Astrology as Life’s GPS

Everyone is familiar with the use of GPS, Google maps, Apple and other applications that from the phone makes it easy to get from point A to point B.
Before this technology was available, we had to use maps, or ask someone how to get to the desired destination.
In short, we have always needed some kind of help or guide on our travels. We are not talking about great journeys or expeditionary trips, but simply on how to get to places not familiar with on our day-to-day life.

On the other hand, we move through life thinking and acting as if we knew the best path, and then in some cases, we realized that we had taken the wrong one and we find out, that the chosen route did not take us where we expected, and we have to go back to start again in another direction.

The question is whether we have to go through life, going without knowing if the path we are choosing is the right one.
The answer in no, there are tools within our reach that we can use to help us with that.

How much energy we spend, how many worries we go through just by having taken the wrong route at one point in time. We can talk about our relationships, work, profession and any other aspect of our life in which we made important decisions.
Usually, when we do not arrive at the expected destination, after having selected the path, the fault lies with the route or anything else and we rarely recognize that we took the wrong decision.

Astrology, with all the information it handles, could be used as life’s GPS , and this is due to the simple fact that astrology has the tools to measure the energy cycles through which we travel.
Knowing this information, we will know if it is the right time or not to take certain action.
Astrology not only can measure the energy relationship between two people, but also in addition, can determine whether the conditions for a lasting relationship are present between them.
In regard to matching individuals, when doing the astrological analysis and knowing that there are unfavorable conditions, one could say, “but I really like or love the other person”, and the answer is that the relationship needs to be analyzed beyond the moment.
By measuring the energy relationship between the two people, individual energy cycles are also checked.
When a person is madly in love with another, this may be so, and the conditions exist for the relationship to work, or it could be simply a spark of the moment that could change with time.

Let’s keep in mind that every sensation and experience we have, is energy in motion. The energy is never at rest.
The astrological GPS can be used not only in personal relationships but also with business, investments, planning a trip and other mundane things that move and motivate us in this earthly plane.

The knowledge of astrology and the energetic cycles, provides the information for considering all aspects in any given situation, and with that, start in the right direction resulting getting from point A to point B of our life, avoiding major upheavals.

If the information that could improve your quality of life is available, why will you not use it?


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