The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

It is often heard that each of us has a purpose in this life. And beyond the fact that this is true and irrefutable, it is equivalent to saying that each one in their profession or trade has a specific task to perform.
Continuing with the analogy, each one knows how to carry out their task in the same way as the other participants with whom they must interact. Without going into the detail of the specific task of that each one has, we know that some have ‘natural’ qualities for what they do and others may have to face challenges doing the same task.

Now let’s look at the purpose of life. Our natal chart gives us certain characteristics by which certain things come out easier for us than others. We can say that we have natural ‘qualities’ which we must first know what they are, and then exploit them to the fullest.

That would be the first part of our life purpose, but things do not end there.

The second part, and could be the most important, is to know what are the things that “naturally” we don’t like, annoy us, we can’t handle them, they make us sad, angry, and so on.

The positive qualities with which we were born, if we can define them like that, are from ‘factory’. We did nothing to have them, but the others that we could define as ‘negative’ may or may not have been there from the moment we were born.

If in the natal chart someone has a conjunction of Uranus with the Moon in House 1, that’s something from birth. As a result of this, the person will most likely have sudden changes in the emotional states, comparable to a roller coaster. Anything can trigger the person’s mood change, something that someone else could manage without a problem. This does not only affects the person but also its environment.
In this case, by knowing the aspect in the natal chart, there are certain steps that can be taken to remediate the condition. Certain therapy can be done to rationalize that energy and transmute it. Everything can be handled, but sometimes is necessary professional help to solve it.
But there is also the other ‘negative’ condition that, although it may or may not be present in the natal chart, could be present by the ‘programming’ received at a certain moment in life by parents, educators, religious guides, and government.

This programming is the most complicated to manage. The reason why it is complicated is because when we talk about parents, educators, religious guides and government, we are talking about the person’s environment. It is one thing to be able to work and modify something that is ‘personal’ and ‘natal’ and another thing is to work against the environment.

In China in ancient times, when a person was sick, a group of people in the village oversaw taking them out of the house, and taking them to another place, without contact with their family (the environment) and caring for them until they were healthy. This ancestral knowledge is based on two fundamental things. The first is that the environment conditions depending on the situation, it can be toxic and make the person sick. The second is that, once health returned, measures should be taken to change the environment to avoid repeating the situation that cause the problem.

It is very difficult to change negative programming when you live daily with the same situation that caused the problem. In this regard, astrology can only help by marking the favorable cycles to make changes as well as using synastry to validate the energy relationship with the closest related person.

When we talk about parents, religious guides and government, each one will have their justification for why they did or do what they do. Usually is to keep the person or people within a certain framework or environment, and in most cases, this prevents the individual from fulfilling their life’s purpose. This occurs because both parents, religious guides or government instill “their vision of things” which as a result becomes ‘programming’ or ‘mind shaping’, regardless of the person’s birth characteristics. This condition could divert the person from its life path, prevents the individual development, and the person is left with the option of belonging and/or been part of a group.

We are born alone even though we were surrounded by people, and we leave this plane in the same way. Both the one who arrives and the one who leaves, is the only one that knows the feeling in those moments, the rest are merely observers. That is why, the way of evolution in order to reach the fulfillment of the individual’s life purpose, each one must work individually, and it is essential the understanding of what are the impediments that could block such purpose.

Let’s recognize that we are here for a reason and to accomplish something, first individually and later in groups, not the other way around.

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