Be careful what you think

Be careful what you think

Without realizing it, we live daily within an environment interacting and exchanging energies that we may not be aware of, and astrology is part of that. Astrology is a measurement system, and it is a system that describes certain energies, certain aspects that, although they may be at a general level, impact each one of us depending on our natal chart.
But to understand its basic functioning we must start looking at how the human body works.
The human body is in constant vibration, each cell vibrates at each moment depending on its energy and from that understanding we can see how an external energy could interfere with each cell and in conjunction with ourselves.

When astrology identifies any specific planetary aspect, consequently, we are expose to an energetic interference in our functioning, which can affect us in the psychic or in our physical part.
To understand the topic of energies and frequencies and how they can materialize or not, one must start from the definition that science gives in this regard.

The degree of solidity of things is given by their state of vibration. Quantum physics states that everything in this universe is made up of particles, and particles are made up of atoms. So far it was what we learned in general education, but there are other lower levels of elements that make up the atom until we get to elements that only exist given their vibratory state.
Depending on the degree of vibration, this will be the degree of solidity with which the element is identified or recognized. From the maximum to the minimum level there is an infinite number of vibratory ranges. Quantum physics has discovered that the so-called subatomic particles are not particles per se but forms of pure vibratory energy and that these are the quantum probabilities under which they can manifest themselves in different and varied forms.

An experiment carried out by Thomas Young in 1801 called the double slit, in addition to the new investigations and modifications of this experiment, leads us to understand that things are not really fixed or predetermined, but that we have a significant influence on them for the simple fact of observation, intention and expectation placed by us.

The original experiment was based on passing an electron, in this case a photon, through a double grid and seeing how it impacted a photographic film.
What puzzled the researchers was that what was printed on the photographic film was not what was expected. The impact on the film was a wave instead of a figure following the shape of the grid. By placing a device to observe what change occurred when the photon passed through the grid, they found out that the result on the photographic film was different and the grid format was reflected in it.
That was the expected result the first time.

In short, by observing how the experiment worked, the result changed. For more details about the experiment, I suggest find in YouTube different videos that explain and show how the experiment works and its results.
Considering the results of this experiment and the existing knowledge regarding frequencies and vibrations, the following can be deduced:

First, a particle, which is something physical, can also behave like a wave, which is a frequency.
Second, everything in the universe works based on frequencies that vary in infinite range.
Third, a frequency depending on the range we be detected or not with our senses.
Fourth, both human beings and everything that surrounds us, including the planets, vibrates and emanates a certain frequency.
Fifth, there may be a predeterminism, but the observer can change the outcome of things.

It is proven that the observer can change the result of something just by observing. This clearly tells us that there is a communication and exchange of energy between the observer and the observed. When you observe something, you are not necessarily seeking to change the result, but simply the fact of observing, this has its consequences.
Let us now evaluate the fact that when the intention is added to an observation, because of this, the result may vary significantly since, added to the simple interaction of the energy of the observation, the energy of the Intention is being added.

The interaction demonstrates that our thoughts generate a vibration or wave which manifests itself in the physical plane generating a result. Simply something as a though that we cannot see but could be measured, materializes through a physical change. With this we have a better understanding of the relationship between the energetic plane of high vibration density and the physical plane of low vibration density.

Based on the double slit experiment and associating it with astrology, it would not be unreasonable to consider the natal chart as the grid and the planets as the observers, with us being the result of the observation.

We can say that astrology cannot be separated from the functioning of things and analyzed without considering the energetic relationship that exists in everything. Today astrology can be better understood as to how it works by considering all the scientific information available.
We cannot be separated from the workings of the universe.

As above so below, as below so above.

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