Energy, Frequency and Vibration

In order to understand how astrology works, we are moving away from standars concepts.

Nikola Tesla spoke of the fact that to know the secrets of the universe (of what we see and of what we do not see) it was necessary to understand three universal aspects that are, energy, frequency and vibration.
This is not the subject of casual talk nor is part of curricular’s education, since everything they teach us is based only on what our five senses can capture.
To give a simple example, the whistle for calling a dog, we don’t hear it, but the dog does. We could say that if we do not have a device to measure the frequency of the sound produced by the whistle, it is assumed that the whistle does not work.
This simple example has the objective of at least evaluating the possibility that we are surrounded, if not immersed, in a plane that is full of energies, frequencies and vibrations that we do not detect with our senses, but are there, which can have a physical and/or mental impact on each one.
To mention another aspect of how things work, let’s see when we are in a meeting or in a place where there are other people and we automatically accept certain people and we reject others, all this without knowing anything about them. Something like this has happened to all of us and it can happen to us at any time and in any place.
What we are experiencing by accepting or rejecting someone is nothing more than the recognition of an energetic exchange. Coincidentally, Synastry, which is part of astrology, recognizes this exchange of energy between people by comparing the natal charts and the aspects between them.
The same thing happens when we go to a place for the first time and for no reason, we like it, or we reject it.

With what has been said so far, we can state that we are in constant interaction with things that we cannot recognize with our five senses, but they do have an influence on how we feel. Astrology tells us that each person has their vibratory and energetic level which can be seen in the natal chart.

When a person works on himself and raises his level of consciousness, his vibratory frequency rises and by the law of attraction, the person will attract similar beings and situations that vibrate similar. The same thing happens when you are vibrating at a low level, you will attract elements like what you generate.

The levels of consciousness of each person can be recognized by their performance in their environment and with whom they relate. An old saying goes, “Tell me who you’re with, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Ancient wisdom.

We are all living in this blue sphere, and the different levels of existing consciousness can be equal to the number of inhabitants. Areas can be identified in cities, towns, or places of a certain vibration level, which can be of low or high vibration.

There are places where people feel good and if they don’t live there, they go every chance they get. It’s the law of attraction at work. This just means that that person resonates with the frequency of that place. In general, the person will try to justify this action because they like the place given some physical characteristic, since it requires a certain degree of evolution to recognize what happens beyond the physical aspects.

It is public knowledge that the great religious temples of antiquity, the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages and so on, were built in places with a certain energetic characteristic.

Until now we are talking about the earth plane.

Hermes Trismegistus stated thousands of years ago that ‘as above, so below, and as below, so above’. This is what the Catholic Church enunciated by saying, ‘on earth as it is in Heaven ‘ in The Our Father.

Moving our analysis to the plane that we do not see, and to understand what the different planes of energy, frequency and vibration are without going into the religious part, let’s see what the Catholic Church recognizes as celestial hierarchies.
The celestial hierarchies are nothing more than positions in a hierarchical order of entities in charge of different aspects of the functioning of the universal order.

The categories are:

                                         Highest orders                    Middle orders                    Lowest orders
                                         Seraphim                               Dominions                          Principalities
                                         Cherubim                               Virtues                                  Archangels
                                         Thrones                                  Powers                                  Angels

These hierarchies are very well defined and classified. Each of them has a characteristic, capacity, and responsibility with the function of maintaining the cosmic balance and physical laws, as well as monitoring the margins of the spiritual world with the physical world.
Each of these hierarchies has a higher evolutionary degree than a human can have, but there are well established differences between them given their evolutionary degree.
These same hierarchies can increase in frequency as they evolve giving rise to their hierarchical scale. They are not fixed, nor are they forever, they have to work to maintain or increase their position, no different from human beings on this plane.

In everything there is a purpose and a responsibility to fulfill, not only on earth, but in the universe. As above, so below.

The other religions or sects that go from East to West have similar heavenly structures. The Greeks and the Egyptians had the gods which also each had a particularity and responsibility both in the spiritual plane as in the material plane. The same happens with religions from Africa. All with different names, but similar organizational structure, based on evolutionary levels.

Although at earth level it seems that we are all on an equal footing, this is not the case. The person who works on himself and takes full control of his being will not be at the same level with the one who only relies through the perception of its five senses.

In a previous article we mentioned that astrology only works for the planet earth, since it is based on a geocentric system. If we were on the Moon or Mars or any other planet in the solar system, it wouldn’t work.
Probably astrology is a tool that has come to us from a higher plane to help us evolve at this level. Astrology provides the information for our self-discovery first, to then enter into the knowledge of how the universe works later. The planets have their own very well-defined energies, just like the zodiac signs. The cycles are repeated and combined to give the possibility of advancing in our development by going through a certain situation more than once in our lives.
The aspects of the natal chart with its conjunctions, squares, oppositions, and others tell us about the frequencies generated by these aspects, which, interacting with our free will, will generate the energies with which we deal with on this plane. The energy produced will make our cells vibrate to that frequency.

We must always keep in mind that the decisions made under our free will are the ones that generate the energies that we manifest as our life. Depending on our thoughts, words, and actions, this is how the energies generated will be and this is how our reality will be generated.

The natal chart gives us the information to take control of our lives and is the starting point of the evolutionary path. Let’s not let anything or anyone condition or prevent it. This is personal, and it is our main right which cannot be waived. Acting in search of personal evolution is a way of recognizing the miracle that is our life on planet earth.


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