Forecast for 2020

We are at the end of 2019 and in our report made at the beginning of the year; we mentioned that given the transits of Uranus in Taurus, and Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, changes or important events could occur both on a social and earth’s level.
At a moment in time during the year, it seems that something made a click and things starting going into another direction. Something that Uranus could do.
At the beginning of 2019, it seemed that a change of government was coming to Venezuela; even with some countries recognizing the leader of the opposition as president. The change of government was imminent.
Brazil’s right turn, with right-wing governments in other countries in South America, seemed to indicate a general alignment in that direction. However, from August onwards, changes began to happen that not many expected. Starting with the primary elections in Argentina, with a result that surprised even those who won. The riots began in Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia, and for what we can sense there is a drastic change taking place in the line of governments, something completely different from the situation at the beginning of the year.
This not only happened in South America, but around the world. Massive protests in Hong Kong, France, Lebanon, Iran, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom with BREXIT in the works, Pakistan, Spain with Cataluña, and probably more others in brewing.
You could say that this is just the beginning, of something that is going to materialize during 2020.

One may ask, how can it be that the population of different parts of the world, with different living, religious and cultural standards, take to the streets to protest at the same time against the ruling class?
The political analyst will base their analysis on the left or the right, for the financial analyst is going to be the level of the debts and central banks policies, but the problem goes much deeper than that.

Let’s analyze this from the astrological point of view.

During 2008, Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal and earth sign, which is ruled by Saturn. Capricorn reflects responsibility, hard work, stubbornness, reaching the goal by any means, leadership and structure. On a global scale, it represents the authority, governments and global organizational structures (Political, Religious and Financial).

Pluto is known as the one who manages the underworld; also known as the phoenix bird, since it dies and is reborn from its ashes. Pluto brings to light what is not in use, it is outdated or rotten. This works both at the personal and general level. Pluto does the hard work of bringing to light what is hidden, either in institutions or in our personal subconscious mind, setting all the challenges possible in order to destroy what it already worked its purpose, to make room for the new.

On a personal level, any transit of Pluto on a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) does not go unnoticed. It will generate the corresponding crisis in the areas or houses involved, with the aim of leaving behind what is not useful, fixing what is appropriate, or starting over.
At the global level, when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, we faced the global financial crisis. Many will have forgotten this or do not have the astrological relationship. The financial crisis was the product of the lack of control of real estate loans, mainly in the United States, caused by both banks and the government, which did not use or by passed the control’s mechanisms in place.
Why did this happened? The answer is only one, corruption.
Corruption by both government officials in charge of managing that area, and private entities, mainly banks, that gave loans to people who did not have the means to pay the cost of their mortgages.

Another example of greed and corruption more recent is the case of Boeing. Two 737 MAX planes crashed, with corresponding losses of human lives. What was first mentioned as an accident, after the investigation, it was determined that the plane’s automatic systems managed by computer programs worked poorly, and under certain conditions, the plane acted in a certain way, which the pilots could not override the automatic system producing the crash.
What many people do not know, is that there is an organization within the United States government, responsible for auditing and testing any new aircraft, program, device or item that goes on the market, and these products must be certified after thorough tests and inspections, before declaring them safe to market.

What came to public knowledge is that there was not a mistake of the government’s agency part, by not doing the correct inspection and test before certification, but that those responsible for the government accepted the tests made by Boeing, as if they had done them, and certified the plane.
At the time of this article, all 737 MAX aircraft of all the world’s airlines are on the ground and Boeing is still working to solve the problem.
The tragicomic thing about this is that the company is evaluating the plane name’s change, given the bad press it has had.
This would be something similar to a person who was tried and sentenced for fraud, changing his name, so he can go to work in the financial sector again, as if the new name will erased the entire past history.

Returning to Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto is bringing up to light all the rotting and corruption of political, religious and private institutions. After 2008, we had the possibility as a civilization, to modify and fix these problems. However, we know what happened; the same actors that created the problem provided a solution where they rescue themselves, in the process, people lost their homes, and the debt created for the rescue put the burden on present and generations to come. Nobody went to jail for that.

With Pluto in the works, if those who hide behind corrupt institutions think they are safe, there is news for them, 2020 may be their “final judgment.”

Saturn, who rules Capricorn is in transit in its sign, is at home. In January 2020 it conjuncts Pluto, and this will trigger a process difficult to size in its impact, but it will have global reach and great proportions. This time the problem cannot be solved as it was done in 2008. We are at the beginning of big changes that will take place in governments, religious and financial institutions.

While this sounds all very tragic, the question we have to ask is, if we can live and do as the ostrich, that put its head underground to ignore danger, or we face stoically the changes coming, hopping that they will lead to a better and safer future. Keep in mind that Pluto and Saturn are the drivers here, we are not.

Jupiter entered Capricorn the first days of December 2019. Jupiter is the law, it is growth, and it is the benefactor. During its transit through Capricorn, it will not grow excessively or in an exuberant way as Jupiter generally does, but it will use its good energy to start something new, good and solid, which will remain in time.

By the end of 2020 Jupiter, will conjunct Pluto and Saturn and that will be a time for new guidelines and forms. Until this happens, we will not have time to keep up with all the news of things happening around the world. Buckle up!

Year 2020 will provide the opportunity to turn the page and start in the direction of the new roads.


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