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Astrology can provide a forecast at a global scale analyzing the aspects of the planets further out from the sun, as well as the lunar and solar eclipses that occur during the year.

Planets such as Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn are of great influence in earth events, having Jupiter, the planet of health, greatness, growth, and protection, as the reagent that can increase the power of the aspects of the other planets.

There is an important condition to consider for 2022; Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn will remain all year in the same zodiacal sign. Jupiter on the other hand, has its transit through the sign of Pisces, entering Aries, going retrograde, and then in December 2022, entering the sign of Aries direct.

It is worth mentioning the importance of the sign of Aries since it is where the astrological cycle of things begins. Until the Gregorian calendar was implemented, the new year began with the entry of the new moon in Aries, around the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere at the end of March each year. Since ancient times, the importance of entering the sign of Aries was known.

Jupiter could be signaling the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another one during 2022. During the year, situations would arise that would be the last sparks of the current cycle and start showing signs of the new one until a firm materialization at the end of 2022.
The previous Jupiter cycle during the years 2010-2011, was when the world economy began to recover after the debacle of 2008 -2009. This time around could be the end of the dark period we are transiting.

We mentioned Jupiter as the activator of changes indicated by the other celestial bodies furthest from the Sun, but what changes are we talking about this time around?
To understand the changes that are coming, let’s look at the each of the other celestial bodies in the equation.

Pluto continues its firm passage through the sign of Capricorn, manifesting its energy of change (slowly but surely) of global structures. It is worth mentioning that its beginning in this sign was in 2008 when it brought to light the corruption that existed in the global financial sector.
During 2020 and especially in 2021 we can see the dichotomy of governments and global organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, considering what they promise and assert, for later changing definitions and contradicting themselves. You don’t have to have such a good memory to remember that the confinements and restrictions were going to end with the vaccine, for later the vaccination of one dose was going to stop the pandemic, possibly with an additional booster, changing that for taking a third dose.
All same issues of 2020 are beginning to be heard again in the media and to be seen in the actions of governments with the new confinements and border closures, even after billions of people have been vacinated. So, what was the point to everything that was done before?
Pluto, who handles the intense processes of transformation and regeneration, also reaches the underworld. This energy brings to light what is corrupted or putrefied, for the conscious to see.
What actions will be taken with what comes to light, will depend on what each one decides to do.

Neptune transiting the sign of Pisces speaks of liquid processes, water, the subconscious, diseases, and service to others. Climate disasters caused by water are seen daily in different parts of the world, and this is not by chance. Although from the material world climate change is blamed for these events, from the astrological point of view can be pointed out that a ‘cleansing’ and ‘purification’ process is taking place, and water is just the medium.
For those who believe, the ‘universal flood’ recounted in the Bible was nothing more than a general cleansing of what was corrupted and no longer served the process of evolution. The flood was not a consequence of CO2 or global warming, we need to understand that there are other universal mechanisms in place that humans cannot control. The human being can only control what he thinks, says, and does.

Everything is energy in motion, and for there to be balance, energies must be balanced. It may not be understood (mainly because it is not taught) that the human being by his composition is a powerful generator of energies. Thoughts, words, moods and actions are things that generate energies. Billions of people on this planet generate a measurable amount of energy.
There are sensors around the earth that have been measuring this for a long time. The annual event in the Mojave Desert, in the United States, called ‘The Burning Man’, which takes place every September, was used to measure the frequency variations caused by the thousands of people present at moment of the burning man finale.
The attack on the twin towers of September 11 was the final confirmation of these concept, since it was possible to measure the variations of the energy generated by humans around the world with each impact on the towers.
Neptune in its leveling process uses water and diseases. Those places and people that are the grater generators of the low energy could be the target of Neptune’s cleansing.

Uranus in the sign of Taurus has to do with the earth changes. They are manifested by sudden changes such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Of this subject we have more evidence than can be asked, with the increase in earthquakes and active volcanoes since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018. The significant increase in activity in these areas since 2018 also speaks of a process of cleansing, trying to achieve balance at the energy level. Strangely enough, nobody relates C02 or climate change with earthquakes and volcanos, looks like they just happen.
What is happening at this moment with Las Palmas volcano in Spain is just a sample.

Saturn for its part, during its transit through the sign of Capricorn, shook the structures, and it became clear that no government at the global level is prepared to attend to its population in the face of a massive catastrophe. The best response to the problem was, “stay home”. Very scientific concept of the 13th century.
As with the energy generated by Pluto, Saturn made it clear to everyone that no one is prepared, be it a person or an institution, to survive in the face of a drastic change in living conditions.
We have reached a point in our evolution where comfort and complacency stunted our natural power to survive and evolve. Governments have become the father of all citizens who feel like children who have just begun to walk. The ‘father’ must protect them and must solve their problems. It gets to the point that even citizens, in great numbers, continue the support of leaders that abuse them.

Saturn is transiting the sign of Aquarius, is generating an energy that can produce “awakening”. It is an energy that allows to ‘see’, to ‘understand’ how things are. Aquarius can deceive, it can show something that’s not real and probably what happened until now is that. Government and mainstream media mainly don’t show the truth. Like the south American bird called ‘southern lapwing’, they lay its eggs in one place, but prowls other places so as not to give away where its nest is. This self-defense wisdom of this particular bird can be compared to what is happening around the world during this period. While powers at be work their own agenda, they distract the population with vulgar, frivolous, or simply exaggerated news, in order to generate fear, insecurity and cover up the truth. What they create, is simple and plain negative energy in millions, if not billions of people. But Aquarius being the dreamer and imaginative, while Saturn transits this sign, will limit its outcome to what is real and possible. We are geting there.

In a previous article we talked about the beginning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ having as activator the solar eclipse of April 30, 2022. Coincidentally, a few days after the eclipse, on May 11, 2022, Jupiter enters the sign of Aries, which we can define as the beginning of a new cycle. Jupiter will continue to transit Aries and then go retrograde again to the sign of Pisces at the end of October, to pass directly in Aries for the winter solstice on December 21st in the northern hemisphere, summer in the southern hemisphere.

This energy can forecast a renewed festive period for the end of 2022, with new realities and expectations, leaving behind a dark cycle of our history. It will be a new rebirth for those who managed to change their chip, for those who managed to unplug from the ‘matrix’ and began to see things as they really are.
The ones probably missing in action will be those generators of bad energy that have done so much evil for so long. Just as what happend to virus, bacterias and fungus, they cannot survive under a high energy environment.

We are on this plane to evolve, to work on ourselves and respect one another, all the rest is just entertainment.


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  • Good news coming slowly… but there is a book you should read on bacteria and fungus: Entangled Life, by Merlin Sheldrake. It is mind boggling. the interconnectedness of everything through these tiny miraculous organisms.

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