The US & December 2020 Solar Eclipse

On December 14, 2020, the solar eclipse belonging to the Saros 142 class will take place. For those who are not familiar with the Saros series, there is related information on Wikipedia. Each series includes eclipses that repeat in similar cycles. Nevertheless, they must be analyzed individually, because the planetary aspects, that could occur in each one of them. The Sun and Moon are in the same sign, but the planets usually are in different position.

Although eclipses are traditionally seen as something negative, depending on the aspects between the Sun, the Moon and the other planets, this is how the energies generated by the eclipse will be activated. Beyond the fatalism assign to eclipses, is worth mentioning that the acts or actions taken during this period will magnify or lessen the energy of the eclipse. The eclipse of the Sun has an external manifestation, and this could be represented in different acts or actions. Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone.

In reference to the solar eclipse of December 14, this has particular importance not only, due to the conditions of the eclipse, but also due to the aspects of the eclipse with the United States natal chart.

In our article regarding the Great Conjunction that occurs on the day of the solstice, on December 21, we refer to the global aspects of the eclipse. In this article, we will refer in particular to the United States.

The eclipse opposes Mars and squares Neptune on the United States chart.

Mars speaks of the armed forces, war, conflicts and fire. By being in House VII of the associations, it gives the United States a power to set the conditions with its allies. Mars is an energy that does not negotiate, it imposes.

Since the eclipse is in House 1, which in the country is represented as the self, the identity, identifying with being what one is, speaks of a conflict with allies due to conflicting interests, which can easily lead to an armed conflict. It sounds as if the United States has the need to assert itself in its position, and show what the country is, and these actions are been opposed by its allies.

Natal Neptune in house IX, speaks of the high ideals that the United States can have and profess. House IX also has to do with other countries and justice. By squaring the eclipse, it can mean several things.

The first is that, by the actions taken, it breaks with the principles, identity and ideology that the country had until now, or on the other hand, that government says one thing and then does something completely different. The legality of what can be done will be questioned. This could happen internally within the US as well as with other countries.

Another possibility is that, this square could also refer to that the United States is been forced to do something that is completely out of its policy and philosophy.

One component of the solar eclipse, is that it already contains a square with Neptune, and this is a factor that affects globally, which may indicate that the virus problem worsens, that vaccines do not work, or simply that another virus comes out, or a new version of the one that is currently active shows up.

For the particular case of the United States, this eclipse activates the Neptune-Neptune opposition, which is present today and will become exact in May 2021. An opposition between House III (communication, short trips, and relationship with neighboring countries) and House IX, of abroad, justice and high philosophies and ideals, speaks of a breakdown in these aspects. It could be that other countries deceive the US with their actions (they agree on one thing, and then they do different).

The energy of the eclipse can manifest itself as a transit, so events can materialize anytime around the date of the eclipse, until 6 months after. That is, until mid-2021.

In summary, if we think that 2020 has been complicated, the first part of 2021 may contain dramatic events where the United States will be involved, and possibly, in a military conflict with other countries.

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