Love, Sex and Astrology

There are stories where empires fought or have made alliances, and countless tales have been written since ancient times based on tragedies or joys where winners and losers were motivated by love (sex) or power. Without going too far, we just have to think about our personal experiences or things that happened to someone that we know in order to give a dimension to the subject.

However, what are the activators of these energies? (commonly known as feelings). From astrology’s viewpoint, these energies can be analyzed under the process call Synastry, which is based on the analysis of the natal charts of the participants.

Astrology can compare the natal charts and determine what points of coincidence or attraction exists between people, but that would be the mathematical, linear interpretation. What also what needs to be considered by the astrologer, are the transits and progressions, in addition to the background of the person. Each one is subject to behave based on their natal characteristics in addition to their individual “programming”. The people, experiences, indoctrination and beliefs that were incorporated from birth to the present moment (especially related to sex, religious beliefs, cultural and others) have done this programming.

Always keep in mind that we are changing our points of views on things as we receive new information, otherwise we would be like a book, that only contains the original information.

Two people could be attracted to each other by different elements. We will try to make a classification of the different types of attraction from the astrological point of view. Although they are classified in five types, and the first one is defined as sexual, all should contain some sexual component, otherwise they would not materialize, but the classification tends to mark the predominant component of the relationship.

1. Sexual
2. Compatibility of tastes, vision of the world and life
3. Protection and shelter
4. Karmic
5. Totally romantic

As you can see from the list, “love” relationship is not present. Although all these relationships can be defined as “in love”, none begins with love. They start by some of the types mentioned above.
Dr. Helen Fisher has concluded because of her studies, that the presence of Oxytocin and Vasopressin (generated by the body during sex) interfere in the process of generation of Dopamine and Norepinephrine, which would explain why the union grows between a couple once the passion decreases with time. In personal relationships as well as sex, the body generates different types of hormones and amino acids that manifest themselves in different moods, which we define as emotions.

From the astrological point of view for a relationship to materialize, not only the sexual component is important, but also other natal aspects that determine a shared or common vision or sentiments of things. There is not in astrology a component that defines “love”, but only the energies that can be cataloged in the types mentioned above.

How the relationship can start.

1. Sexual – Sexual attraction occurs with an important component where Mars and Venus are present beyond if other additional aspects exist. In this category, we can define the people who are together just to have sex, but that they do not necessarily have other things in common. There may not even be the requirement for sharing other things.
There are different degrees of attraction and sexual energy given the astrological signs, as well as the relationship of Mars and Venus between the natal charts. The Sun and Uranus can provide interesting additional energies in this regard.

2. Compatibility of tastes, vision of the world and life – It can produce an instant click between two people, besides if they knew each other from before, because the connection is made at the internal energy level. This could happen when both Moons are in conjunction. Depending on the other aspects, there may or may not be sexual attraction, but there is a lot of connection between the two. Some authors define it as if they had known each other in past lives and they are rediscovering themselves. If other aspects such as those mentioned in point 1 are also present, this would make a very favorable relationship.

3. Protection and shelter – Although in all relationships one of the parties has more energy than the other (dominant), this has nothing to do with the sex of the person. Here we have to make clear that the identification of women as been the weakest has to do with a type of teaching and indoctrination in society, rather than with reality. The archetypes created by the “programming” as mentioned above, works as a conditioner and is an aspect that is not present in the natal chart. In the relationship, we are talking about “protection and shelter”, which is given by an aspect where Saturn is present, and could also include the Sun and Venus. The person with Saturn could be defined as with more experience in the relationship, or the other person sees the other one or perceives it in that way. For this relationship to exist, as the others mentioned, they require other favorable aspects in common.

4. Karmic – There are relationships that can be tortuous and painful, but beyond the problems that divide them, there is a very powerful energy that attracts them. These are destructive relationships and for those who go through one of these, it is hard to forget. In this type of relationship, Pluto has a strong presence with either the Sun, the Moon, or Venus of the other person. As in all relationships, there should be other aspects that made the relationship possible in the first place. A graphic way to define this type of relationship is the dragonfly flying towards the fire that attracts them, knowing that when it arrives it will be burned. It is worth mentioning that the worst part of the relationship is been carried by the person who is aspected by the other’s Pluto.

5. Totally romantic – This is the idyllic relationship, that has more to do with movies than with real life. As we see in the movies, they go against all odds and at the end; they manage to be together; and that is where the movie ends. In real life, for us who are in another reality, the film just starts at that point. From that moment, a life begins with things related to work, home, money, family, children, etc.
Relationships that start with a super idealization of the moment, without a doubt it has an important Neptune’s component. Neptune is imagination, creativity, connection with the beyond, with what our eyes do not see, but on the other side, it can also show what it is not there. Under a Neptunian influence, is very difficult for a person to see things clearly. It will probably see in the other person something that is not there, or simply the person will see what they want to see. If Neptune is present in the natal chart in houses I, V or VII, he/she must be very careful on how this natal energy is been manage. The relationships generated with an important component of Neptune will present its “real” side eventually.

It is common knowledge that for astrology, people are defined by their Sun’s sign, but it is worth mentioning, that the natal sign is as important as the ascendant. In many cases, the personality is represented by the ascendant, rather than by the Sun’s sign or by a combination in different degrees of both.

Mars is an important component in any sexual relationship; the following provides a general idea of how this energy is manifested according to the sign/ascendant in the natal chart.
Although the sign can tell us how our ego operates, Mars tells us how we express ourselves physically and how strong our sexual impulse or need is.

Mars in fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) has a better chance of expression. People with this characteristic are very passionate and usually take the initiative sexually. These people do not work well in relationships where sex has low activity. In the same way there is a great energy developed in the sexual part, in the same way, this energy can be expressed in anger if it is not channeled, as it should be in the relationship.

When Mars is in the signs of earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), its energy is represented by the sensuality. Mars in these signs is presented with the characteristic of vitality and strength, but they are very reserved in terms of their sexual life, and very private in this aspect.
One of the problems that can occur with the earth’s signs, is that sexual activity can fall into a pattern or monotony, which can become boring over time.

In the air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) Mars expresses itself equally in the sex as in the intellectual part, as part of the physical act. Sex can be seen more as fun, where imagination, games, the exploration of new experiences have a preponderance over the rest. These natives are going to avoid monotony. While this can be considered as the positive side, the negative side will be due to the lack of sensuality or emotional intimacy that could be expected from the sexual act.

If romanticism and sensuality are sought, Mars in the water signs is the answer (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). Mars expresses its energy with the totality of its being. Both sex and intimacy are very important, but they prefer quality, rather than quantity. There could be an exception on the Scorpio side, where it could be represented with characteristics similar to air signs. With water signs, not only can there be sex, but also the emotional implications of it, must be taken into account.

To have a complete analysis of a relationship, a Synastry is the answer. The analysis of each natal chart in addition with the planetary aspects between the charts, provides an energy map of the relationship, showing the high points and the challenges that the couple could expect in their time together.

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