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How life is constructed by frequency level
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Birth, Natal Chart and Beginning of Life Cycles
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At birth, each one bring as part of us, the DNA of our ancestors and the experiences of our biological mother and her environment during the gestation period.
At the time of birth, these characteristics together with the date, time and place of birth, are imprinted in the natal chart.
The characteristics represented in the natal chart at birth, define the energetic cycles of our life, which astrology interprets by analyzing the aspects between the planets and the houses of the natal chart, against the continuous movement of the celestial bodies.
We know that the planets have a predetermined movement, and the natal chart does not change during life, based on this, Astrology can define in advance the energy cycles that the individual will go through life.

Pre-Determinism vs. Free Will

There is the misunderstanding that the natal chart and the planetary transits predetermine things, as if the individual was the “victim” of them. It is worth mentioning that Astrology does not replace in any way or form the individual’s free will. Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions, and nothing can replace the responsibility that each person has in handling their own life.

Both the natal chart and the planetary transits provide information regarding how the person’s energies are distributed in the natal chart, and based on that, what is the pattern of the energy cycles along their life. Today with the advance of genetic research and the study of DNA, based on their genetics, it’s possible to know about what disease each person is prone to. This does not mean that the person will contract that disease inexorably, but that it is prone to that diagnosis. Depending on how the person lives and takes care of itself so will be the chances for the disease to manifest. The same goes for astrology.

Astrology can inform us when a certain energy cycle can compromise our health, our love life or our resources, but that is only information, in no way frees us from the responsibility of how we act or react to any given situation.

For example, the energy of our natal chart may indicate to us that during life, we ​​should be careful in the selection of our business partners. If one pays attention to that information, it will be more careful in selecting a partner, as well as the period for joining a partnership. If the person knows what their vulnerable side is, any action taken in that regards should consider this aspect. Any bad fortune or disappointments as well as any success, will be the outcome for the decisions made at one point in time. Astrology provides the information allowing us for better managing our weakness as well as our strengths.

Since the movements of the celestial bodies are predetermined and mathematical, that is why personal energy cycles can be anticipated at any given time.

Important cycles in the life of each person

Moon Cycle
It takes about 28 days and some hours. During that period the Moon will pass through the 12 houses of the natal chart, moving different energies that can last only a few hours at the most (such as the rise and fall of the tides)

Solar cycle
Approximately every 365 days the Sun returns to be at the same place as it was at birthday. During this cycle, the Sun travels through the 12 houses of our natal chart, activating the different energies corresponding to each house. The generated energies usually last around one day.

Mars Cycle
Mars in mythology was identified as the god of war, related to iron and fire. Its transit through the natal chart varies in periods of around 2 years. Its transit through the different houses of the natal chart, can have positives aspects as when the person is highly energetic even to recover from a physical illness, do sports or heavy physical activities, and when the aspects are negative; then is a moment that demands to be careful and avoid bad temperament, fights, to prevent accidents, get burn and so on.

Jupiter Cycle
It takes 12 years for Jupiter to complete a cycle of the natal chart, that is, 2 years in each of the houses. Jupiter is known as the benefactor, the one who helps us grow depending on the house that it transits and the aspect’s activation within our natal chart. Jupiter’s energy can be used to grow at the personal level, expand our knowledge, improve financially and travel, for example, but this is not guaranteed unless we take action in that regard. Energy may be present at a certain time, but without any action from our part, it will not materialize on its own.

Saturn Cycle
If Jupiter is the benefactor, Saturn is the burden, the responsibility. Saturn’s cycle lasts between 28 and 30 years and during hard aspects, the person will have to face conflicts, increased responsibility associated with the house where Saturn is (personal development, financials, family, home, children and others). The first cycle of Saturn is a very important cycle in the person’s development, since it is during that phase when the general vision of the world and one-self changes. It is worth mentioning again free will; during this period, the person can react responsibly to its obligations or commitments, or on the other hand, it may try to evade them. The first option leads to increasing the degree of maturity, self-worth and integrity, while the second path leads to a more complex and problematic life.

We must always keep in mind that the goal in life is to evolve, to grow as a person at the human and spiritual levels, and that happens only by taking responsibility of one-self; trying to avoid that responsibility will not have good consequences.

Uranus Cycle
Uranus is another planet that has a significant weight in the development of the person. Its cycle is around 84 years, but one of the most important aspects is the opposition of Uranus that occurs around when the person is 42-44 years old. Although Saturn with its return puts us in situations of responsibility, Uranus after 40 shakes us the foundations we have built until now in our lives. Depending on how solid one arrives at this instance, is how will be the reaction to this energy, and it is how the rest of our life will be defined. It is crucial to understand this stage in the evolution of the person since it is a pivotal moment in life.

