October 2021

From an astrological point of view, October promises to be a month with a lot of activity, so it would not be strange for situations beyond normal to occur.
We begin the month with planets that are retrograde which begin their movement directly.

Pluto retrograde since June and is going direct on October 7th.
Saturn retrograde since May and is going direct on October 11th.
Jupiter retrograde since June and is going direct on October 18th.
Mercury retrograde since September 27th and is going direct on October 19th.

Of the four planets mentioned, Mercury has the least effect, although during the period when is retrograde, care must be taken with communications, travel, business, and technology, since they are usually the areas that are seen affected.

On the other hand, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, since they are planets of slower translation, have an impact on the world in general and on people in particular, depending on when they make an aspect with planets in their natal chart.

When these planets are retrograde, the associated issues remain in process or suspended, without having a definition or concretion. In general, it is known what is the associated issue, which began during the period when it was direct, but when it becomes retrograde, the issue remains pending resolution. Only when the planet continues in direct, the issue takes relevance again and it is during this time when it reaches its culmination.

Pluto is known as the ‘phoenix bird’ which is consumed by fire when it has finished its development and reached its peak, to be reborn again and start something new.

Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn that is governed by Saturn, represents the laws and administrative and civil order, the judicial system, government buildings, government contracts, government debts, the government’s economic plan, insolvency, the exploitation of mineral resources and the political opposition.

Pluto, as we mentioned in previous articles, entered the sign of Capricorn in January 2008, and was the catalyst for the global financial crisis by showing the degree of financial mismanagement, mainly due to the handling of mortgages in the United States.
Pluto throughout its passage through Capricorn has brought to light the degree of corruption of different governments, corporations and religious institutions worldwide. Pluto still have a little over 2 years left transiting Capricorn, but the inherent issues will likely have a degree of resolution before it leaves the sign.

Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius together with Jupiter since December 2020. Saturn is the one that provides structure and forces to make things right, shows what is wrong to correct it. Although the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter last December did not generate good omens because it was formed at 0 degree of the sign of Aquarius, today we see the results reflected in what is happening around the world in terms of individual freedom, the results of vaccination and the economy. Few countries in the world escape this situation in general.
As Saturn goes direct on October 11th, these issues will become more relevant.

Jupiter, which is the planet that expands knowledge and understanding, governs abundance and spiritual elevation. Jupiter makes us trust the laws of the universe, it rules justice, something that seems to go hand in hand with the aspects related to Pluto and Saturn at this time. It is useless to expose the serious problems of the structures that run the world, if no action is taken to solve them.

In 2008, when those responsible for the corruption and mismanagement that occurred with the mortgages, no one responsible went to jail. On the contrary, the common people lost their houses and were left on the streets while governments went on to take unprecedent debt to save the financial sector, impacting generations to come. It seems that in this period, the position of the people is different.

Beyond what the transits of the planets can represent, the is always an ‘activator’ of this energy.

On October 20th, the full moon in Aries occurs. This event includes aspects that are more than interesting enough to be considered triggers for the current situation we live in.
During the full moon, the ‘T squares’ of Sun-Pluto-Moon and Mars-Pluto-Moon are produced. These aspects can generate an explosive energy affecting everyone.

These aspects could trigger the themes mentioned regarding Pluto. There is the possibility of confrontations between the population (Moon) with the authorities (Sun) and the participation of security forces represented by Mars. All of this magnified by the energy of Pluto. Heated moods could be the normal thing. Saturn will directly project its energy of order, which will probably be altered.

In our forecast for 2021 we mentioned that 2021 was going to be like 2020 unless people changed and started taking control of their destiny, something that was pause during 2020.
It seems that the eclipses of December 2020, May and July 2021 have been catalysts of energies that have led people (those awake in terms of level of consciousness) to try to put things in its place.

There are still three months left of this year, which are an eternity in the biblical times that we are living in.

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