The Creation

In previous articles we talked about computers and how they were created following the mechanics of the human body. First it was just the brain, later the peripherals. It may sound like science fiction, but it is not.

Concepts that today the common people have at least heard, regardless of whether they have knowledge of the subject or not, only 20 years ago they were reserved to sci-fi movies or a specific group of professionals.

Take for example the term ‘artificial intelligence’. Today most people have heard of it, but it is nothing new. This term was first used in 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference by computer scientist named John McCarthy.

The term referred to a device that could operate autonomously with some degree of self-determination.

The processing capacity of this device was conditioned at the time by its processing speed, as well as by the necessary energy to run it. The more processing speed and capacity, the more energy required.

Thus, the first computers were installed in large, well-ventilated spaces (because of their size and the heat they generated) and usually with a power plant dedicated to the device.

Today our smartphones have millions of capabilities beyond these first computers and they also include some artificial intelligence components.

Although the computer was created following the functioning of a human being, there is an insurmountable difference between both. The power of the human mind, as stated by Albert Einstein, as no limit and is capable of the development of consciousness. Possible but not guaranteed.

We see in movies and series how robots with artificial intelligence take over and control the human race and the world, but let’s ask ourselves the following question:

For those who believe in God and that we were created by him, could the human being become superior to its creator?

For those who do not believe in God and believe that we evolved after millions and millions of years from an amoeba to what we are today, could our creation (the computer) surpass us from one day to the next?

This is where human consciousness takes precedence.
Consciousness is not our brain; it is an etheric component which our processing center called ‘the brain’ and our body uses to develop and function. It works on this plane when our body has ‘energy’. Once the energy is not present anymore in this plane, commonly known as death, the consciousness passes to another energy plane, it is not lost.

For those who believe in reincarnation, that mind goes into an intermediate state until it reincarnates again.
For those who in their belief speak of being in another place for eternity, it is precisely the mind that moves from this plane to the next. Forget about the mechanical part.
For the rest, what are you doing reading this article?

Now ask yourself where does the computer and artificial intelligence go when the system is turned off?
The answer is obvious, nowhere, it has no mind, it has no conscience. It was only a brain operating, even with the most sophisticated devices attached to it, it is only a processing device.

In most of the articles we talk about developing and raising our consciousness, do you now understand why?

These is because regardless of your beliefs, the higher your level of consciousness when you leave this plane, the better your place will be wherever you go. Either for eternity or to return to this plane.

We mentioned in previous articles about astrology been only useful for those who were born and were on the earth plane, it was not useful for astronauts on the Moon, Mars or anywhere else.

Our body is governed by the cycles of the moon, and the other planets of the solar system. Cronobiology touches briefly about this subject. The energy of the Moon and other planets that reaches us acts on our body in a certain way. If we are placed on the Moon this relationship would change completely, just like if we were on Mars or somewhere else or without gravity.

Astronauts on the space station lose bone mass and have months to recover from osteoporosis caused by their long stay in space. With our physiology, there is no doubt that we were designed to be only on earth.

Since we want to go to space, and we are aware of our physical limitations, then we are developing a hybrid between a human and artificial intelligence. This is reflected in Elon Musk’s Neuralink project and others, as well as the development of smart prostheses that directly interact with our brain.

The result will be to achieve a functioning hybrid between some human parts (brain), and robot parts for the rest. This could overcome the physical limitations that we currently have for leaving earth for a long period of time.

Beyond scientific advances, we must not lose sight of our development of consciousness, which is what differentiates us from the rest.

As far as astrology is concerned, if all these changes materialize, something new will need to be developed in order for astrology to work. Astrology was not created for hybrids or to be used in another place outside the earth.

Time will tell what the future may bring.


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