Eclipses for 2023

Eclipses for 2023

For those who follow our blog, they know about the predictions made and fulfilled in previous years (some based on solar and lunar eclipses). The articles are still available in our blog.

The eclipses repeat within a sequence called the Saros Series. Whether we realize it or not, we are part of a universe that works based on very specific laws. On the NASA page you can find information on the eclipses that will occur in the next 100 years.
In ancient times, whoever could predict that was a sorcerer or an astrologer. How times have changed!

Astrology states that we move in patterns or cycles, some of which repeat themselves with the regularity of a mechanical device. That’s why astrology can go back and forth and tell what the energies are active from a certain period beyond the present.

The eclipses that occurred and will occur during 2023 are a replica of what happened in the year 2004. Each one will be able to go back to the year 2004 and try to remember if something significant happened.
But since the cycles are not the same for all the planets, eclipses occur regularly, but the aspects of the planets within the eclipse vary.

The eclipse of the Sun by itself may or may not have consequences, this will depend on the aspects between the planets that are present during the eclipse.

Although the solar eclipse of April 20, 2023, which occurred at 29 degrees, 50 minutes from the sign of Aries, in 2004 it occurred at 29 degrees and 56 minutes (from an astrological point of view it is the same), but the intervening planets in the eclipses are different.

If we go back in time, we find that there were solar eclipses in the year 1929 that has, energetically speaking, similar characteristics to those of 2023.
In 1929 there was a square of Pluto with Venus in addition to a quincunx of Saturn with Mars.

In 2023 the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are square Pluto, and Saturn is square Venus.
Solar eclipses activate external energies, while Lunar eclipses activate internal processes.

The Sun, the Moon and Jupiter squaring Pluto speak of transformative energies which can be like those of the Phoenix Bird, of death and resurrection from the ashes.
Saturn square Venus speaks of problems with government and organized structures and money. There is the possibility of a crack in the stock markets as occurred in 1929.
If we take into account the difference between the world today and 1929, regardless of where the stock market crash is, it will impact the whole world.

In 1929, the second eclipse of the Sun occurred on November 1st, with Pluto squaring Venus again in addition to Mercury.
Venus has to do with money and Mercury has to do with commerce, travel, and communication.
These two eclipses were the one-two punches of 1929. October 28th and 29th of 1929 are known as ‘black Monday and Tuesday’ due to the important fall in the stock market. What followed in the United States and the world was catastrophic.
The stock market crash that occurred in 1929 took 25 years to recover and return to the values before the crash. That is how important was the economic deterioration.

The second solar eclipse of 2023 occurs on October 14th at 21 degrees, 08 minutes of the sign of Libra.
In this eclipse we find the following aspects:
Opposition of Saturn with Venus, the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury in quincunx with Uranus and Neptune, and Jupiter in quincunx with Mercury which, being in conjunction with the Sun and the Moon, also activates them.

On October 28th, 2023, the lunar eclipse occurs at 5 degrees 09 minutes from the sign of Taurus.
Let’s remember that Lunar eclipses activate our internal processes. From the aspects present in this eclipse, we can say that the last months of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 are not going to be good, and we are going to have to deal with bad news from different sources.
The Sun, Mars, and Mercury in opposition to the Moon and Jupiter, the Moon squaring Pluto, and Venus in opposition to Neptune speak of complex energies in general, that will affect people’s mood.

All mentioned previously, which may seem very complex and difficult to understand for those who are not in astrology, means that the aspects mentioned between the planets represents negative energies, which are magnified by the eclipses.
The planets involved each have to do with an aspect of our existence such as the economy, health, governments, money, commerce, travel, and the rest.

Given the present conditions worldwide with inflation and unemployment, the economic issue is a main actor, but we should not rule out the expansion of the war between Russia and Ukraine and eventually the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The square of the Sun and the Moon with Pluto in one of the eclipses of the Sun may have some indication of this.
You can find an article on our blog entitled ‘Nuclear War’ published in June 2022, about the eclipse that occurred in 2022 where the shadow of the eclipse coincidentally fell over the conflict zone.

Astrology only can predict trends and possibilities; the result always depends on our decisions. The stars indicate the trend, whether the energy gets manifested will depend on the application of our free will.

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  • Great read. I still remember how you nailed the date of the start of the “pandemic” a few months before it was announced. Given that whole charade was partly a cover for the banking system breaking down again, I wonder if the cracks in the financial plumbing that have begun to show in 2023 will turn into a tidal wave in the latter half of this year..

    • Hi Peterson, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I hope I’m wrong on this one, because if it happens is very hard to predict the consequences of that.

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