The activation of the Age of Aquarius

As we know, eclipses announce events which can be analyzed by the relationship of the planets in the eclipse, that applies either for lunar or solar eclipses. Solar eclipses announce tangible changes in the reality of things, that is, they have an energy of external manifestation, while those of the moon activate internal processes and can affect personal and global consciousness.

We have already seen in previous articles how the lunar eclipse of January 10, 2020, led us to the situation that lasted more than a year, or how the June 2021 solar eclipse affected the United States and Argentina, for example. As we will see next, eclipses are not necessarily negative.

For 2022 we find a solar eclipse happening on April 30th, followed by a lunar eclipse in May 15th, which gives us a glimmer of hope that things are going to change in a positive way.

Let’s start with the solar eclipse on April 30th. Because this eclipse is solar it has an external manifestation, it means that things can happen in line with the energy activated by the intervening planets.

The eclipse occurs at 10 degrees 28 minutes of the sign of Taurus. The Sun and the Moon conjunct Uranus. Uranus is the activator of sudden changes, encourages inventiveness, is related to technology and new ideas. Since the eclipse also has the characteristics of Taurus, the energy manifested is earthly in nature, tangible, it drives hard work, justice and provides perseverance. Great energies are being activated.

Mercury has good aspects to Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto. Mercury that governs commerce, travel, and communication, expands given the presence of Jupiter and breaks barriers by the force of Pluto by its atomic energy. It could be that restrictions or challenges that exist today with respect to travel be eliminated, and there may be a positive turn in global trade.

Venus has good aspects to Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. If we talk about the Aquarius era, these aspects could represent them without a doubt. The arts and good taste are exalted. Neptune connects the imagination with reality and again with Pluto present, generates an energy that is difficult to counteract, in this case positively.

Mars, the god of war, iron, and fire, is in good aspect with the Sun and the Moon, which is the engine that drives this machine forward.

Jupiter the planet of justice, expansion, growth is well aspected with Neptune and Pluto. This is another very positive expression of the connection with higher levels of consciousness, with the universe and the underworld. Yet another aspect supporting the Aquarian age.

Saturn, the planet of order, responsibility and structures, has a good aspect with Neptune, where dreams, imagination, the connection with the higher levels is well contained by Saturn, protecting us from any illusion beyond reality.

Finally, Neptune in good aspect with Pluto, reinforces what has been said above. Deep change in people’s reality with Pluto marking a before and after. Like the Phoenix Bird rising from the ashes.

A few days after the solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse occurs at 25 degrees 17 minutes in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio related to house VIII (of taxes, inheritances, intuition, debts, and death) brings its related topics to the discussion.

By the aspects of this eclipse, let us remember that the lunar eclipse impacts the subconscious and activates internal processes, it seems that not all people will receive the changes generated by the solar eclipse in the same way.

In the lunar eclipse, there is a square of the Moon and the Sun with Saturn, which may indicate that some people may feel down, bewildered or see that the reality of the world in which they live is tottering.
Saturn activates an energy that is very difficult to cope with when it has negative aspects, especially if one lives outside of reality or has created a ‘virtual reality’ originated by others, and are not well founded (for example, consuming information from the media without analyzing it or comparing it with other data)

For the people who live in that ‘bubble’, they will have to make a very great effort to be able to get out of it and integrate themselves with reality.

The good aspects between Neptune, the Sun, and the Moon, in addition to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, speak that the reality, beyond the perception of each one, is firm. What was activated with the solar eclipse is real. A veil was drawn that reveals the truth of things.

We have been writing about the negative aspects of eclipses for more than two years and the events that have occurred have corroborated this. No article was very far between its prediction and what happened.
Being able to write about what is coming in 2022 not only comforts, but also gives a hint of hope that things will change for the better. At this moment, we are in a swamp, where we are bombarded daily by the media and the actions of the rulers, where it seems that the only thing that interests them are the restrictions imposed and/or promoting fear and authoritarianism to those who they have the responsibility to govern.
It may be that when we mention Saturn in the lunar eclipse, these people are part of these uncontrolled entities, the ones who will suffer the most, together with the people who stopped thinking and using their reasoning in the last couple of years, replacing it with indoctrination and obedience without any consideration for analysis, or discussion.

If we are really close to the Age of Aquarius, the wait is not that long. As of May 2022, its effects should begin to be seen.

So be it!

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