We all are Planet Earth

Planet Earth

We could say that it is not common to think that each one of us, as well as each bird, animal, stone, water, oil, air, and the rest, all together are what we know as planet earth.

For a person to get out of earth (with nothing more than clothes on, without anything else to shelter or protection) is necessary approximately the energy released by the explosion of one ton of TNT. We are talking about one person, without pets or belongings! Imagine the energy needed to get the 7 billion of us inhabitants of this planet in some device that allows us to survive in space.

What does this mean? That all of us who are on this planet are part of it, we are part of the ‘earth ecosystem’ we could say. It is not easy to leave the earth, and it seems that, except for some wandering meteorite, nothing enters either. This makes us think that we were part of the earth before we were born, and we return to its essence when we leave this plane.

The human being is made up of a large part of water (70-80%) and to a lesser extent phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and other components to total 102 minerals.

It is estimated that in the year 1500 we were on earth around ½ billion people. Today it is said that we reached 7 billion. By the components necessary to create a human being, to go from ½ billion to 7 billions, each one can calculate the amount of water and minerals needed to manufacture 6.5 billion people in 500 and some years.
If nothing came from outside earth, it means that all human beings who inhabit the earth come from it. We are part of it, our components, what makes us, are part of the earth.

The phrase that I once heard that said that we were drinking from the same water as the dinosaurs, encapsulates de concept. Not to say that it’s exactly the water that comes out of the tap is the same as a T-Rex drank, but somehow it is. Why? Because glaciers, oceans and rivers are made up of the same amount of water today as it was billions of years ago, regardless of the change in its state (liquid, solid or gaseous), this is due to the condition that nothing comes out or enter the earth. It is a totally independent ecosystem, which is given life by the sun’s energy and the rest of the planets of the solar system.

The same planetary influences that affected Julius Caesar and Christopher Columbus 2,000 and 500 years ago respectively, are the same that affect us. Nothing changed. The amount of water, oxygen and minerals existing on the planet is the same, probably distributed in a different way. Nothing came from outside the planet, and nothing went out, except for some space probe.

When I hear that there are too many people on the planet and that our future is destined for destruction, I wonder if the one who says that really thought about the meaning of what it’s been said. Can anybody ignore something so obvious about what the planet is?

Human beings have advanced in technology, but that technology is made of earth materials. Tomorrow we can live in the metaverse, but if one thing is clear, it is that when we die, whether we are buried or cremated, our organic components return to their essence. Nothing is gained, nothing is lost. Everything is contained in a single container that we know as planet earth.

The human being has always had the same issues on a personal level regardless of the period in time. They are: subsistence, its relationship with others and its evolution. There’s no more.

Since ancient times, man has reached to astrology for answers to things that happened or could happen, not very different from today. What changed? Only the speed with which we obtain the information. For the rest, ½ billion or 7 billion of us, the essence of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going does not change.

Astrology only serves to be used on planet earth, it is part of it, since it sees the human being from a geocentric point of view.

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