Individualism and Conscience

Individualism and Conscience

Individualism, is define as a noun with the following meaning:
1. The habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.
2. A social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control.

Conscience, is define as a noun with the following meaning:
1. An inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.
2. It describes an aspect of a human being’s self-awareness.

If we take the oversimplified path, the correct application of individualism and conscience would have to lead any person to be balanced, fair, harmonious, thinker and in a constant evolutionary process.

Now if this seems so simple, why does life at times become so complicated?

Let’s start with individualism.
We are born alone, beyond the fact that we could have twin brother or sister, for example.
We are born individually, and it is worth remembering that we are going to leave this plane in the same way.

Since we begin our development of consciousness, we are taught that ‘we are’ part of a family, that this family has a heritage, that we belong to a certain country and continent, that our spiritual or religious ideas are such and such, and so on and so forth. Each thing that we experience makes us participant or part of something or someone.
Of course, many of these things were not chosen by us, but they are the conditions that were given to us from birth and from then on.

In the natal chart many of these characteristics may be present, other not. For example, in the natal chart it would be impossible to determine which religion or belief one would adopt, but the natal chart could indicate a certain type of fanaticism towards certain beliefs, but it does not go beyond that.

With what has been stated before, it seems that the meaning of individualism is left aside in our development, since one is conditioned by some factor that binds or restricts us from having a certain autonomy, even though free will is always mentioned.

If we review the concept of ‘consciousness’, we will see that it is difficult to carry out an evolutionary process given the conditions set on us from birth on.

How do I individualize myself within the family, when ‘the family’ is the one that sets the conditions?
How do I individualize myself as a human being, when the country where I live conditions my actions, beyond the fact that my actions do not affect others?

If we look at history, great people transcended mainly due to their personal, not group, achievements. Beyond the fact that many of them could have millions of followers, this simply occurred due to their individualistic actions in search of something better. It happened with Jesus, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, or Martin Luther King Jr just to name a few. The same thing happened with the great discoverers in the field of science, medicine and even in the arts.
These ‘individualists’ people created movements, transformed our society, our standard of living and even our appreciation of the arts.

Each one of the innumerable prominent people in history carried forward ideas or concepts that at a given moment could have gone against the ‘established order’. They were individualists, they believed in their ideas and in themselves.
Many left their families, their belongings, suffered persecution and deprivation, and even death, but in the end, they transcended their existence with what they did.

Let’s take a break, just to make a little reflection on what has been said.

People who have been catalysts for transformation have been individualists, but with a high degree of awareness. They were not crazy people looking for followers just to feed their egos or their pockets like today, but they did it with the strong conviction that something was wrong and had to be fixed.

If we want to live a full and meaningful life, so that when we leave this plane, we can be sure that we contributed our grain of sand to improve the reality we live in, we must begin by asking ourselves what our ‘conditioning factors’ are.
Our conditioning factors are the things that we carry that may not have a reason for being. We take things as they are and project them as if they always were like that. That’s the wrong approach, it is not clear thinking.

If we want to discover what our conditioners are, we first must discover what are the things that prevent us from thinking and acting as we want. There are conditions that are natural, a child depends on its parents, and this becomes a condition for them, but at a certain age, this condition is released, it is not for life. Like that, there can be an infinite number of conditions that, generated at a certain moment, were never reviewed to see if they continued to apply at present time.

The natal chart shows us certain conditions with which we are born, but it does not indicate those that we added after birth.

If we want to live a life to the fullest, we will have to work on our individuality and constantly review our state of consciousness, in order to make the corresponding adjustments day by day. Years of traveling the wrong path cannot be corrected in a day, it takes time, but it can be done.

For some time now, it seems that the only way to get ahead on this plane is by giving up our individuality and becoming part of a mass that nobody knows who is leading or what destiny or purpose has. In this process, the very important creativity of the human being has been diminished. Some of the things that are happening are trying to disqualify the potential of the human being and/or its immense capacity.

Pluto’s entry into the sign of Aquarius provides an opportunity for humanity, let’s make good use of that energy by starting to support our individuality and develop our consciousness to the fullest.

If we want to change the world, the process must start by changing ourselves first, by working on our individuality applying the maximum level of consciousness.

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