Computers, Humans and Astrology

How many people know that computers, which later became cell phones, Smart TVs and so on, were created based on how human beings function? While at the beginning it may not seem like this, in our present days with the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence, it is easier to identify. We can see it in the robots that are on the market, such as the android called ‘Sophia’, to which was given the citizenship of Saudi Arabia and also did a presentation at the United Nations.

When computing began it was more difficult to distinguish it, but today we could say that computers created by scientists and technicians where following in “its own image”. A phrase used to identify the human being and its creator.

What follows is an analysis in order to delve into the essence of the human being, its operating mechanism and its “programming and free will”. This analysis could be rejected due to deep-rooted beliefs system that one has, but for those who will reject it, I would ask you to present an alternative to what is presented here. In other words, you can replace something, but with something else, not just to criticize the idea or to polemicize.

As a civilization, we believe that we have advanced and we are at the cusp of our development, but as we can see today, in the face of a pandemic, the response to the problem was to lock up people worldwide. What is the scientific advance that we boast so much about, if in the face of a not common every day health problem, the solution is confinement? It is that everyone is so numb that prevents questioning such advance of medicine, or the effectiveness of health systems? Are we really so advanced as they want us to believe?

Looks like our beliefs systems don’t go in line with what happens!

This discussion is for understanding where our beliefs come from, which we are going to call it ‘our programming’. There is enough information available, which explains the ‘techniques’ that exist to ‘program’ the actions of people. This is nothing new, and it has been around and used by the ruling class for millennia. Methods of personal and/or social programming have been more evident in more recent times with Nazism in Germany, for example.

How can anyone explain that elementary school age children could dress up and do the Nazi salute? What idea can a child have of the economy, politics or the world?

Another-one, in the opera ‘Evita’, which was very famous in the 70s, and refers to Eva Duarte de Perón, who was the wife of the president of Argentina in the late 40s, early 50s, there is a song called ‘Santa Evita’. This song is sung by a children’s choir and while the song is being play, there is a voice that says “take them while they are young …” This is a clear allusion to imposing on them a belief that will last a lifetime. A program, whatever it may be, in a child, will be a determining factor for life if it is not changed.

Her husband, Juan Domingo Perón, in an political speech said, I won the first election with men, the second with women (since the female vote was enabled), but the most interesting thing was that he said ‘the next one will be with young people ‘. His prediction was fulfilled when his party returned to power in 1973. The children of the 50s were already of voting age in the 70s.

The article does not analyze the political aspect in any way, but shows with concrete examples what has happened around the world since time immemorial. Certain acts of government aim at programming and crowd control, applied for the moment or with the future in mind.

A belief is something that we have incorporated, that we may or may not know where it comes from, but sets the conditions on how we act on a day-to-day basis. We can have the same believe as our parents, relatives, teachers, politicians, religious leaders, etc. Beliefs come from information we receive from our environment. We will never be able to believe in something we do not know.

Every day we accept or reject something automatically, instinctively, but what many do not understand is that our actions are the consequences of a base of beliefs, tastes and other parameters, which are processed in our brain at an incredible speed, and we act, based on the result obtained from that processing.

A simple example. Let’s make coffee. What do we do? We look for coffee, if the coffee is ground, we look for the coffee maker, and if it is instant, we look for a cup to put it in. Then the water follows, if we use the coffee maker we put the water in and turn it on, if it is instant coffee we heat the water. All these actions are been processed in our brain at an incredible speed, while we are watching TV or talking to someone. We do not even realize the processing speed we have.

Everything related to making coffee could be analyzed as long as we have learned it in some way before. What we learned, which can often be identified as ‘experience’, came about because we either read it, someone showed us how to do it, we watched a video, etc. That information that we obtained is ‘stored’ in our brain, which will be used in the future when necessary.

Something as simple as making coffee can be compared to everything we do every day in our lives. The more we incorporate knowledge, the easier it will be for us to process information and make our decisions. A decision made based on insufficient information will most likely not have the expected result.

As beings that have super processing powers, we are born with a base operating system, and from gestation on, we begin our ‘programming’, which will continue for the rest of our lives. It never ends. You can always learn something new or unlearn something that does not serve you.

Our DNA, which contains the hereditary information, and our birth chart, provide basic information of our potentials and our critical areas with which we come into this world. As we develop, our environment will begin to shape our basic belief system. These beliefs are nothing more than data loaded into our brain, and the information stored will be used to determine our thoughts, feelings, relationships, actions and the rest.

