Forecast 2022

We may not realize it, but what happens in the rest of the world depends mainly to what happens in the United States, Russia, China and to a lesser extent Europe.
Things that may happen in other countries, no matter how much each one wants to give the importance of being “the navel of the world”, they can do very little to influence the rest.

With the globalization process in full swing, things that happen in main countries, including large private organizations, resonate throughout the world. Opinions expressed by the WHO, controlled mainly by contributions from pharmaceutical companies and private benefactors, given that is not a governmental organization, are followed by governments in most of the world. The value of stocks globally is governed by Wall Street, which is manipulated by multi-national financial groups that with their accumulated value could even buy small countries. Technology groups influence people’s thinking and actions to the point that a TikTok video can change people’s perspective on certain topic, regardless of whether it is true or not.

This quick summary shows that the management of health, the economy and the way people think globally, are conditioned by these three main axes, all potentiated by the main stream media as if they were the ‘ministries of truth’. The additional component to complete the combo is given by the internal political struggles of each country that complete the global circus in which we are immersed at the end of 2021.
Never in the history of humanity that we know of, is there a history of such dystopia. Not even in the time of Caligula in the Roman Empire was there so much imbalance in all areas of life as in these days. At that time, things were happening only in Rome.

Thus, we will enter 2022, a year that will bring definitions most probably breaking up globalism, and creating a new paradigm, mainly supporting the development of human consciouness and potential.

There will be those who will survive the shock of what is coming because they already bring some preparation, there will be some who will find it difficult to adjust to the new reality, but with some bruises they will move ahead, and the others who will be left in precarious mental and physical conditions or will cease to exist.

We cannot talk about numbers, nor does quantity really matters, what matters is what remains, what goes on, what is useful from the basic human point of view that will allow the free development of human potential and consciousness. A popular saying can summarize it, “the quantity does not matter, but the quality does.”

The United States, Russia, China and to a lesser extent Europe will be the protagonists of what is to come. The other countries will be mere observers, but they will be recipients of the consequences of what will happen. Bombs don’t have to be dropping to feel the effects, everyone will feel it regardless of where they are. Do not forget that we are part of the ‘globalization network’, physically and mentally.

Coincidentally, all the great civilizations in human history that we know of began and ended in the Northern Hemisphere. The countries in question are all located in the Northern Hemisphere. Coincidence?

From our articles presented previously, starting with the presidential inauguration in the United States, through the solar eclipse in June 10th, and its effect in the country, and the lunar eclipse of November 19th in relation to President Biden, all speak of a military conflict abroad and/or an attack within the United States and lacking leadership.

Similar things to Perl Harbor or September 11th, are events that can occur during this period giving the astrological aspects present. In addition, current transits in the US natal chart, talks about the internal change that the United States is going through, which could lead to something similar to the civil war between the union and the southern states.

The conditions for a military confrontation between the United States and Russia are latent, and with more possibilities to materialize than finding a political solution. The positions are very opposed in relation to NATO’s expansion.

Russia and China have economic and military cooperation agreements, and as the United States is in a ‘trade war’ with China and supporting Taiwan’s independence, it makes it possible for historically opposed powers such as Russia and China to unite for a common enemy, beyond that they may have different aspirations.
Europe is in the middle of all this. The energy crisis and Germany’s dependence on gas from Russia, places the greatest European power between a rock and a hard place.

There are prevailing conditions very favorable for war.
From the astrological point of view, we could say that the fuse is lit. Difficult to establish how long it is.

In conclusion, it would come as no surprise if we began 2022 with a war conflict or large-scale attacks.
A harsh and long winter awaits in the northern hemisphere.

Then we will have the solar eclipse of April 30th. This eclipse, as we mentioned in a previous article, will be a trigger for the ‘apocalypse’, which does not mean the end of the world, but rather that ‘the truth will come to light’, it is a “revelation.” It is not farfetched to say that for many it will really be the end of the world, because their lies will be exposed and there will be nowhere to hide.

The lunar eclipse that follows in May will affect those who cannot understand the new unfolding reality, or the “revelation” that is coming to light. This new reality will make some people question their beliefs system and for many it will be too much to digest. Some will be able to adapt their ideas, believes and thoughts and will survive in some way, and some others will leave this plane directly.

This process that begins in April and May 2022 will unfold with ups and downs, marches and counter-marches, only to stabilize at the end of 2022 which will be the beginning of a new timeline.

Big changes don’t happen from one day to the next, they happen gradually beyond the climax moments that we can have during the process. It will take years for the new timeline to be solid, but from 2022 on, the consolidation process will be uninterrupted. One of the main changes that we will notice, will be the merging and working together new generations and those adults who have been working silently supporting this change for some time, especially since 2011. Together they will bring knowledge and strength which will be the seeds of the new reality. The communion of ‘Experience and New Energy’ will be the basis of the new development, mainly applying fixes from lessons learned from previous mistakes. The result will not be so different from the simpler life which at one point was, which was lost and led us to the current situation.

The phrase that best applies to what is happening is, “back to the beginning.”

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