The Power of Information

At some point we have heard someone say or we ourselves have used the phrase, ‘information gives power’. Knowledge can give us advantages to obtain the desired results in the decisions we make in our daily lives.

Without a doubt, during life one ‘learns’ certain things by different means. Some because they were specifically taught to us and in other cases, because once a decision was made, depending on the result we determine that it was good or not.
Take the case that things did not turn out as we expected. Why did this happen?

In general, doing an analysis of the past we look for the “unforeseen” or something out of our control that interfered and made things go in a way other than expected.

Let’s stop and analyze this phrase, ‘There are no disappointments, but only the result of false expectations’.
This phrase can easily summarize the negative result of something we programmed, and it didn’t turn out the way we thought.

Everything is information, everything that surrounds us in all aspects of our lives including the people we deal with, work, education, finances, politics, the weather, and everything in general provides us with information which we process and then we act in response to it.

It is basic to understand how our cognitive system works, beyond the fact that this is rarely mentioned except in circles that have to do with psychiatry or psychology.

We have a ‘personality’ and an ‘education’ which is our basic information from which we start to analyze and/or act every moment of our lives. A philosopher will see things from a very different point of view than an engineer, a soldier, a doctor, or a merchant, for example. Faced with the same situation, each one will have a different appreciation of what is happening. But if we analyze things from a ‘neutral’ point of view, we will realize that there is only one result of things. Each one will give it a value according to its understanding, but we are talking about the same thing. For each person there may be a different interpretation, but the reality is only one.

The idea of this article is not to go into the analysis of whether something is good or bad, but rather the importance of understanding the value of information before making any decision.

We have mentioned it in several articles, the case of going to the beach on a stormy day. We may not think about it, but even in that simple act, one is analyzing information. If before deciding on a trip to the beach, I see the weather forecast and the conditions are not right to go to the beach, then I change my plans. On the other hand, if I go without looking at the forecast and a storm breaks out while I’m on the beach, my day probably won’t go as planned.

This is a simple example, but it is clear that if we search for and manage information, it gives us an advantage and allows us to make a more harmonious decision considering the environment with which we interact.

Astrology is a tool that gives us information, providing ‘inside information’ about ourselves, that allows us to analyze our behavior and the decisions we take explaining even why we reacted in certain way. Everything has a reason; the information is there. Nothing happens ‘out of the blue’.

The key to live a full life, is to first know ourselves internally and consciously, understanding our limitations and our virtues, avoiding judging ourselves; there is no one to defend us from that.
That information, which is there to be known, provides the opportunity to work on our limitations and bring our potential to the maximum expression. Everything is within us.

Another aspect to consider, is the source from where the information is coming. Don’t neglect a source for the simple reason that does not make you feel good, analyze the information, be honest to yourself. It could be that always listening to what you like can compare to the ‘siren song’, and we know how that ends.

We move within energy cycles which can also influence our behavior, this is part of the information that we need to include in our analysis before making an important decision. Astrology also provides that.

Everything is information, the key is to know where to obtain it, select it and process it consciously.

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