Chronobiology & Astrology

Is common practice when we analyze any situation for placing ourselves in the center, and we tend to ignore what is in the background or other variables active at that moment, that needs to be considered. Everything that surrounds us is not limited to the walls of our house, our office, the city or the country where we are, but rather, ‘everything’ including what goes beyond our “home”, planet earth.

When doing an analysis in order to solve a problem, it is obvious that we will obtain the best result when we take into consideration the greatest amount of information possible. If we rely on a single source of information, it is most likely that the result obtained will be conditioned by that information.

Although we are all familiar with the four seasons and the climatological differences between them, the difference between night and day, between the phases of the moon and others, we rarely relate to these conditions and the effects they may have on our lives. We just take them as external things, which just happens out there and have nothing to do with our lives.

Since ancient times, a relationship between external conditions and the influence they had on living beings was understood. Nowadays there is a branch of biology called ‘Chronobiology’.
Chronobiology studies the influence mainly of the Sun and the Moon on the processes of living beings. This should not surprise anyone given that since ancient times, before it was defined as Chronobiology, farmers knew about the wright moment to plant seeds and when to harvest, just to mention an example. These were events governed by the seasons (position of the Sun) and the phases of Moon.

Although Chronobiology only analyzes the impact of the Sun and the Moon in living organisms, astrology for its part, considers all the other planets in the solar system, the cycles of each one of them and the interrelation they have. Everything must be analyzed considering multiple variables active at any given time.

Today the biological clock can be determined reaching the cell and its atomic level, with the possibility to analyze in animals’ cycles like eating, sleeping, mating, hibernating, migration, cell regeneration, etc., in plants movements of leaves, photosynthetic reactions, etc., as well as in microbial organisms such as fungi and protozoa, including bacteria. The best-studied rhythm in chronobiology is the circadian rhythm, a cycle of approximately 24 hours showing the physiological processes in all organisms.

Now we can position ourselves in the current topic in which we are all immersed, the pandemic.

If we look at the history of the world, pandemics have happened over time and in many of them, the loss of human life has been considerable; but something that it seems that we do not consider is that in the same way that pandemics appeared out of nowhere, they disappeared; and without vaccines.

Today it is common to hear that immunological passports are being considered; that we must get used to the virus for the rest of our lives and so on. The question we must ask ourselves is, what is the difference of this moment with respect to the history of the world?

As far as we know, some ‘environmental’ aspects activate the element that generates the disease, it spreads and the pandemic occurs. In the same way, another environmental aspect causes it to dissipate and disappear. There is talk of herd immunity as a solution, and it is likely that this is the case, but something causes the ‘environmental’ conditions that generated the disease to change, and for this reason the disease disappears with time. This has already happened countless times in the history for what we know.

In the astrological comparison we made between the Spanish Flu and the current pandemic, there are similar aspects, which could have been the ones that created the favorable conditions for them to materialize. It is worth mentioning that aspects present when the pandemic started in 2020 were more adverse than with the pandemic of the 1918.
At the moment of this article, new infections have gone down globally and looks like they are in decline on its way to eventually disappear. According to the astrological aspects this is confirmed.

The important thing to keep in mind is to not lose perspective of how human beings function internally as well as all the living elements that surround us. This includes the elements that we see and those that exist, but we do not see because of their tiny size.

There is a biological clock in every living thing, and as far as we know, no one has been able to beat it. When the clock says that the time has come, it is the time to go. An old saying goes: “Nobody dies on the eve of their last day.”
It seems that in ancient times they already had information about the biological clock that exists in everything, did we forget about it?


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