Great conjunction Jupiter and Saturn next to the solstice of December 2020

Astronomy defines as the Great Conjunction, the closest approximation seen from Earth of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. This Great Conjunction occurs approximately every 20 years, and the next one will occur on December 21, 2020. This conjunction in particular has some additional aspects, which we are going to analyze from an astrological point of view, given the following considerations.

– The conjunction occurs at 0.1 degree of separation, which is not common. The
previous one with similar characteristics occurred on July 16, 1623, that is
to say 397 years ago. This one happened at 0.2 degree.
– The date coincides with the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and
summer’s in the southern hemisphere
– It happens at 0 degree and minutes of the sign of Aquarius
– Mars is square to Pluto with a 0-degree orb and minutes
– Jupiter and Saturn conjoint Pluto with an orb of 6 degrees and minutes

Like eclipses, when an astrological event occurs within the first or last degree of the zodiacal sign, it becomes more relevant, since its energy is magnified.
The articles presented from August 2019 to date, are a good basis to understand how future events can unfold. We are used to analyzing any event at the moment, and most of the time we do not take into account the previous circumstances to the event. Things should always be analyzed in context, including recent history, as well as previous similar cycles. This will allow getting a full picture on how we arrived to any given moment, and from there, see what to expect for the nearest future. As we always mention, it is not the last drink that gets you drunk, but the sum of everything that was previously drank.

A week before the solstice, a Solar eclipse at 23 degrees and minutes of Sagittarius will happen. While Jupiter and Saturn are not part of this particular eclipse, the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury square Neptune, which are an important aspects to consider.
The eclipses of the Sun are activators of external energies, while those of the Moon influence and triggers internal processes. All eclipses influence in different ways people, as well as institutions or countries.
Mercury governs communications, business, and travel, while Neptune can create either enlightenment or disappointment, and is associated with rare illness, plagues and shady deals, just to mention some characteristics, that can be identified with current global events.

December’s eclipse will have its main shadow over Chile and Argentina. It is said, that where the shadow of the eclipse passes, the greatest energy of the eclipse is received, beyond having a global reach.
The number of events listed will occur in a short period of time. If we compare this information with the analysis made regarding the eclipse of January 10, in addition to the planetary transits at the beginning of the year; we can expect that by the end of the year the situation will worsen.

Returning to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, while Saturn is the planet of restriction and heavy load. Given that the conjunction happens at 0 degree of the sign of Aquarius, we can speculate that this will bring to light the worst characteristic of this zodiacal sign.
The negative side of Aquarius if we define it in one sentence is: “Living outside of reality”.

What does this mean? That in any complicated situation, one abstracts from the surrounding reality, and creates a “virtual reality”, which is far from what is really happening.

Jupiter’s energy in this sign can be seen as an avenue for creating a more just, balanced and harmonious world, both from a human point of view, as well as from the environment, artistic and education’s point of view. By been in the position that it is, these objectives are most likely to be attempted but, any action will not be happening at the right time, or will fail by not having the necessary resources, or by not been able to reach the goals.

Saturn on the other hand, which presents the raw side of reality, noting responsibility in acts, ideas and objectives, by ruling the world organizations and governments, will strain all structures, responsive mechanism and resources, creating a situation where nobody wins.
There may be plans put in place to improve things, but these plans collide with the harsh reality, resulting in more problems than if nothing had been attempted. The saying, “Dam if you do it, and dam if you don’t” fits perfect for the situation we are describing.

Regarding Neptune, which squares the Moon and the Sun in the solar eclipse, it could signal the mutations of the current virus, or a new virus, or simply a vaccine that will not work.
Mercury which is in similar aspect, could signal that restrictions on travel, commerce and communication are going to be intensified.

Mars is in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, and this energy can be manifested in wars, or civil unrest. This is not an energy for negotiations, or to solve problems by talking. A lot of heavy energy and alter egos are at full capacity.

The effect of the eclipse could lasts up to 6 months; the gran conjunction happening at the solstice and in the position mentioned, does not forecast an improvement of the current situation at middle of 2020. Just prepare yourself because looks like the situation is not going to improve, at list for the first part of 2021.

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