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Almost everyone has heard or knows the term astrology. Some have studied it, others read the horoscopes periodically or buy books about the signs or the predictions for the year, others consult astrologers; but how many actually know or understand what astrology really is?

To understand what astrology is, one must first take into account certain fundamental concepts, which, while important, they are not well known.

First and foremost, astrology only applies to planet earth and its components. This may sound obvious or far-fetched, but before giving an opinion about it, consider the following. The natal chart represents the celestial plane from the geocentric point of view, just as the word self-explains, the natal chart shows how the sky looked from the place on earth where the person was born.
In this time and age with trips to the Moon and the planned manned trip to our satellite as well as future trips to Mars, it makes us think about a not too distant future, where earthlings can spend time outside the planet. Let’s think for a second about the astronauts who are in the space station for months today, how the planetary cycles affect these people? Surely not in the same way as if they were on earth. Moreover, what about when they spend their birthday in space? How can that person’s Solar Return be calculated? This cannot be done with the information that astrology manage today. In the event that an astronaut could spend his birthday on the Moon, it cannot be done, since astrology does not manage a lunar-centric system.

In the same way that in the space station they are constantly testing how to germinate seeds in space, see how certain products and materials react to a weightlessness environment, as well as the treatments that astronauts have to go through to compensate for the imbalances that happen in their bodies when they are in space for a long period, astrology today is not prepared to produce results outside the earth surface.

While this explanation may seem to have nothing to do with astrology, it gives the basis for saying that astrology is a tool that can only be used on earth, and this tool is used to measure the energy cycles that occur on earth, in relation to the movements of the celestial bodies in the solar system.

In the previous paragraph, astrology is defined as a tool. This is the other part about astrology that is generally not clear and gives rise to mysticism, occultism and even quackery.
If we agree that we can measure the energy cycles of a person or any formed entity of which we know the date of creation, it means that these cycles occur in a repetitive and measurable way, and this allows us to see both the cycles for the past, as well as the ones coming in the future.
On NASA’s webpage, you can find the dates hours and shadows that will produce the solar and moon eclipses for many years to come. With just this example, it is clear that the cycles are predictable. In case there is any doubt, if the weather service tells us at what time and minute the sun rises and sets every day on any given location, as well as when each Moon’s face starts, the concept is clear. The measurement of the movement of the stars in the sky is something that has been done for centuries.

So far, we find that astrology can only be applied at the earth level and that it uses astronomical knowledge to identify the position of celestial bodies. If we go back to the information available since ancient history, it can be defined that astrology preceded astronomy. The study of celestial bodies was based on determining their impact on daily events. There was a practical aspect with a direct application. It was used to understand is the conditions where set for going or not to war, or to make an alliance with another kingdom, or if they were going to have a good harvest and others. You get the picture.

For those interested in astrology for knowing how is their future, the first thing they need realize is that they have to go to the past. We are talking about cycles, each celestial body has its own cycle, and depending on their position and the angles produced against their individual natal chart, they will produce certain effects. There are aspects that will be repeated every few days, others every few months, others in a centain number of years and others only once in a lifetime.

The key for seeing the future is given by seeing and understanding the past. The phrase, “today depends on yesterday’s actions, and tomorrow on today’s” summarizes all the wisdom that astrology contains. Another one that contains profound wisdom is “Man is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone”, implying that if something was not learned from a previous experience, there is a high probability that it will happen again.

For when the planetary transits or progressions are analyzed, it is essential to see what happened in the previous cycles and their consequences. We cannot see the cycles as something isolated and independent, but within a sequence of cycles, which they get manifested in facts, which are nothing more than the materialization of the energy of the moment depending on the evolutionary state of the native. If the person did not evolved, then cycles will repeat in similar form.

It is important to understand the evolutionary state of the person. This can be summed up simply by seeing what happened during past cycles and how the person reacted to them, given that the answer to future cycles will be based on this. Each celestial body has its raw energy or its evolutionary energy. When the person consciously solves each complicated energy’s cycle, it will learn and evolve from that, and future similar cycles will have slight or no consequences; but if nothing was learned, the cycles will repeat in a similar way or worse than before. It is worth clarifying that the actors or circumstances will generally not be the same, but the effects on the native will be.

For the person who has done a lot of personal work to overcome his ego, emotions, traumas, programming and so on, future transits will be very different from past ones, especially when it comes to heavy energy cycles. On the other hand, one does not necessarily evolved in all aspects equally and balanced, and some personality’s area may be more developed than other may. All these are basic components needed in order to evaluate future cycles.

In a nutshell, by using astrology for what really is, reading a general horoscope has very little to do with reality at the personal level. While certain planetary transits generate certain tendencies that influence everyone, to reach the individual level, the analysis is much more complex; and foremost, the person has to be on planet earth.



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