Fall of Vietnam, Fall of Afghanistan

Astrological aspects related to the fall of Vietnam and Afghanistan

Solar eclipse December 13, 1974
21 10’ Sagittarius

Solar eclipse June 10, 2021
19 57’ Gemini
Solar Eclipse of December 13, 1974
Sun & Moon 21 10’ Sagittarius
Mars conjunction Neptune

Solar eclipse aspects with US Natal Chart
Sun & Moon opposition natal Mars ruler of Armed Forces

Planetary transits for the US in 1975
Saturn square Saturn (from House VII of associations to House X of social status)
Saturn conjunct Sun (House VII of associations)
Saturn entering 8th house (death and debt)
Saturn opposition Pluto (House VIII of death and debts to House II of income)
Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021
Sun & Moon 19 57’ Gemini
Sun & Moon square Neptune (deception and under handed dealings)
Mars opposition Pluto (Mars ruler of Armed Forces in opposition of Pluto of profound changes)

Solar Eclipse aspects with US Natal Chart
Sun & Moon conjunct Mars (The Armed Forces are put under the spotlight)

Planetary transits for the US in 2021
Neptune opposition Neptune (from House III of communication to House IX of higher ideals)
Neptune square Mars (from House III of communication to House VII of partnerships)
Pluto opposition Mercury (from House II of income to House VIII of death and debts)

History repeats itself but never exactly as the previous time.

Everything is movement and things change, so even if there could be similar energies active at any given time compared to the past, events will be similar on the outcome but different in the way they happen. Lets mention that this will happen only when there was no evolution, so no lesson was learned the previous time.

The fall of Saigon was a surprising event where things went from under control to let’s get the hell out of here. This week something similar happened with Afghanistan. The US started the withdraw of troops from Afghanistan and already the Taliban occupied several provinces.

From the astrological point of view, we present an analysis of the energies active that can represent the situation that happened in Vietnam and what is happening in Afghanistan.

Each planet has a representation in the mundane astrology.

Mars represents the Armed Forces, war, and conflicts.
Saturn represents the government structure and organization, the Supreme Court, and the Laws.
Neptune represents high ideals, or deception and at the government level the intelligence community, and general health problems
Pluto represents profound changes, and also refers to corruption, massive destructions (natural and man-made)

The Solar Eclipses activate outcomes and events in contrast to Lunar Eclipses which influence internal processes. Depending of the aspects within the eclipse as well as with the natal chart evaluated, so are the energies active that will be manifested.
Also, by understanding what each planet represents, the conjunctions, oppositions and squares between them, will point out the challenging aspects.

In both Solar Eclipses there are challenging aspects that include the Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Also, the planetary transits for 2021 are adding fuel to the fire.
The US in under a Neptune-Neptune opposition, between house III (communication and neighboring countries) and House IX (high ideals and foreign lands). The opposition can only bring confusing energies between these two aspects in the country in general (government and population). On top of that, Neptune in transit makes square with natal Mars. These must be a very confusing times within the Armed Forces in regard to philosophies, leadership and objectives looking to the future. There must be a lot of soul searching and purpose of beign within their leaders.

After the Vietnam War, a lot of changes were made in the Armed Forces, and most probably in 2021 on, they will go through another transformation process.

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