About predicting the future

About predicting the future

Our ‘present’ is this moment, this instant, it is not what happened a few hours before and it is not what will happen the rest of the day. The present is the moment you are reading this. You are here and now.
What happened this morning is part of the past, and what could happen tonight, if we are in the middle of the day, for example, is the future.
What gives us the ability to understand the present is given by the degree of development of our consciousness, what allow us to observe and act at the same time. It can happen that in the present we are thinking about something that happened yesterday, some time ago or years ago. At that moment our consciousness went to another space/time, and we are ‘reliving’ what was the present at some point in time in the now. During the time that this happens, we will not be living the ‘present’ as such, but our avatar (our body) will be present, but our consciousness will be elsewhere.
While this may seem very complex to understand, just watch yourself for a while regarding your thoughts and actions and then you will understand. We do many things during a day that we don’t even realize, we are just talking about thoughts and actions.

And what about the future? The exact same thing happens. We are in the present, but we move our consciousness towards the future and we ‘witness’ things that possibly will happen according to our desires or current situation. What we want or see as a possibility to happen, is nothing more than a projection which may or may not have the probability of materializing.

It seems that this contradicts the fact that there are people who can really predict the future, but it is not.

We all can project the future, the difference relays in how accurate this is, and this is given by the characteristics of each person. How many times have we had a premonition or intuition about something, but since we didn’t like what we felt or had a doubt, we disregarded it? Nevertheless, it happened.

We must go back to the principle of the ‘programming’ that each one of us has, which is been modified throughout our lives. Any flash of information that we have of what could happen, goes through the verification of our programming and this causes the information received to be ignored or acted upon.

There is an unwritten rule that says that today is a consequence of yesterday and tomorrow a consequence of today. Although someone may not accept that definition, it is an absolute truth. We mentioned as an example in some previous articles; if someone who is a doctor wants to be a lawyer tomorrow, this change is not going to be so simple. To reach that goal, the person must begin to act with the objective of being a lawyer. First choose the university, their requirements, see when classes start and so on. That over time could lead to the doctor also being a lawyer, but it doesn’t just happen. Something had to be done to make it happen.

The future offers us a wide variety of possibilities. These possibilities will depend on the path previously taken. This is a personal choice. That is why astrology does not serve to generalize. Take the example of someone born under the sign of Gemini with a Capricorn ascendant who is an astronaut, and another one with same sign and ascendent who owns a grocery store. Their life is completely different. That applies to any combination of sign and ascendant.
The paths traveled to become an astronaut or to have a grocery store are very different.

The path traveled by each person is unique, which could be conditioned by family, the country where the person lives, religion and others. Astrology marks the energy cycles of the past, present, and future, but it cannot be said to predict the future. Astrology can only give probabilities for the future according to the intervening cycles, but since each one has made the decisions they made at a certain point in their lives, and these decisions led to the present in certain way, the future will be conditioned by those actions within the corresponding cycle. We can not do an accurate assessment if the past is not considered.

If we want to see the future, we first must learn to be in the present. Every time we go from the present to the past or the future, we may be losing contact with our current reality, and that undoubtedly, will have an effect to what may happen tomorrow.

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