Most probably, it happened that watching a movie or reading a book, we have felt identified with a character, with the plot or the main message it had.
The new Disney’s animated film called ‘Soul’, touches a theme, which we have mentioned in several articles on our blog.

For those who have not seen the film, (spoiler) I can quickly comment that, it is the life of a music teacher, who likes jazz, who is not satisfied with his profession or the way his life turn out, until an opportunity presents itself, that would allow him to fulfill the dream of his life. At that moment, he dies.
Our character does not accept death and after several attempts to defeat the universal order system, he manages to return to his body on earth, and he materialize what for him was his life’s dream.
What follows is the realization that the goal reached, after waiting for this moment all his life, fails to “fill” that inner void, which triggers a total rethinking of the meaning of life.
During the period that our character is between life and death, he sees how things work in the universe, and he can observe the souls that are in ‘training’ before reaching earth, for defining their personality and life purpose.

Here we take a break from the movie and return to our topic, astrology.

In the article published on January 11, 2020, called “Life’s Purpose, Evolution and Astrology,” we discuss the subject dealt in the film. In our article that explains how things work, has had a lot of views, but it cannot compare with the audience that the Disney movie can have.
What we should keep in mind is that, it is not the number of views, or the amount of ‘likes’ that an article or a movie may have. The important thing is what conclusion we can draw from it, and if this helps us understand that there is a purpose in our life, and if our actions are coherent with that purpose.

From an astrological point of view, last January’s article mentioned the following:

Up to this point, we could say that the purpose of life is given by the combination of exalting the positive aspects of the natal chart, and working to eliminate the negative ones.

This process has nothing to do with success, which can occur due to fortuitous conditions, accompanying by astrological aspects, but it has nothing to do with the purpose of the person’s life. The purpose of life will be fulfilled, only if when the achievement of the life’s objectives were met, and this can be determined only at the time of death. The person in the aftermath of death will be its own judge and will determine to what degree he/she achieved his objectives or life’s purpose.
A person who has fulfilled his life purpose will not be afraid of death. This is because he/she is simply a full person, a person that lived its life by working hard on studying itself, knowing its strengths and use them fully, also knowing its weaknesses and overcoming them. It does not depend on anything or anyone outside ourselves. This process during a lifetime is internal and personal.

The purpose of life has nothing to do with money, professional success, fame, social status and other things that condition our lives on a daily basis.
We are not going to repeat the information from the article we mentioned, it is available on our blog, but it is worth mentioning that there are countless cases around the world, of people who have found themselves in a near-death experience, and when they recovered from that state, they radically changed their approach to life.

We can lie to ourselves with external ‘conditioning’s’, which prevent us from doing or being what we want to be. The bigger problem lays in trying to do things the way we want them, instead of doing them in the way they should be. Usually we want to swim in the river, but without getting wet. That is not possible. To change, you need to make changes!

In the article published on our blog “What to expect for 2021”, we did not include any predictions.
The reason for that, is that if we are going to take astrology as a hobby, thing will not work.
My purpose is to help someone who wants a guide, a road map, something that will help getting from where they are to a better place. You can use astrology as an entertainment just to fill empty time of any meaning, and that will be just like water running into the drain, it will leave nothing behind. There is a purpose behind astrology, don’t waste it.

Do you want to know if the pandemic is over, or if the vaccines will work, or if you will have a job, or if the love of your life will come to you?
Before going to look for a solution outside of you, you must first stop, take a deep breath and look in the mirror. What do you see? Do you like what you see? We are not talking about wrinkles, gray hair, and makeup and so on. Actually, what do you see?

There is an old saying that says, “Your eyes are the window to your soul”.
The tongue can lie, the eyes never.

If what you see in the mirror does not conform to you, think about what bothers you the most, what have you trapped, or conditioned. Do not put yourself in context with others; this analysis must be personal, unique. In the same way that one is born alone, one dies alone. One can “share” moments, but one cannot share life. Life is unique and individual. Only one knows what happens inside each one of us.

Year 2020 dragged people into fear and insecurity just because of what the media published. If you are reading this, the pandemic did not take you, in the same way that it did not take 1/3 of humanity as we had been told it was going to happen. What was the purpose of so much fear, panic, restrictions and the rest?

They managed to prevent us from thinking or using our head independently. They level our conscious to the lowest point possible. They try to take our individuality and create a huge mass of zombies. In part they succeed, since we were not able to express our individuality, and with that, off the road of our purpose.

Year 2021 will bring to each one, what each one works for him/herself. Above all, consciousness would need to prevail, which during 2020 was eliminated because of some dark purpose that is not yet clear.

You have to think that in the end, as in the movie, everything ends on this plane with death, which is inevitable and the only thing guaranteed in this life.
Death is not to be feared. What should give us panic, is living conditioned by external factors, which exist by the sole fact that we allow them to exist. This applies both at the personal level as for humanity.

Year 2021 will present the possibility of ‘freeing ourselves’ if we focus ourselves on our personal development, maximizing our potentials and working to eliminate our conditioning’s (internal and external), which are very well identified in our natal chart.

By doing this, as the film shows, death becomes nothing more than a formal step to accomplish in the universe’s administrative process.


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