Our ability to discern in our daily life

One of the problems that we are facing at the present time, is the lack of application of our reasoning capacity in the face of things. We have been atrophying our innate ability to discern and have replaced it with the direct consumption of information, without making the corresponding analysis of it or without taking things into perspective. There are no isolated facts, and most of the time we don’t see how each part is part of a whole, working inter related and in constant communication between each other.

We consult astrology at a certain moment to see what is happening to us, and usually it is when we are going through a problematic period. We forget or do not take into account that both, we and the planets, are in constant movement every second of our lives and that we all move according to certain universal laws. On the planetary side, we are constantly been influenced by different planetary aspects, which predispose or condition us in a certain way.

Astrology determines that we are within repeated energy cycles, and usually, we seek the explanation of something by limiting ourselves to just seeing what is happening at any particular moment, and we do not consider the cycle that we are in, which could gives us the answer to the situation, by understanding if similar cycle already happened in the past.

If we talk about significant events, most likely we are in a cycle through which we have already passed. Consider that while there are cycles that occur once in a lifetime, these are more of personal transformation at a larger scale. On the other hand, when we face complicated personal situations (health, money and love), most probably this is related to a repetitive cycle.

Just to understand our purpose and what life is, lets mention that we are in this life to evolve. We are in the “school of life” and the only objective is to improve ourselves at the personal level. This task, just like when we were in the educational process, we will pass exams at a personal level, beyond having studied in a group. For those who studied in groups, they will well know that no matter how much they studied together, some passed the exam and others did not.

In our life we can be very successful in our activities, have managed to accumulate wealth and goods, have acquired fame and so on, but at the end, when “the light goes out”, none of that has value. On this level, it may be that only the memory of the person remains and not always as well as their true occurrence were and in some cases, their existance were replaced by invented or modified stories that each one will make from their point of view, which they will never truly reflect as they were experienced or lived by the one that is no longer present.

In conclusion, for those difficult moments that we can all go through in our lives, astrology is the tool that allows us to locate ourselves in time and space, for not only that particular moment, but also allowing us to understand in what part of our path we currently are.

Making a thorough analysis of the past, without lying to ourselves, without hiding from ourselves the real events that happened (which only we know) and seeing how we reacted to them, that could give us the answer for understanding the situation by which we are going through at the present time.

Remember that our entire environment reflects or channels the planetary energies at any given moment. The energies can be similar; our response to them should be different as we evolve. According to how we respond, we can understand whether we have evolved or not. Let us rescue the power of discernment, which is native in each one of us and in most cases it is not been used.

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