To better understand this part, let’s look at the following. We all believe that if we spend a long period in freezing temperatures we die of hypothermia, it is general knowledge, but there are other possibilities. If that definition were absolute true that one dies of hypothermia under certain conditions, how can we explain that a monk in Tibet, meditates for hours, in the open with freezing temperatures and this does not affect him. His body is the same as the rest of humans. The same can be said, for people who go without food or water for a longer time than the body can theoretically endure, and do not die. The same for someone who manages to stop his heart and start it again at will. This is not science fiction, it’s real. Depending on your belief system, it may not be possible.

This out of the normal can be explained, if we deviate from ‘our beliefs system’, which limits our vision of the world. In the same way that I can believe in something, I can stop believing, in the same way that I can learn, I can unlearn. How many times have we believed in something (about a person, a government, an institution, among others), which we defended with teeth and nails, and after been faced with new information we had to change our mind.

This simple example shows that our beliefs can change. All our actions work based on information that we have, which could be modified.

The process of our programming is slow, sometimes subliminal, and to be able to make changes to it, not only it takes time but also the use of certain methodology. The only difference in this process has been with people who had near-death experiences. There are a large number of cases, there are books written, where a person after going through one of these experiences completely changes its life’s style. We can say that there was a reset on its programming do to this experience. The information from which function before was deleted or deactivated.

Every time someone says, “I am like this,” what is the person saying? It’s just saying that the response is based on the programming contained. However, this programming is not something that is set in stone, although most people think it is. In the same way that an electronic device receives an update from its operating system, we have the ability to update ourselves.

What we have learned in the past conditions our present moment in some way. If we are aware of this, we can change what does not serve our purpose and replace it with something that improves our quality of life.

In our natal chart, we can identify conditioning areas as well as our potentials. We are born with certain characteristics. A phone may come with a certain memory capacity that cannot be expanded, but in the case of human beings, there are no limits, everything can be changed. We have the free will to do it.

Our potentials determined by the natal chart can be maximized and there is no limit, in the same way that our conditioning factors can be eliminated or minimized. By working on these two aspects, we can optimize our functioning and our life experience to its best.

Similar to our DNA, which can bring vulnerabilities to certain diseases, if we know what they are, following an adequate diet and an orderly life in the challenging aspects, we can minimize the activation of these conditions and lead a healthy life.

Each country establishes its education plan and change them according to who is in the government or ideology of the moment. While we can criticize both the government and educators, keep in mind that they themselves are part of the system just as we are. The only thing we have to think about is who is behind a certain education plan; usually it is not the same people who presents it.

Children spend more time in school than with their parents until they finish their basic studies as teenagers. Their ‘programming’ comes from someone with whom we may or may not share its values, but there are not many alternatives, it is a closed system. If we add to education, the determining factor of fashions, marketing, social media and others, we can see that we are entering a field where parents have very little control over the “programming” of their children. They are being programmed from somewhere else.

The consequence of ‘programming’ under the current technological society, affecting especially the children and adolescents, to a level that surpasses without comparison any previously known era. This occurs because the direct connection that exists between digital platforms and the human being (through video games, social media, instant information globally and the rest), creates a subliminal programming, which previously could only be achieved through reading, radio or television. Before massive technology was available, the periods were limited to certain times of the day; but now every child, adolescent and adult has a device in their hand most of the day when they are not sleeping. Not only that, communication is personal and direct between the device and the person, it does not require an intermediary or schedule. It is available 24 hours a day.

One can speculate that, if you could ‘program’ people in the years when technology was almost non-existent, what can happen today with the level of penetration that exists which is control by a tiny group of corporations that run the everyday of the world, working together with governments.

What would have to happen to change the current reality in which we live? Would it be necessary, like the cases mentioned before, to suffer a near-death event at a global scale to reset our programming?

With astrology, we can see that we are in a process of great change that began in 2008. In 2020, this process accelerated and is far from being over; on the contrary, from December 2020 onward this will take on another dimension.

Mass programming was short-lived in the past and its consequences were not the best for society or the world. This current attempt to globally massify our programming with the sole fact of generating profits on one hand, and lowering our level of human and personal development on the other, cannot guarantee us a happy conclusion in this movie. This type of action does not work in the long term, simply because it has no a valid purpose. If the experiences of the past at a country level led to major crises and suffering, what can be expected of something that is happening at a global scale.

For those who do not see it, from the astrology point of view, we can say that what is coming will be very hard. For those who understand it, they will surely be thinking of reducing the use, or directly disconnecting from the telephone, social media and TV, in order to start working on their ‘deprogramming’.

We are still on time to do it.


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