Life’s Purpose, Evolution and Astrology

Some may ask what’s their life’s purpose or what methods could be used to evolve. In this article we will discuss how astrology can provide an answer to these fundamental questions.

It is clear that having lots of money helps with the chores of life, but as we see daily in the news, this does not guarantee a happy life.
The news about the ruling class, artists and other personalities denote that they have the same personal, family and health’s problems as the rest of the other mortals. We are mentioning mortals, because at the end; we all die in this life, beyond the social class we belong to, how much power we have, how much money or assets we can count on, or even have the possibility to freeze the brain and body to see if they can be revived later.

Once we are clear that fame, social class or power is not the goal, then what is our life purpose, and what is evolution?
Beyond ones believe in reincarnation, all religions and spiritual beliefs speak of the fact that there is life on another level, and that next life’s condition or status, will depend on how we carry forward the present one.
So is it correct to set our life purpose conditioned by what comes next ?, or on the other hand, one would have to look at this life as unique, and see how it can be achieved in the best way possible, beyond whatever comes next.
Well, we have at our disposal a way to live our life, that will make the most out of the two options mentioned.

This article does not intends to get involved in religious aspects, since there are so many religions and beliefs that it would be difficult to evaluate them all, especially when each one claims to be the true one, assuring that theirs is the right one and everyone else is wrong. Who wants to get into that discussion!

For those who are wondering at this moment, what astrology has to do with all this? I ask you for a little patience since we are already on our way to answer that.
First, certain issues must be clear and out of the way, since if we do not place ourselves in time and space, the mere issue of naming the signs and planets would be meaningless. We are talking about life purpose and evolution.

We are all born with certain inherited genetic characteristics, but our birth chart gives us additional information about whom we are, which is often misunderstood or misused. A factor that is most important in any evaluation is the environment surrounding the person, which is also a conditioning aspect in one’s life, but as we will see, it has nothing to do with life’s purpose and evolution.
It is not the same to have been born in a palace than in a shelter on the street. For two babies born in the same town and the same time, they will have the same natal chart, the genetic characteristics and the surrounding environment will be fundamentally different, and they will affect their individual development. However, we need to understand that life’s purpose for the two babies are the same.

Let us stop here for a moment and let this concept sink in. This point is basic.

Regardless been a prince or a beggar, the person has a life purpose. For the prince, learning arts, science and government may be important and an everyday thing and this is something that for the beggar will not even come close; but the purpose of life is something very different from the social presence (house X) or income level (house II), or work (house VI).

A person can become the president of a country for example, and could say I reached the maximum of my aspirations. The same for an athlete who achieves a championship, a writer who achieves a “best seller”, an artist who wins an Oscar and so on and so forth. All these people can achieve fame and money at a personal level, but nothing really says how they really are as a human being, as carbon entities living on planet earth.
It could be that each one of those people feels good, superior to others, but the results in life are not given by the achievement obtained at any particular time, or by the fame or wealth acquired, but by the evolutionary degree, that each person achieves, and this should include all aspects in the person’s life.
In general, we evaluate a person by his professional success, fame or possessions, but these are only a small part that refers simply to his material life.

In the natal chart, we can see the different aspects and basic characteristics of the person. In the natal chart, we can find the person’s potentials as well as its weaknesses. Each person is composed of a puzzle with many pieces. No one is all potential and no weakness, we will always find that there are a big combinations where some people may have a greater degree of positive aspects than others, or vice versa, but this only shows the starting point of what life will be. We are talking about the raw material.
What is shown in the natal chart are simply the tools, features and challenges that one has, which will require more or less effort during life to evolve. It is neither good nor bad, it is what it is.
For those who believe in reincarnation, this aspect will depend on the actions of past lives. Depending on the karma accumulated in past lives, it is the base for the present life, but there may be other different and multiple interpretations.

Up to this point, we could say that the purpose of life is given by the combination of exalting the positive aspects of the natal chart, and working to eliminate the negative ones.

This process has nothing to do with success, which can occur due to fortuitous conditions and accompanying astrological aspects, but it has nothing to do with the purpose of the person’s life. The purpose of life will be fulfilled, only if when the achievement of the life’s objectives were met, and this can be determined only at the time of death. The person in the aftermath of death will be its own judge and will determine to what degree he achieved his objectives or life’s purpose.
A person who has fulfilled his life purpose will not be afraid of death. This is because he/she is simply a full person, a person that lived its life by working hard on studying itself, knowing its strengths and used them fully, and also knowing its weaknesses and overcame them. It did not depend on anything or anyone outside. This process during a lifetime was internal and personal.

If we did not mention much about the evolutionary process so far, it’s because you have to understand first the end of the movie to understand its development.

Astrology clearly shows in the natal chart what are the person’s aspects. If the person is aware of them, they can be rationalized and understood, and use the astrology map as the guide in the evolutionary process.
This is so, given that from the moment of birth to death, each one will go through certain energy cycles which will determine or condition, different moments for carrying out any action or decision.
If we want to enjoy a beach day when there is a strong storm, we will most likely not have a good experience and consider it as a bad day. On the other hand, if that same day, we decided to stay at home, watch a movie or read a book, most likely the day will go by without any further problems and become a normal or just another day. The result will depend on our actions, and how we adapt to the surrounding circumstances. Things may not happen how and when we want them to happen. Life is constant change and movement, the secret is to navigate these variables, and not to confront them.

In our natal chart, we can consider restrictions from Saturn first, and then the aspects of the Sun and the Moon between them or with other planets like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Aspects such as squares, oppositions and conjunctions between the Sun, the Moon and these planets, can become restrictive and are our weaknesses to overcome.
As you can see, no astrological sign was mentioned so far. This is because beyond the sign and ascendant of the person, these aspects just by themselves are conditioning and setting up the life cycles.

Knowing our natal chart and understanding what our strengths and weaknesses are, is the starting point of our evolutionary process. The people and events that intervene in our lives are simply “actors or actions” that represent the energies we emanate. Moreover, these energies are those represented by the signs, planets and aspects in their natural, undeveloped state. As one advances in life and certain planetary aspects are present, we have the possibility of polishing the natural given aspects of our personality, as well as by taking certain actions, when favorable aspects are present, gives the possibility to further develop our natural potentials.

As a soccer player who already has a natural ability with his foot for managing the ball from birth, he will require daily training to develop his physical qualities, as well as eliminate personal mistakes in the game that do not contribute to the operation of the team, for example. You cannot be a successful professional, besides having natural aptitudes if these are not accompanied by overcoming natural challenges and work for continuous improvement.

As we can see, the parallelism between the life of a professional athlete and life on earth, are not very different. Everything requires some effort and sacrifice, if you want to reach the goal or purpose beyond the natural skills or conditions.

The contribution of astrology to the evolutionary process of the person is fundamental, and usually is a concept that is not well understood, known or communicated. Most astrological consultations are related to money, health and love, and although these are important elements in each one’s life, what is lost when going directly to these aspects, is that before being able to move towards external things, we must first enter into knowing ourselves. It is very important understanding why we do what we do, why we think the way we think, why we accept or reject certain thing, and so on and so forth.
While we focus on external aspects without getting into the source or core of who we are, and truly knowing ourselves, we will be evolving by trial and error if we are smart enough, otherwise, we will be blaming others for our shortcomings and disappointments, and we could remain on our raw and natural stage. We will not evolved by taking this attitude.

Astrology gives us the possibility to take control of our life and help us understand our purpose; it is a great tool that can help us navigate our life.

We will always be the ones who decide which path to take, the key is to use our free will correctly and for this, astrology puts its ancient knowledge at our disposal.


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