Science & Consciousness

Science & Consciousness

We have written several articles related to how we function, astrology and the evolution of consciousness. Over time one became interested in the subject, as a curious mind really wants to know how things work. Several authors who have written about scientific research related to the brain such as neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and technical researchers (David L Weiner, Joel Garreau, Jeffrey Schwartz MD, Rebecca Gladding MD, Karl H. Pribram MD, Stanislav Grof MD just to mention a few), and other authors that give a more spiritual approach to personal development as the Franciscan priest Richard Rohr or the shaman Don Miguel Ruiz, everyone tells us about the development of consciousness.

Coming from a 30-year career in IT, and keeping a parallel interest in astrology, it is easy to connect current available knowledge on how the brain functions with astrology, and especially paying attention to evolutionary cycles.

Although astrology is not currently considered a branch of psychology by science, there is all the evidence that it should be included. Looks like every time some new development in science arose, it was confronted by the “establishment”, since each new thing collides with the “status quo”, and the interests of those who are already entrenched in their professional lives.

Psychoanalysis was criticized in its beginnings, before becoming popular as it is today. During the beginning Carl Jung was left aside, even if he was well known, possibly by his more open approach to astrology. In this aspect Sigmund Freud disagreed with him and by consensus, Freud monopolized all the attention. This marginalization of Jung may not have been something that just happened, given that the Catholic Church had sentenced astrology back in the 16th century.

One of the most famous works condemning astrology was “Disputationes adversus astrologiam divinatricem” published by Pico della Mirandola, in 1496, in which he referred to problems with astrological theory and technique, and condemned the denial of free will that Mirandella saw in the astrological practice.

In 1586, Pope Sixtus V issued a papal bull condemning magic and all forms of divination, including horary, electoral, and natal astrology. It included astrology with other divination methods when astrology is governed by astronomical concepts and mathematical calculations. Astrology aims to measure the active energies in the person and the environment based on movement within the solar system.

We cannot judge the Pope or his followers for these determinations, they put everything in one basket we can say just by simple ignorance. At that time, neither NASA nor the European space agency existed that could explain that each planet in the solar system has a particular vibration, frequency, and sound, that the hormonal cycle of women is governed by the cycles of the Moon, as well as the gestation process and other information known today. Even there is a part of biology called Chronobiology that relates the function of the human body to the position of the sun and the moon.

This brief review just to understand how our lives today are influenced by decisions made centuries ago. At that time, the Catholic Church had complete power over what it was and was not, and we had to live, and in many cases, we continue to live, under erroneous rules.

If we refer to astrology, science today follows what was established by the church at the time, considering it a method of divination, with which it is still linked to the esoteric or pseudoscience.

Today’s science became yesterday’s church, they judge and sentence as the only truth. The question we must ask ourselves is, if we are so advanced in science, how is it that until now no cure has been found for cancer, AIDS, the prevention of a heart attack or an aneurysm. And to cite just one example of what we are saying, President G.W. Bush when he was an office, authorized the spending of $3.7 billion to research robot-like medicines that would enter the bloodstream to destroy any cancer cells or fat cells it found. That was more than 20 years ago, which for the advancement of science is like a millennium. Does anyone know the result of that research? It was and is a lot of money. I think that we should expect some results from it, right?

The issue is not questioning what science means, what is being questioned is its self-assigned power to determine what is accepted and not.

The other part that is related to the development of the human being, we can see that all the progress of science has not improved the living conditions of billions of people on the planet, but rather, social conditions have worsened. We are not only referring to basic things such as food, housing, education, and health, but to the mental state of the people.

We have advanced in the knowledge of the functioning of the brain, but science seems to only aim to ‘discover’ things, with very little development, other than creating some medicine to remedy a created evil. Nothing about prevention, when all the effort should be put into preventing an event, instead of trying to fix it after it happened. A broken glass can be glued and used again, but it will never be the same as before it was broken.

The functioning of our brain is as fragile as glass. All our efforts as individuals and as an organized society (which includes science), should be oriented towards developing habits and customs in our children that aim to improve their quality of life, both for them and for their environment.
By understanding this, one could work on changing bad habits. Children who are growing up need a healthy environment for learning the essentials of life, how society and the world functions. If they get the wrong information at that stage, it will be hard for them to progress in life.

