It’s just information.

It’s just information.

Information is the basis of consciousness. Each one can process information in a different way, depending on their life experience, environment and education obtained.

The concept of God is going to be understood in a different way depending on how things related to the spiritual world has been ‘learned’. Once one started on a path which will depend on the culture and environment in which one grew up and acquired beliefs, these can be changed later throughout life depending on the circumstances experienced, which is nothing more than new information acquired that can override the previous one.

But something cannot be challenge, which is the concept that all the colors and versions of God point to one thing; something superior that our mind cannot rationalize.

As Carl Jung said in one of the last interviews he gave in his life when the journalist asked him if he believed in God, he replied, ‘I don’t believe in God, I know that God exists.’

And this leads us to something fundamental that is, on one side the ‘belief’ of things and, on the other, the spiritual connection that one may have or not to what one believes.

I know that tomorrow the sun will rise at dawn. Do not ask me to reason that, I can give 10 thousand explanations about the functioning of the solar system, the rotation of the earth and so on, but that would be the technical explanation of the sunrise. The sunrise has a much more deeper meaning than defining it as the moment when the sun rises.

The technical information on the functioning of the solar system is information that should take us to another level of thinking much greater than just the calculations of the earth’s translation and rotation. Technical information is the basis for expanding consciousness and connecting things with the heart, which takes things to another level.

Raising consciousness means to stop acting with the head and start acting with the heart. Raising consciousness mean knowing about things instead of believing in them, it is connecting to another source.

Astrology provides ‘technical’ information about the person, as well as their life path, but it is just that. If one fails to process the information provided by astrology and take it to another level of consciousness to evolve, we are only left with that, technical information.

We are much more than what we think or what we learned about ourselves, but it is up to each one of us to connect the dots and put together the puzzle that is life in order to find our place in the universe through our heart instead of just our head.

Every process takes time to develop, and information is just the means, it is not the destination of the human being.

If we compare ourselves with 30, 50, 500 years ago, the access to information that we have today through the Internet, Google, social networks and now CHATGPT is incredible. But what have we done, or we do with that information? For the way the world is today we can say that we did not use the information to raise consciousness. At a global level we have not taken advantage of it, we do not use the information in the correct way. It is just information, and we continue to process it with our heads only, to the point that at times is just too much.

It is time to stop, unplug from the matrix and start connecting with the heart, with our inner and higher self. We don’t need more information.

To quote again someone who really was an example of how to transform information into consciousness, Carl Jung said, ‘he who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakes.’

Astrology can provide information, what to do with that information in order to raise our consciousness, depends only on the path that each one follows.

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