The US and its Transformation

“Whoever yields properly to Fate, is deemed Wise among men, and he knows the laws of heaven.”
— Euripides

Neptune is ruler of Pisces and House XII, it is associated with health’s services and charitable institutions, extrasensory connections and at a mundane level, it’s related to prisons, hospitals, intelligence and espionage organizations.
The sign of Virgo is associated with work and health corresponding to House VI.

Pluto is ruler of Scorpio and House VIII, which is associated with the deep processes of transformation, represented by the Phoenix Bird, that burns and is reborn from the ashes.  In mundane astrology is related to massive destruction (natural or man-made) , dictators, organized crime and corruption.
The sign of Scorpio is associated with the secret forces of nature and is also associated with House VIII.

In the year 1776, when the independence of the United States was declared, Neptune was transiting the sign of Virgo and Pluto the sign of Capricorn. Therefore, those are the zodiacal signs position for both planets in the natal chart of the United States.
Capricorn, whose ruler is Saturn, refers to government structures, laws and civil administrative order, government’s economic plan, among others.

There are two astrological events that are of the utmost importance for the United States starting in the year 2021.

The first one is that Pluto, after doing a full circle passing through the 12 houses, is back to its natal position in the United States chart. This event in astrology is known as Pluto’s Return. This aspect marks a significant period for the country. Similar transforming energies were generated during the independence period. In addition to this important event, Neptune in transit opposes the native Neptune of the United States natal chart.

The previous time that Neptune was in this position was during 1859. In that year an event known as “John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry” happened. This was an attempt to take over the United States arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, by John Brown leading the slave revolt in the south of the country. Although the United States Army won the confrontation, this event is known as a prelude to the beginning of the Civil War between the North and the South.

Pluto’s Return produces a transformative energy that is difficult to control. Above all, it must be understood that evolutionary processes, however catastrophic they may seem, have a purpose. If we see the Universal Flood in the Bible, beyond how catastrophic that could be, it only says that an event of such magnitude was necessary given the degree of stagnation that the world had reached. Let’s keep in mind that there is a purpose to our life, we are here to evolve, life is not just for passing time.
The Flood is a good example of a Plutonian process, where the event that occurs is intended to shake the foundations in such a way that provides the avenue for something new. Without going into the religious issue and beyond the belief that each one has, there is no doubt that we are under the influence of universal laws which are fulfilled beyond our wishes.

Between the Return of Pluto and the opposition of Neptune in transit, the United States begins a process of redefining its basic principles and ideals. Since the opposition of Neptune is between House III of communication and neighboring countries with House IX of high ideals and foreign lands, these subjects are going to be paramount.

If leaders are aware of the energies at play, then they should promote new guidelines to adjust to reality, considering the improvements for allowing society to develop to its best version. Only promoting and supporting individual self-improvement will lead to development and growth. We are not referring from the economic point of view, but from the evolutionary point of view as the central and main axis.
The Constitution of the United States took into consideration every aspect of the person allowing their free development and personal growth. At the time of independence, they were fighting against the oppression and abuses of the English empire. The constitution put an end to such situation. The United States became what it is, just by wielding ideals that it knew how to maintain over time.
Certain basic characteristics deteriorated over time, and the energies been activated during this period will force to evaluate the current situation. If those in charge of carrying out the country’s policies are not aware, both the population and/or external events will force them to make a change.

In 1859 only Neptune was active with the opposition, and we know how that situation unfold, in the year 2021 and 2022 Pluto’s Return is added.

All we can say is that there is not possible negotiation with Pluto.

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. (Euripides)


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