Coronavirus 2020 – Spanish Flu 1918


                                                        Lunar Eclipses

        June 24th 1918                                                          January 10th 2020

Moon opposition Sun                                                        Moon opposition Sun
Moon opposition Pluto                                                     Moon opposition Pluto
Moon opposition Mercury                                               Moon opposition Mercury
Moon opposition Jupiter                                                  Moon opposition Saturn
Moon square Mars                                                             Moon opposition Ceres

Spanish Flu from 1918
According to the information available in Wikipedia, the Spanish Flu was an unusual influenza pandemic. It stared beginning on 1918 with a pick during October 1918, and gradually declined until it was gone by end of 1920. The estimates put in millions the deaths around the world, with a reduction of the world population between 3% and 6% depending on the source. A third of the world population was infected and between 10% and 20% of those infected died. In the Unites States over ½ a million people die.

Coronavirus in 2020
The outbreak began in Wuhan, China, at a market selling live poultry, seafood and wild animals. Now the virus has turned up in 11 other countries, including Japan, South Korea, France, Australia, and the United States. Millions of people are in quarantine and several Chinese cities are in lock down.

This is an analysis from the astrological point of view regarding the lunar eclipse that occurred on June 24 th 1918 and the recent eclipse that happened on January 10th.
Both lunar eclipses occurred with Sun in conjunction with Pluto and Mercury, but the eclipse that just occurred on January 10th, also includes Saturn and the asteroid Ceres.

From the astrological point of view, Pluto represents the lord on the underworld and the Phoenix Bird, which dies and is reborn from its hashes. Mercury governs communication, commerce and travel. During a pandemic, these elements take great importance since it will affect commerce and travel. People are going to be restrained from traveling which will have an impact on commerce and all the associated consequences.
On the eclipse of January 10th, Saturn adds an element which makes the situation worse compared to 1918. Since Pluto and Saturn are in the sign of Capricorn, this is signaling that current structures (mainly government and global organizations) will be greatly impacted by, and most probably, they are going to be overrun by the situation.

Today we have global conditions much different from those in 1918. There was no air commercial travel in those days. Travel was by land or water only, so movement of people and commerce was much slow and easier to control. Today just thinking that air travel can be limited or restricted, will have a global impact of unimaginable consequences. Let just consider tourism that is an important income source for many countries.

Ceres, who is also into the equation in 2020 lunar eclipse, relates to food and mainly agricultural product. The commerce in this respect can also be impacted not only affecting farmers, but also countries that rely on foreign products.

The pick of the pandemic in 1918 was in the month of October, 4 months after the eclipse. Usually the energy of the eclipse can last up to six months. With the current situation, we will get a better idea of the dimension of the current outbreak between February and March.

In the meantime, is not a bad idea to be prepared and get ready in case that the situation gets out of hand.

8 thoughts on “Coronavirus 2020 – Spanish Flu 1918

  • The virus is race specific. It latches onto Asian males according to this study.
    Neptune home in Pisces for pandemic.
    Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter Capricorn on the south nodes of both Saturn and Pluto for taking down the powers that be. China is really now the most powerful country in the world.
    The one road one belt plan sought to implement that.
    Im not sayin’ that China designed this but they are having real problems in Hong Kong now.
    They also have two bio warfare labs in Wuhan.

    • “Virus is race specific.”

      That is an absurd lie. Orientals are dying because it started in Wuhan. China would not engineer a weapon to kill Chinese.

      This bio weapon was designed in level 4 lab in Wuhan.

      Either it was released accidentally by the Chinese or it was intentionally released by the CIA.

      • China may have engineered the virus to kill off the dissidents in Hong Kong. Make it race specific, then lob it in and close the gates and wait. Except it appears to have escaped the lab first.

      • That’s a stupid CCP comment. You have no bloody idea how evil the CCP is, for 30 eyars we’ve documented stuff the CCP does to its own ppl that would make Hitler blush. And yes, thre are 3 proteings identified that target ethicn Han. Test it first on your own, then you know eactly how to dissemninate. OTOH the rampant stupidity of people make me care less if CV decomates 50%.

    • The report was posted on January 27th, when nobody was talking about a pandemic, a month later the rhetoric is changing to a global pandemic…it must be some truth to the analysis

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