Different approch, same results

In January we posted our last report of the pandemic. We show how the different planetary transits coincide with the trend followed by the pandemic.

There is another important aspect that also supports the influence of the planetary transits in our life in general.

Looking at the information from the CDC, we can clearly see that States in the US that shutdown completely their activities, follow the same trends of new cases that others states that close only some activities.
Regardless if in your state you stay at home or moving around, the trend were the same.

The number of people affected depends on State’s population and big concentrations in cities, but as we can see from the graphic, the trend remains the same with minimum variances.

Probably this is one of the best examples on how planetary energies have an effect in our daily life.

The chart below shows the planetary transits that were active.

On our first post from January 2020 we showed the similarities between the Spanish Flu of 1918 and what was coming for 2020.

The chart for the Spanish Flu and the planetary transits at that time.

It is all about energy and its effect.

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