The Evolution of Consciousness

Frequently in our articles we touch on the topic of the need to increase our consciousness, or our improvement as human beings. In this sense, astrology has bases that serve for ‘self-knowledge’ and personal development. Astrology is a tool.
It is of little use to talk about astrology’s energy cycles that we go through in life, if we are not ‘aware’ of how we are, of our virtues and our defects. One goes to educational establishments to acquire knowledge, to learn more. This is done precisely because “knowledge” is what leads a person to make better decisions in their life and its development. This ranges from baking a cake to constructing a building.

Consciousness defined by Wikipedia:
‘Consciousness, at its simplest, is sentience or awareness of internal and external existence.’

The Word comes from latín ‘conscientia’, «shared knowledge», and from ‘cum scientĭa’, «with knowledge».

To understand causes of deviations from a ‘normal’ social behavior, psychology starts for understanding the self-awareness and the environment where the person interacts (internal and external existence).
When someone acts consciously, could be define by been aware of self and acting according to the surrounding circumstances in its environment.

Dane Rudhyar, whose real name was Daniel Chenneviere, was born in France, where he lived from the late 1800s to 1985. He was a musician, composer, and astrologer, and was the first to examine the psychological aspects of astrology. Rudhyar gave rise to the birth of “astrological psychology.” Rudhyar considered the developments of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, and his work consisted of synthesizing that knowledge within astrology.

The relationship between consciousness, psychological consciousness and astrology is very close.

But what does it mean to increase our consciousness?
There may be different interpretations in this regard, but all would have to reach a common definition, which is that the person should know him/herself perfectly (his/her virtues and his/her defects), as well as having real knowledge of the surrounding environment and conditions.

This concept, which seems very simple and basic, is surely not fulfilled by most of the people today. Either because they do not know themselves deeply (or they know it or they intuit, but they hide it) and/or their ‘permanent negotiation’ with their environment which lead them in a path they don’t like. If that is the case, it can lead the person to accept things or situations that are not good, and in some cases even unacceptable.
When either of these two conditions are present, they work as insurmountable obstacles to the development of personal and consequently group consciousness.

If a group of people with these characteristics coexist in a house, a town, a city, a country, depending on the volume, they create a critical mass that feeds back a harmful energy which makes personal or conscience development very difficult.

When we speak of knowledge, it is not only the fact of knowing, but precisely what is done with that knowledge. The proper use of knowledge can be defined as the evolution or development of consciousness.

Wikipedia defines wisdom as:

‘Wisdom, sapience, or sagacity is the ability to contemplate and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. Wisdom is associated with attributes such as unbiased judgment, compassion, experiential self-knowledge, self-transcendence and non-attachment, and virtues such as ethics and benevolence.’

How much time of our life in a day or in a week do we dedicate to our mental or spiritual development, to enhance our consciousness? The answer is simple, little to nothing. Consider that when mention spiritual development, it does not relate to religion.
Although we are busy with work, study, housework, our children and others, there is always time to watch social media, video games, go to the gym, to the hair salon, watch Netflix or any other activity that it takes us at least one hour each day. In most cases, activities keep us busy “all day.” This is how our society moves today, a lot of activity, but little content that focuses on personal development. Nowadays the development of personal consciousness is rarely considered, but we need to understand that it is the basis of one’s development as a human being.

But what are the pros and cons of a poor development of conscience?

From the Wikipedia definitions expressed above, both personal and environmental knowledge lead us to a better decision-making in our lives. If we ignore and don’t apply this knowledge, we can advance like a ship without a rudder where the waves are the ones that will determine our course. We are born with a rudder, but depending on our evolution of consciousness, we can disable it.

To go through the times that lie ahead will require a high degree of consciousness. The conditions that can be manifested at a global level will not allow to hide that dark part that each one may have, in the same way that it will not be possible to ‘negotiate with the environment’ things that don’t align with what we are in essence.

In case it is not clear what we are saying, the following may share some light to the subject.
The paranoia of certain people due to the pandemic, confinement, and contagion, speaks of beings with little development of consciousness and shows the consequences that this brings.
The pandemic put us in front of the evidence and reality that we are mortal; is that some novelty, new concept or new discovery?
We all know that at some point we are going to die and that is an inescapable truth in this life, then why the terror that many suffer, do they want to escape death? Or do they think that they will die later in an indefinite time or when they want?
Whoever thinks like this is not in contact with reality, they probably have covered their fears with other things and as you can see, these fears come to light at the worst moment. It is impossible to escape reality, it somehow will manifest itself eventually.
All those who feel afraid or paralyzed by the situation would have to do an examination of consciousness. If this important issue is not resolved (and we are mentioning about only one here), after the pandemic passes, other situations will arise that make the person respond in an ‘unbalanced’ way. The lack of contact with reality has its consequences, both in oneself and in the environment with which it is relates.
Problems must be faced, by covering or hiding them, they will not go away.

The development of consciousness should be a fundamental part of people’s education, something that it is not. Many of the fears and failures during life are a consequence of this lack of consciousness (lack of contact with reality, which is one of the aspects in the definition of consciousness).

The consequences suffered by one’s own inadequacies are not the fault of the stars, although it can be affirmed through hundreds and hundreds of cases analyzed astrologically, when the person has a low level of consciousness, the hard astrological aspects are harder, and the beneficial periods pass with no big changes on them. We must be ‘aware’ that at some point in our life we must take charge of our own development.

Soon, many things will come to light and many virtual realities will cease to be.
We don’t have much time, and every minute counts. This is the time to start ‘cleaning up’ your XII house (subconscious) and remove as much as you can that is not useful or harmful, and at the same time stop negotiating with a destructive environment that does not allow you to carry out your evolutionary process. It is time to show your true colors.

Those who feel identified with part or all of what was expressed in this article, just think that you are not alone. Most probably you are the consequence of a well thought out and orchestrated social manipulation. But remember, ‘the human spirit is superior to everything’, as Albert Einstein put it. Don’t feel lost, just acknowledging the situation is already a big step in the right direction. Draw strength from where there is none, the effort will be worth it. There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than be able to be in contact with ‘reality’ instead as with the ‘matrix’ that some not well intended people want us to see.

For those who feel hurt or uncomfortable with which was expressed here, just think that it is your ego that is responding, and in control. We feel sorry that you feel that way and for the path that you will have to travel in the not-too-distant future. For those who want to see, the signs of what is coming are already looming on the horizon.

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