Joe Biden – Lunar Eclipse November 8th, 2022

Joe Biden was one of the strong supporters of the war with Iraq in 2003. During that year there was a Lunar eclipse at 16 degrees of Taurus.
On November 8th, 2022, similar lunar eclipse happens, but with much more difficult aspects than the previous one. Coincidently, there is a national election for renewal of governors and representatives to capitol hill on the same day.

Both lunar eclipses impact Biden’s house VI (work and health) and XII (subconscious, hidden things). We can say today that Biden’s support to the war in Iraq was made with underhanded dealings (House XII) and affected his job performance at the time (House VI). Even if with time everything gets forgotten, lunar eclipses repeat in cycles of 19 years and some subjects reappear. Since the other planets involved in the eclipse change, the base of the eclipse remains but the overall circumstances have an additional effect.

The eclipse of 2022 has some hard aspects that were not present in 2003.

The hard aspects involve planets like Saturn and Uranus on one side, and with the Sun and the Moon, in addition to Venus and Mercury on the other.

The interpretation of the eclipse to Joe Biden can reach additional aspects to the war which was the main point in 2003. Since House VI has to do with job and health, currently health also takes importance, considering Biden’s mental health. House XII talk about the subconscious and provides an indication of mental problems under current aspects, something that has been in the news and is public knowledge.

Regarding the US election, the square between Saturn with Uranus and the Moon on one side, and the Sun, Venus, and Mercury on the other, talks about a reverse of fortune for Biden. We can expect big changes in Congress which will become head win for the current administration going forward.

We don’t have to forget that we are under the heavy influence of the Solar eclipse of October 25th, which presented the possibility of the US direct involvement in a war, and the current transits on the US natal chart with Pluto’s return as well as Neptune opposition.

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