It is said that those who are searching for finding their spiritual path, regardless of the work done previously, only from this moment the person begins to understand the magnitude and the reason for everything and from there, it can begin its true development path.

The cycles of Neptune and Pluto, although they have very important aspects, must be seen individualy , since the position in the natal chart is basic to the interpretation on how the energy of the transits can be manifested in particular. Neptune has a cycle of approximately 120 years, while Pluto 240+ years.

Graphic Representation of Cycles and their Frequency

Age                   Saturn / Saturn Cycles

0                         at Birth
7                         1st ascendant square
15                       1st oposition
22                       2nd descendent square
29                       1st return (full cycle of the natal chart)
36                       2nd ascendant square
42                       2nd oposition
49                       2nd descendant square
58                       2nd return (full cycle of the natal chart)

It is worth clarifying that both the orbit of the earth as of the planets (in this case Saturn) have an elliptical orbit around the sun, which by observing from earth, it seams that planets have different speeds. The exact information is available on the Ephemeris, which is consulted to determine the place of each planets in the solar system for any given time, for determining its position in sign, degrees and minutes.
The ages in the following chart are only for reference and may vary a few months from actual age.
Saturn Cycle
In the graph, the solid line at the bottom represents the maximum degree of evolution that can be reached, and each number in a circle the approximately age of the person, and depending on the distance between the circle and the solid line, the degree of evolution of the person at that moment. What is shown in the graphic, would be the degree of optimal evolution under Saturn’s aspects, where the person responds consciously to each transit of low energy in the best way possible, learns from the situation, and advances in his personal development.

This process shows the 1st square that occurs when the child is around 7 years of age. At that time, the perception of the environment takes a turn, where the child can acquire more independence, and some small responsibilities. Let’s agree that the child operates at the same frequency since when it was born. Its evolutionary state is neutral at this time.

When the 1st opposition occurs, around the age of 14-15, the changes that began to occur at a physical level some time ago, are the main subject of this period. The requirements at the personal level are changing. The natural reaction is against the structure established in the immediate environment, begins to questioning it, and react against it. This is a low frequency period. The native has neither the maturity, nor the knowledge to be able to handle that energy and it reveals against the status quo. This is a period that can be maintained until the 2nd descending square when the person is around 22-23 years old.

As mentioned, if the degree of personal responsibility was developed and the level of consciousness was raised, when the first cycle of Saturn on the natal chart occurs around the age of 28-29. The person will take the right path to handle the new encountered responsibilities, and will accommodate them without confrontation. This raises the frequency and improves the position on the evolutionary scale.

The 2nd ascending square at age 35 – 36 is a period for consolidation and gives the opportunity to clear all the rough edges or issues that remained open from the 1st return that occurred when 28 – 29 years of age.

When transiting 42 – 43 years of age, the 2nd opposition occurs, around the same period when the opposition of Uranus occurs.

This is a critical period on the life of everyone. If the situation is managed by taking into account, everything learned during life so far, and the native responds within the right state of mind and energy, the person will be at the highest level of frequency from birth to the moment. Not only that, but he will wisely handle the 2nd descending square and the 2nd return of Saturn, consolidating its evolutionary process and spiritual development.

If from the 1st return of Saturn things were not handled properly, then every time there is an aspect of low energy, as the ones mentioned in this report, things will get more and more complicated. By the 2nd return of Saturn, the person will have to face an everyday life where complications can exceed the possibilities of handling them. The person will be acting at a low frequency level, and it will be very difficult to recover from that. The person will look at life as a punishment and it will not be able to appreciate even life’s good things.

Saturn in the natal chart represents the test to be fulfilled in this life. Depending on the house where it is located in the natal chart, it will be the subject to be managed, and it will have recurring appearances every time a low frequency aspect occurs. Saturn generates an energy that may not be easy to handle, moreover, it is an energy hard to negotiate.

In the same way that Saturn was represented in this article, other planet’s transits could be represented. The graph would be complicated as to all the frequencies that would be active at a given time, but that is the environment where we are immerse, at every moment in our lives.

Knowing which frequencies / energies are active at any certain moment, that would help us to understand, or even better to know, why certain things happen and why we feel in any given way.

The natal chart is much more complex than a simple chart, but its analysis is a starting point to understand ourselves and understand the effect that the environment has on us, considering also the celestial bodies as part of the environment.

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