Argentina Elections – October 2023

Argentina Elections – October 2023

In the article about presidential candidate Javier Milei, that was uploaded to the blog in January 2023, we spoke of the opposition that he was going to confront during the year in his run for the presidency, but that he had a great chance of achieving it.
The result of the PASO (primaries) on August 13 confirmed what we anticipated in January.

The general elections follow on October 22nd, and it will happen under the following astrological aspects.

These are the positives aspects:
Jupiter trine Venus
Uranus trine Pluto
Uranus conjunction Jupiter
Sun trine Saturn
Mercury trine Saturn

These are the negative aspects:
Sun square moon
Sun square Pluto
Mercury square Moon
Mercury square Pluto
Mars square Moon

Of the positive aspects the following can be said:
Jupiter in very good aspect to Venus speaks of the fact that, given the election’s result, there will be some degree of relief or renew hope that things will improve for the better. Jupiter gives growth and Venus has to do with money and well-being.
Uranus trine Pluto speaks of a rapid and profound transformation of government affairs.
Uranus, which represents rapid changes, in conjunction with Jupiter, speaks that changes will have the support of local Judicial structures and they will be well received from foreign investors and creditors (represented by Jupiter). With Jupiter energy present with can forecast a successful outcome.
The Sun and Mercury trine Saturn, speak of the strengthening of government structures related to economy and trade.

Of the negative aspects the following can be said:
The Sun represents the government and the Moon the society. A square between them speaks of the fact that the results will not favor the seating government.
The Sun (the government) squaring Pluto, which is the catalyst of the transformation processes, guarantees a significant change as a result of the election. The political party in power today probably will evaporate with time as well as current national government structures and organization which will be transformed in something completely different.
Mercury and Pluto square the Moon speak of the fact that commerce and the economy will go through a transformation process like the central government structure. It will resurface but under a completely different approach.
Since Mars is square to the Moon, there could be rejection to the results by a sector of the population and violent reactions cannot be discarded.

In summary, the aspects of the election on October 22, predicts a government that will carry out a quite important transformation process, where Pluto, who is represented as the phoenix bird, is a main actor. Death and regeneration, but the good aspects of Saturn, which governs government structures, shows that they will come out fortified by this change. Jupiter and Venus predict an improvement in conditions, especially in terms of access to money and general well-being.
We must not rule out the actions of violent sectors of society, but in the face of changes as profound as those that are coming, it would not be strange if they occurred.

Due to the mentioned aspects, the changes in the government structures and their implications will be carried out somehow. This election determines a period of 4 years, in which changes can occur throughout that period.
If we see the transits on the natal chart of Argentina, April-May 2024 is when changes will start taking place and they will give an idea of the speed on how changes will happen.

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