are not aware of our personal’s energy cycles, it could happen that in our life, we decide to go to the beach on a stormy day. Don’t blame the weather!

Summarizing, astrology provides additional information that the Genome Project does not, unless that information is also stored in our DNA but it was not mentioned.

US Presidential Inauguration

It is hard to dimension and to explain the challenging aspects that are going to be active the day of the presidential inauguration.

From the out of control violence that this energy can be manifested into, to the bad mood that will affect most of the country and probably also abroad. The astrological aspects for this day is not something that happens very often, moreover, is a rare occurrence.

Last month we posted an article referring to the solar eclipse of December 14 and how that affected the US natal chart. The following is included in that posting.

“The eclipse opposes Mars and squares Neptune on the United States chart.

Mars speaks of the armed forces, war, conflicts and fire. By being in House VII of the associations, it gives the United States a power to set the conditions with its allies. Mars is an energy that does not negotiate, it imposes.

Since the eclipse is in House I, which in the country is represented as the self, the identity, identifying with being what one is, speaks of a conflict with allies due to conflicting interests, which can easily lead to an armed conflict. It sounds as if the United States has the need to assert itself in its position, and show what the country is, and these actions are been opposed by its allies.

Natal Neptune in house IX, speaks of the high ideals that the United States can have and profess. House IX also has to do with other countries and justice. By squaring the eclipse, it could mean several things.

The first is that, by the actions taken, it breaks with the principles, identity and ideology that the country had until now, or on the other hand, that government says one thing and then does something completely different. The legality of what can be done will be questioned. This could happen internally within the US as well as with other countries.

Another possibility is that, this square could also refer to that the United States is been forced to do something that is completely out of its policy and philosophy.

One component of the solar eclipse, is that it already contains a square with Neptune, and this is a factor that affects globally, which may indicate that the virus problem worsens, that vaccines do not work, or simply that another virus comes out, or a new version of the one that is currently active shows up.

For the particular case of the United States, this eclipse activates the Neptune-Neptune opposition, which is present today and will become exact in May 2021. An opposition between House III (communication, short trips, and relationship with neighboring countries) and House IX, of abroad, justice and high philosophies and ideals, speaks of a breakdown in these aspects. It could be that other countries deceive the US with their actions (they agree on one thing, and then they do different).

The energy of the eclipse can manifest itself as a transit, so events can materialize anytime around the date of the eclipse, until 6 months after. That is, until mid-2021.”

Taking the aspects of the inauguration in addition to the energy active by December’s eclipse is too much conflicting energy present. The outlet of that energy can lead to internal conflicts in the US as well as abroad. Social mood and confidence can be affected in a negative way, and stocks can pay the price of this situation. All times high trend can be followed by an all-time low crash.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise if an armed conflict starts abroad, and/or people fighting on the streets throughout the US, and a meltdown of the financial markets happen.

Challenging planetary aspects for inauguration date

Sun square Mars
Sun square Uranus
Sun square Moon

Mars square Jupiter
Mars square Saturn

Jupiter square Uranus

Saturn square Uranus
Saturn square Moon

Pluto square Moon