COVID-19 Energy Cycle – Final Report

The following was published in our blog on November 20th, 2020.

“On August 20th we did our second analysis of the trend follow by COVID19 and the Spanish Flu. Our first article on the subject calling it a pandemic goes back to January 2020.

From our August post, we were forecasting an increase of cases as soon as the positive planetary transits were ending between October and November, and we were going to start suffering the raw aspects of the virus. The energy does not stop from one day to the next, instead it dies gradually.

Comparing with the Spanish Flu of 1918, we are under much heavier energy transits overall, and we are going to witness the full power at the end of 2020 and during 2021’s Q1.

The spike that we are witnessing at this writing, will continue going up, since there is no good energy around that can stop it.

On December 14th, the solar eclipse will complicate matters, since it has a hard aspect with Neptune which rules sickness, deception and under handed dealings. We should not expect great results from the vaccines.

This energy will be increased on December 21st by the Great Conjunction in Aquarius.

Aspects in January and February are adding more fuel to the fire, and if we consider that we will be in the middle of winter and flu season in the northern hemisphere, we complete the combo for a complicated situation.

With all this energy active, prepare for lock-downs, travel restrictions and economic hardship.

Time will tell.”

As you can see, the forecast was correct for the past months and what is happening now. As shown in the graph, we are currently under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn squaring Uranus. Beyond the impact on the energy cycle of the pandemic, this energy will dissipate in the coming months and by the end of April, we should expect a considerable drop in the new cases reported. We could go back to a pseudo normal life, at list in regards to the pandemic.

Before getting to end of April, the squares mentioned are active so we can expect social unrest against governments due to the restrictions imposed. The active energies speak of a clash against government power structures, the desire for the population to be free of restrictions and control. People don’t agree to some measures took by governments, especially because of the poor results obtained so far.

Considering the confinements is clear that they did not work, since countries that completely lockup their population had a number of cases similar to others that remained open with certain safeguards. The same with the countries that had in person classes at schools against on-line.

By now is general knowledge that by the global results obtained in 2020, the confinement of healthy people does not work. We now understand that the decision of the confinement was a political decision and not a scientific one, since there is no study that supports such determination. Face-masks are mandatory in some places but without any specification. Not all face-masks are design to prevent a virus. If you really want to avoid the virus when breathing, you should use the masks that are especially for that purpose, not just any face-mask. There are rules that just don’t make any sense.

People now understands the failure of very restrictive health policies, and the planetary energy of this moment is activating their discontent provoking social unrest in different parts of the world.

What should be clear by now by those who do not understand astrology, is that we travel within energy cycles marked by the planetary aspects, and things we experience are nothing more than the materialization of that energy.

In case that there is still any doubt, please consider the Spanish Flu of 1918, where more than 50 million people died. The pandemic disappeared the same way as it appeared without a vaccine, just like previous pandemics. It only dissipated when the energies that produced it were gone. The great difference between the numbers of victims in 1918 and now is the 100 years of advancement in medicine’s technology and treatment, added to the increase in hygiene, good nutrition and better care taken by the population. In essence, the most vulnerable people to any sickness for obvious reasons, are the elderly (weak immune system) and marginalized population who lack a balanced basic diet to support their immune system and have limited access to healthcare.

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COVID-19 Energy Cycle

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