Our brain has components that interact 24 hours a day, whether we are aware of it or not. The different components are given by the characteristics of our DNA, but not only for this. If it were just DNA then it would be very easy to determine a person’s behavior pattern. Apart from DNA, we must consider what the mother transmits during the gestation period, her emotional and physical states, as well as events that occur during childhood, together with personal experiences and education received.

From the moment of birth, astrology determines the basic characteristics of the newborn represented in the natal chart, and that’s where the evolutionary cycles are defined.

The cycles provide information regarding the energies active for each period. Each planet has a different vibration/frequency and depending on the aspects made between the planets in transit with those of the natal chart, this will define the activated energies. We are not forecasting the future; we are simply telling what conditions, from the energy point of view, will exist. The person is the one who determines what to do at each moment. This process could be compared with the meteorological forecast that, for example, as a low-pressure center is coming, there are chances of rain. They are the atmospheric conditions by which one can “forecast” the weather, it is up to the person to go out with an umbrella. Can we consider the forecasting of the weather or even the stock market divination? Nonsense.

Our brain works based on electrical impulses and chemical reactions. Both things can be influenced by external elements. For example, if we drink several glasses of liquor, it enters our bloodstream, reaches our brain, and will impact its operation. We can say it is a direct induction method.

Now let’s consider the situation when we enter a place for the first time, and just by entering, we feel uncomfortable, annoyed or we don’t like it. What happened? Why do we feel the way we do? Why are there places we like to go more than others? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

The same thing happens with other people. You may meet someone for the first time and you like the person at first sight, or on the contrary, just by saying hello, you don’t like the person, you have a reject reaction.

Everything we are, feel, and think is processed in our brain, which responds not only to direct inductions such as alcohol, but also to the energies with which we interact daily and at every moment of our lives. Whether we are aware of it or not.

That’s where astrology has an explanation for certain things where science doesn’t. As mentioned in several previous articles, how do you explain that one day, for no apparent reason, you get up and feel like you don’t even want to see your cat! Everything bothers you, and in a few hours that feeling goes away by itself. If we look at the natal chart, we will probably see that there was an aspect of the Moon that generated that energy, which was represented in a certain state of mind. In our brain something had influenced the electrical energy and chemical reactions between the neurons that made us feel that way. There is a direct relationship.

That would be the ‘fatalistic’ vision that says we are victims of circumstances. But, on the other hand, there is the most important part that we have as human beings, which is consciousness. This allows us to rationalize what happens and modify the way we feel. We have that power to do that, but needs certain degree of evolution.

Our brain is a biological machine, we could say, but our consciousness is above it. Consciousness can control and drive the brain. Our ‘natural’ reaction is what our biological machine does based on our programmed patterns such as DNA, life experience, education, and others; but consciousness is there to be developed. At the beginning of life, consciousness is in its natural state, aligned to the brain.

Our life trend has a direct correlation with our grade of evolution of consciousness.
The natal chart provides raw aspects of us, which can be like a rough and natural stone. If we work on our personal development and manage to raise our level of consciousness, we can transform that rough stone into something polished. By working on our personal development, we are going to expand and modify our neuronal network, leading us to overcome the original ‘natural’ conditioning factors.

In the same way that we can evolve in our consciousness, we can go to our most primitive state, which would indicate that we are completely dominated by our conditioning or challenging aspects.

The brain does not know what is right, nor what is wrong, nor does it know what it is to evolve. The brain is just a processor. Our consciousness is what we really are.

To raise our consciousness, we must ‘feed’ our brain everything that serves to keep it active and at its maximum productive level. Nowadays everything is quick news, social media, and electronic games just to keep the mind occupied. This is the most direct way to go to our primitive state. The news we receive daily about the economy, politics, weather and so on are not very encouraging.

From the astrological point of view, it is noted that the active energies in this period are very challenging, but in no way, they justify what is happening in the world. What is happening is an indication of the degree of abandonment in which humanity is.
Science may be at a very high point, but the human being is at one of the lowest points in its evolutionary development state as a species.

We either will have to hit rock bottom or something extremely serious will have to happen in the world, for humanity to return to the path of consciousness’s development. Today from what we see, we are off course and with not so positive forecast.

Could be that at this time, more than ever, astrology can help us take control of our life, which is the only thing that we have the power to control.

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes”. Carl Jung

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