Astrological Summary

Astrological Summary end of 2022, beginning 2023

Several months of 2022 were characterized by an unusual number of retrograde planets. From October 2022 onwards the planets gradually become direct completing the list by end of January 2023. For those who are not familiar with what it means for a planet to be retrograde, an article is attached that explains it.
In short, when a planet is retrograde it is when the energy is concentrated, it accumulates during the retrograde period and then manifests itself when it is back in direct motion.

Planets from the orbit of Jupiter to Pluto, it is not unusual for them to be retrograde for a period, what is unusual is when several of them are at the same time, and this occurred during much of 2022.

Let’s look at the planets that went retrograde during the year.

Jupiter – Entered the sign of Aries in May 2022, then went retrograde at the end of July and returned to the sign of Pisces at the end of October, being direct again and returning to the sign of Aries by December 21 when the winter solstice happens in the northern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere.

Saturn – It went retrograde in the sign of Aquarius at the beginning of June 2022 and returning to direct at the end of last October

Uranus – It went retrograde in the sign of Taurus at the end of August 2022 and returns to direct after mid-January 2023

Neptune – It went retrograde in the sign of Pisces at the end of June 2022 and returns to direct at the beginning of December

Pluto – It went retrograde in the sign of Capricorn at the end of April 2022 and returned to direct at the beginning of last October

Mars is added to the list of planets that became retrograde in the sign of Gemini at the end of October 2022 and will be in that situation until mid-January 2023 when it changes to direct.

In conclusion, from the end of April with Pluto going retrograde until gradually the planets went or are going direct, it was a period that could be compared to stagnation.

The signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Gemini, Pisces, and Capricorn are present in this process.

Saturn does not get along very well with Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is sudden changes, flashes of creativity, freedom and on the other hand Saturn is structure, responsibility, and organization. Beyond that in normal transit Saturn is not comfortable transiting Aquarius, when it was retrograde it magnified the energy common to that position. Saturn will be in Aquarius until March 2023. It is a period of stagnation and should be used to try to reconcile differences.

Uranus transiting the sign of Taurus tells us about the problems with earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural catastrophes on the planet. On the other hand, since Venus rules the sign of Taurus, and Venus has to do with money, finances, Uranus brings sudden changes to everything related. Going direct after the middle of January 2023, everything related to finances can have a very sudden change, and given the aspect of Saturn in Aquarius, we have to think that the change is going to the negative side. Recently, the great losses that large companies such as Amazon, Meta and others had, prompt them to reduce their number of employees. After January this situation may take on unusual dimensions. The same can happen with natural disasters. It is the period of liberation of all the accumulated energy.

Neptune transiting the sign of Pisces, it is in its sign, it put an end to the issue of the pandemic. The controls were relaxed, and the population changed the chip, mainly in the northern hemisphere where it was summer. Tourism returned with unusual force; it was seen as a liberation after the lockdown. At the beginning of December, Neptune returns direct, with which the release of concentrated energy can be expected. Although it is very rare that this manifests itself in another pandemic (you can see the articles related to the cycle of the pandemic from an astrological point of view on the blog), it can be magnified in relation to what is happening lately with heart problems, sudden deaths of people with no medical history and others. Things difficult to diagnose, which is something that happens when Neptune is present. There is a link regarding the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn during the December 2020, which may be related to what is happening.

Pluto, which is already direct in the sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn, tells us about the transformation process that is taking place. Although Pluto entered direct a little over a month ago, its progress is slow, but it produces profound changes, mainly related to government and main corporate structures. If we connect the process that Pluto is carrying out (you can see the related article on the blog when Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008), with what is mentioned by Uranus, the changes that are coming are of great magnitude. Both governments and large corporations are going through a period of transformation, taking their structures to the basics and necessary for their operation. There will be no more money for growth or possibility of waste, this is a period of belt-tightening.

Mars transiting the sign of Gemini ruled by Mercury, will go direct in January 2023 but will continue its transit through the sign until the end of March 2023 when it enters the sign of Cancer. Mars in the sign of duality offers the opportunity to open new paths while one continues the current one. The great energy of Mars could be used to start new ventures and do things that one likes but did not have the energy to start it at another time. If you feel like doing something of the sort, use this retrograde period to plan it and once direct, move forward with the execution of the plan.

Jupiter, which enters directly into the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars, speaks of the beginning of a new cycle. If we consider all of the above and the beginning of a new cycle, the result is that we are heading towards something new and different. Although the economy rules our lives, when a serious health problem arises it seems like everything else takes a back seat. Already with the pandemic I have met many people who changed their approach to life. People who worked in different corporate or medium business activities, managed to make a change and started independent activities which they enjoy and making enough money for their needs.

The time may have come for humans become aware of what they are, the reason for this life and change the priorities in life. What place does materialism occupy in each one’s life? We know of people who have enough capital that they could not spend in 100 lifetimes. The question we must ask ourselves is if that is the essence and value of what a human being is, if that is what we were created for, and that was our purpose when we arrived on this plane.

This new cycle can show us that our ego should not be the GPS of our life, and if it has our control, we will fall into endless dissatisfaction and never-ending search for achievements that could make us feel full and complete.

While the planets continue their dance for which they were created, to the rhythm of the universe, astrology by observing them, provides us the necessary help to know how to move to the same rhythm as them.

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