Understanding the Energies Around Us

We all have a time in our lives when we ask ourselves what we are doing, why we do what we do, or even, how did we reached this moment in time? We know we have a purpose in life, even if sometimes we cannot express it clearly, but we have a gut feeling that tell us something about it. Sometimes we have a flash, an intuition to do something or about something, but we proceed in another direction. Where that intuition comes from? What makes us react in a way that sometimes we don’t even understand? Moreover, what about those days when everything seems to go wrong, no matter how much effort we put into making it right?

It took me years of reading and experiencing on myself, for accepting that there are energies around us that can influence every aspect of our lives. Astrology answered many questions that I had.

Astrology helped me to understand that there is an order to everything, that there are cycles, also that we are individual and unique beings, and why some particular event can be perceived, or have a different effect between one person and another.

Everything starts with the Natal Chart. Astrologically speaking that is our DNA. We are similar to other people but different in many ways. From the moment we are born, the planets will continue their journey on our solar system, and their energy somehow will impact our daily lives through the aspects they make to our natal chart.

Besides providing information to what we really are, Astrology provides information similar to a weather forecast, for better understanding the energies that impact our daily life. If your weather forecast announces that it is going to be a rainy day, you will most likely go out with an umbrella. With astrology, a similar analogy can be said; by knowing ahead of time what energies you are going to be exposed to, you can prepare for it.

Throughout history there are many mentions of Kings, Queens, Popes, Prophets, and Philosophers that were guided by the movement of the stars, and every mayor civilization in the past and present time, were and are puzzled by the universe, the unknown. The search for answers is so true today as it was thousands of years ago.

Astrology can open a new possibility for better understanding the road we are traveling.