When time stopped

We published in our blog two articles in 2019 related to what was looming for 2020. There was no talk of the pandemic (we began to publish about that in January 2020) but rather about the problems that were foreseen in the global horizon.

Given the astrological conditions that arose and the geopolitical situation of the world, riots were witness in different countries simply because their citizens were not satisfied with the management carried out by the different governments. In the article called ‘Forecast for 2020’ the following was mentioned:

‘…However, from August onwards, changes began to happen that not many expected. Starting with the primary elections in Argentina, with a result that surprised even those who won. The riots began in Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia, and for what we can sense there is a drastic change taking place in the line of governments, something completely different from the situation at the beginning of the year.
This not only happened in South America, but around the world. Massive protests in Hong Kong, France, Lebanon, Iran, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom with BREXIT in the works, Pakistan, Spain with Cataluña, and probably more others in brewing.
You could say that this is just the beginning, of something that is going to materialize during 2020.

One may ask, how can it be that the population in different parts of the world, with different living conditions, religious and cultural standards, take to the streets to protest at the same time against the ruling class?’

The article mentioned that when Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008, coincidentally the stock market crashed after the burst of the housing bubble in the United States. This event had worldwide repercussions and different governments came to the rescue of banks and corporations, leaving behind many of their citizens on the streets.

At that time, the energies present had the purpose of bringing to the surface the corruption existing in the financial sector in collusion with the governments, showing clearly that the problems were not only related to governments but also were involved large global corporations.

Those responsible for carrying out the corrective policies to fix the situation took the wrong path of saving friends and associates who had generated the problem, and left people adrift. The problem that existed that Pluto brought to light was meant to provide the opportunity to fix something that was wrong and be able to apply a remedy, but instead of doing that, they swept the dirt under the rug, and they moved on like nothing ever happened, continuing with more of the same.

In 2019 the riots began in different parts of the world and when coincidentally the yellow vests in France and the request for democracy in Hong Kong were taking a lot of attention globally…, the pandemic arrived.

What action did the governments take? Lock up their own citizens to protect them from the virus. (There is an article at the bottom with official data showing that the cases of infections per million inhabitants were similar for places that had strict quarantines against others that had greater freedom of movement).

What happened in 2020 can be compared to a night football game when the power goes out. IF is a game, the game stops, in the case of the world, the world stopped.

Like with a game play at night, when the light returns, the game resumes from where it stopped; it seems that the same is happening in the world. The social revolts that are being generated around the world against governments because in some way their actions are threatening the freedom or well-being of their citizens are increasing, and to everyone’s surprise, Cuba and South Africa have been added to the existing list from 2019.

Governments are suspected of trying to lock people up again, because it seems as the only way to avoid general protests, but given the astrological conditions previously mentioned, it could be said that it is like trying to cover the sun with a finger. Pluto works slowly because it creates tremendous changes.

There are strong energies in motion hard to control or manage by any person or government. We will see the effects of these energies over the following months, but it will be difficult for them to repeat the same erroneous actions of the past. Something was broken at the conscious and social level that will not allow it.

The waters are separating. For those who are not conscious of the current situation may be surprised of the unexpected outcome, for others that are aware, they will see the unfolding events as something they have been waiting for long time.




2 thoughts on “When time stopped

  • Hi Ed, very confusing times… will it really be “difficult for them to repeat the same erroneous actions of the past”? Nothing, no facts, no opposition seems to stop them or even make them hesitate. What are the energies for the next few months? When can we hope for relief and positive changes? Barbara

    • Dear Barbara, indeed we are transiting crazy times! If you add to the nonsense going on across the globe on top of the floods, earthquakes and the rest we are witnessing biblical times. People are revolting in different countries and is not going to get pretty if they try to lockdown every body again. Energy wise, I will not be surprised if a war happens. The energy is there. Take care and stay safe. Ed

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