Antikythera Mechanism

In the article presented on the Lady of Elche, we mentioned the relationship between part of the design of the sculpture and astrology, beyond the fact that its origin or antiquity is unknown.
In this opportunity we are going to talk about what could have been the first analog computer, which within its functions, had the calculation of the movement of celestial bodies.
We are talking about what is known as the Antikythera Mechanism. Part of this device was found in the remains of a sunken ship in the Aegean Sea in Greece, between the years 1900 and 1901.
Based on the analyzes carried out, the remains found date back to around 150 years before the Christian era.

There are astrological records from four thousand years ago, including ephemeris on clay tablets detailing the position of the celestial bodies of the solar system as far as Saturn.
Anyone could wonder how it was possible that ancient civilizations such as Assyrians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans just to mention the best known, had the knowledge of the movement of the stars equivalent to that of our days.
The Antikythera mechanism somehow clarifies part of that doubt.

Through the studies, the age of the device was determined, but in no way does it speak of when this technology was created or the different versions that could exist of it, only conjectures can be made. But if we refer to the astrological antecedents, we can speculate that this type of device was already in use since long time before and by different civilizations. Any technology goes through a certain process of analysis, development, implementation and evolution. Who knows where the original version came from and which version or model the one found refers to.

Our present civilization is generally mentioned as the most advanced in the development of ‘Homo Sapiens’, but it seems that certain data do not agree. From the known information coming from accidental discoveries, one would have to wonder if the story we know is the correct one, or if there is another version of it. Human fossils have recently been found that, due to their antiquity and characteristics, challenge the well-known origin from Africa.

In the book Astrology in the 21st Century, it is stated that astrology is simply a system for measuring the movement of energies, where each celestial body has a particular energy which manifests itself in a specific way in the material world and in the human being.
The scientific information available today through quantum physics and mechanics, equipment that can measure even the sound produced by a human cell, or the frequency of the human heart, which can be detected from hundreds of yards from where the person is, identifying them better than a fingerprint, or a device to listen to music without headphones where people around cannot hear, it opens the door to another perspective very different from the one we had a few years back.

The question that remains unanswered until new information is found, is how ancient civilizations already knew the movement and effect that each planet and aspect could produce. Complex enought is to know the movement and another very different is the energy and effect that it produces.
As can be seen from the Antikythera mechanism, there was already ancestral knowledge that for some reason was lost and was rediscovered in the case of this mechanism, only around the year 1600. Just to mention other examples, what about the cement use by Romans, where the current cement used for construction can last about 200 years, while the one used by the Romans is still standing after 2000 years. The formula for the Roman cement still unknown.

Today’s society is 100% dependent on electricity. Everything that is produced and consumed at some point used electricity. The functioning of our society depends entirely on electricity being present and in enough quantity. Never before in the history of different civilizations, if we consider the day-to-day life of people, and the functioning of commerce or governments depended on a single man-made product.

We have achieved progress in certain aspects, but it seems that for our daily normal life, there is an ignored fragility. If something has not changed over time, it is the knowledge provided by astrology, which has always been in force and will continue to provide it. If there is no electricity, it will take longer to construct a natal chart by hand, but this ill not make any difference on the result. The knowledge will still be there.

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