COVID-19 Energy Cycle

On August 20th we did our second analysis of the trend follow by COVID19 and the Spanish Flu. Our first article on the subject calling it a pandemic goes back to January 2020.

From our August post, we were forecasting an increase of cases as soon as the positive planetary transits were ending between October and November, and we were going to start suffering the raw aspects of the virus. The energy does not stop from one day to the next, instead it dies gradually.

Comparing with the Spanish Flu of 1918, we are under much heavier energy transits overall, and we are going to witness the full power at the end of 2020 and during 2021’s Q1.

The spike that we are witnessing at this writing, will continue going up, since there is no good energy around that can stop it.

On December 14th, the solar eclipse will complicate matters, since it has a hard aspect with Neptune which rules sickness, deception and under handed dealings. We should not expect great results from the vaccines.

This energy will be increased on December 21st by the Great Conjunction in Aquarius.

Aspects in January and February are adding more fuel to the fire, and if we consider that we will be in the middle of winter and flu season in the northern hemisphere, we complete the combo for a complicated situation.

With all this energy active, prepare for lock-downs, travel restrictions and economic hardship.

Time will tell.

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