I am Who I am?

Who am I?

Have you ever wondered what it is that moves you to think in any given way, to do what you do, to say what you say, or to act as you act? The most common answer would be, I am the way I am, that is how I am.

However, what does it mean, I am who I am, or I am this way, or that way?

What makes us to respond spontaneously, rationally, or emotionally conditioned?

We know that we have a temperament, an education, an environment, and a DNA that in some way, gives us a base structure from which we think, act, and interact with our outside world. Let us say that each of these parts form a whole, and at each moment, these components are interacting with each other at different level of influence, or percentage of participation, with the results of our thoughts and actions.

If one acted only from the subconscious, one would be acting totally like an automaton, almost like a zombie, without any kind of “conscious” control. If one did it analytically and measured at every moment, one would become a computer, where everything is been analyzed in depth before responding, or acting.

In reality, the answer to how we are, is given by the combination of the interaction of the two aforementioned parts.

Now the million-dollar question. At what percentage each of these two parts participate at any given time? By empirical information, the two components are participating all the time, but the percentage of influence of each one at any given moment, is a different story.

From the astrological point of view, it can be said that this percentage varies according to the planetary transits that are present at each moment, and activating existing aspects and conditions, in our natal chart and subconscious. This could explain why something that was done or said at a certain moment in time, which although it was considered “normal”, but then after seeing it from the distance in another opportunity, it is considered absurd or out of place.

Think of those days or hours, that we see everything dark, bad, or we look for a problem in anything without any apparent cause. If we analyze the planetary transits in our chart, most probable we will find some aspect, that is activating something of our internal planes.

The planetary transits generate energies, that like any other frequency, they go through us from side to side, including every cell in our body. These energies have as a side effect, the activation of some part of our natal, and acquire characteristics, related to the type of energy that we are receiving. Depending on the planets, and houses in the natal chart that are involved in the aspects in question, existing programs will be activated, with probably the involvement of external actors.

The key to a better life, is based on working to disarm our “programming”, or “natal aspects” mentioned, as a way to overcome the negative, or conditioning factors, so when the hard transits arrive, they will not find any material to be activated.

By not finding patterns to activate, the energies of the planetary transits pass without having major impact. If the conditioning programming does not exist, the hard transits cease to be so. There may be some secondary, or residual effects at the physical body level.

Our body’s cells are always exposed to the energies of the environment, but in the case of these planetary energies, if they are not been enhanced by our reactionary activities (emotions), they will have minimum effect on the body. But on the other hand, the consequences of conditioned reactions, can bring undesirable consequences or problems, which can manifest both in external situations, as well as physical disorders.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the cycles when repeated, have the function of presenting us with similar energies every determined period. The cycle of the Moon is around 28 days, the Sun 365 days, Jupiter 12 years, just to mention a few to give us an idea of​ the variation of the different times when cycles are repeated.

Within these cycles, motivating or repressing energies will be generated, and depending on the personal’s natal chart, education, believe system and environment, and having worked on our conditioning aspects, we can mitigate the negative effects generated by these cyclic energies.

There is an order and perfection in the functioning of the celestial bodies, and there is no doubt that, its sole purpose is for us to overcome our internal challenges and to evolve.

On the material plane, things come and go. By material world we include the possessions, relationships, and things that surround us (house, car, furniture, books, clothes, and others), but there is something very important that is not often considered, which are people (family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc).

Do not just look at your material plane but also consider all your relationships, and see if you can find patterns of happiness and challenging periods. Think about the challenging periods, and how you reacted, or what triggered them, and find out what you have to work on. By doing that, when new challenging cycles arrive again, you will be better prepared off.
Today, as with any day, is always a good time to start working on your internal aspects that are preventing your personal growth and evolution.

Astrology is there to help you in the process.

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