The Purpose

The Purpose of Life

One day you wake up, open your eyes and you start wondering. Our head never stops processing information, whether it is past, present, and imagining information in the future. And among all that cerebral ‘noise’ a question arises, and you ask yourself… What do I live for?

Let’s make clear that asking what we are living for is not the same as saying what are the things I have to do, or how I’m going to fulfill my obligations.

When you are born you have no ‘obligations’. As one grows, ‘obligations’ appear. First being responsible for gathering the toys and cleaning up, then one has to bathe without help, followed by doing school homework and our life advances incorporating obligations that somehow shape and conditions our existence.

On this path, Saturn is our teacher who marks each stage of our physical and consciousness growth.

Depending on how old you are, this will be your projection of the future, regarding what you want ‘to be’ and all the things you expect from life, like having friends, traveling, having a car, a house, a family and so many other things that motivate us humans.

Depending on where Saturn is located on our natal chart, that will be the area of life that will put the most pressure on us to overcome it, before we can advance in our personal development. The quickest we can overcome the challenges presented by Saturn during our life, the easier will became the path in front of us.
If we do not overcome or manage Saturn in our natal chart, we will feel stuck in chores and self impose obligations of everyday life and we will not give have time to focus on our life purpose.

But returning to the question that at some point you may ask yourself, what do I live for? What would you answer at this moment, don’t think too much, write down on a piece of paper the first thing that comes to your mind.

What is your answer?

There is no wrong answer, the number of answers can be equal to the number of people living on earth. But on the other hand, if we look at the universe around us, we see that everything has an order, a function, a purpose!

The Sun is not only there, it is there to give life to the earth. The Moon is not only there, it is there to manage certain processes on Earth. The Day and the night have a purpose. The four seasons have a purpose. Even mosquitoes, as annoying as they can be, have a purpose! They are for something, they are part of something.

If everything around us has a purpose, how can it be that we intelligent beings, who are supposedly at the top of the pyramid of evolution on planet Earth, are not clear about what our purpose is?

Our purpose is not to be successful in our professional career or trade. Neither is the level of wealth we obtain, nor in having the biggest private jet, nor the largest yacht, nor the great prizes or awards we can obtain in this world which is totally manipulated and conditioned by unnatural concepts.

The things mentioned may just be earthly objectives that serve to feed the ego for a limited period, and once the effect wears off, there is the need to look for something else that will put us back on the winners’ podium.

We must be very careful with all the obligations (personal, political, or religious) that we acquire in life, because they will be the conditions of our daily life, at one point reaching the moment when we only live to fulfill our acquired obligations, without any time left to think about our purpose on this plane.

In a previous article we talked about ‘carbon organisms with a spiritual spark or spirits having an earthly experience’, and depending on how you classified yourself, that’s your approach to life. Let’s make clear that this has nothing to do with any religion.

Beyond earthly achievements, no matter how important they were, at a certain point they will stop making sense. But what never stops making sense is aligning and fulfilling the life goal we have, which is nothing more than our purpose for why we are here.

In life we will have successes and failures, which can be marked by good or bad decisions that we make along with the planetary transits that accompany us, but those are only moments of our life that we will see pass at high speed as compilation of our life existence. In that moment and only in that moment, we will be able to know and feel whether we fulfilled our purpose.

As within any learning process, if we flunk a subject, we will most likely have to retake it. The purpose of our life is evolution and that is achieved only by fulfilling our purpose. There’s a reason and a purpose we came to this plane.

Our natal chart is an excellent starting point to understand ourselves and find information to fulfill our life purpose.