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Definitions such as that astrology predicts the future, or that according to Wikipedia: Biology is the scientific study of life. It is a natural science with a broad scope but has several unifying themes that tie it together as a single, coherent field. For instance, all organisms are made up of cells that process hereditary information encoded in genes, which can be transmitted to future generations; are concepts that need to be revised with all the scientific information available today.

Astrology does NOT predict the future; it simply states the energetic cycles through which we navigate life. The ‘predictions’ of what may happen in the future depend on the interpretation of the movement of these energies by the astrologer who is doing the analysis. Not very different from a doctor giving a diagnosis according to the studies he has of the patient. It could have happened to more than a person that a doctor determined a diagnosis and a treatment and with the same data another doctor recommended a different one. It is all about knowledge and interpretation.

About biology, the Wikipedia definition speaks of biological processes, but it does not mention an important fact that has been known already for some time. We are talking about ‘Epigenetics’, which brings to the table additional information regarding the biological processes considering the environment where these processes happen. It is not the same for a process to take place in Antarctica as it is in the Caribbean. The environment influences the process.

This well-known concept was confirmed with the study of stem cells in the 1980s. Epigenetics refers to the behavior of the cell depending on its environment. The human body is made up of billions of cells, therefore, the behavior of the human body cannot escape the behavior of the unit that composes it. As it is above it is below, as it is below it is above.

To better understand our reality, we must update concepts fixed in our mind, which needs to be updated by new scientific information. Our DNA is not necessarily determinant of our life and our genetic inheritance, in the same way that our natal chart in no way determines our life.

Just to mention what well known scholars have to say in these regards, consider information provided by Dr. Robert Sapolski of Stanford University and Dr. Davor Mate of the University of British Columbia, where the fatalistic genetic vision that was instilled in us at a certain moment, today they have evidence proving that this is not the case. You cannot analyze a person genetically without looking at its environment; where the person grew up, the customs learned and the life experiences that the person had.

Similar situation must be considered within astrology in relation to the natal chart. How can it be explained that the natal chart of ‘a prince and a beggar’ that were born in the same town and at the same time, therefore, they have identical natal charts, but would have such different realities?
From history, astrologers follow the ‘fatalistic’ line, and see the birth chart as determining and final. Even today some astrologers continue in this line of thought.
Like within biology, misconceptions are still taught which, in the analysis of a situation, the environmental conditions are neglected. As with astrologers, many doctors continue with the old “learned book” and have not updated their knowledge to the new information. To fully understand a patient’s medical condition, the doctor needs to also understand the environment in which the patient interacts.

Just to understand the significance of the consequences of genetics, out of 100 women who had breast cancer, only 7 of them had the breast cancer gene present, 93 who had cancer did not have it. What does this mean? That genes can have an influence on certain characteristics of the person (eye color, hair, and so many other characteristics) but not necessarily on diseases in general. It means that the 93 women who suffered breast cancer and did not have it in their genes “contracted it themselves”. Cancer, as far as we know, is not communicable or transmissible, but there is enough information available to say that cancer is self-generated, and the ‘environment’ plays an important part.

In the book “Astrology for the 21st Century” we talk about energy, frequency, and vibration. This paragraph relates to what was mentioned:

” Today, we know that the cells in the human body vibrate in the 50−1500 Hz range, corresponding to the wavelengths in the 6200−7000 Å. The viruses that can produce diseases vibrate in the wavelength range below 5500 Å. For example, the Koch’s bacillus of tuberculosis vibrates at 5500 Å and cancer vibrates at 4000 Å. At this point, it is worth noting that a low level of vibration in cells represents a disease.”

A cell that is functioning with a lower vibration (or energy) than normal, can quietly activate a disease. In our human body there are millions of bacteria, fungi and other elements that have a reason for being, while the body is in balance. When the body is in an energy imbalance, and consequently with low energy or vibration, it is exposed to the proliferation of all internal or external elements that can make it sick.
The environment plays a fundamental role in our energy level. We are what we eat, what we drink, with whom and where we are.

From the same book we can quote:

“Every sound that surrounds us is being perceived by our senses depending on the frequency it produces. There are natural sounds, such as rain, running water, wind rustling the leaves of trees, birds, and other elements that vibrate at frequencies to which we are attune. On the other hand, noises such as those produced by engines, machinery, screams, and many others of the kind, are aggressive to our senses. For this reason, for someone who lives in the middle of nature and is accustomed to natural noises, the level of noise in a city could cause a shock. Those of us, who are “adapted” to these noises due to living in such environments for a long time, will only notice noises that “exceed” the “normal” level of the city.

It is common to lose the perspective on things and makes us forget that we are beings with a specific construction, designed for a life in an environment consistent with our organic composition, which requires maintaining a healthy mental and physical balance. Even though we are “adaptable” beings, each adaptation to a hostile environment, has a burden and a price to pay, it is not free.

Just seeing how people react in general when they are heading off for a long holiday or vacation or even celebrating that is “Friday” gives us an idea of our constant need to “escape” from the daily imbalances produced by the routine of our busy environment. One could say without exaggeration that this way of life is the main reason behind so many mental illnesses, causing people to turn to psychologists, psychiatrists, or medicines to calm anxiety, depression, and other ailments, caused primarily by the deviation from the natural way of living and cost for adaptation to a hostile environment.”

Our environment conditions our physical health to our mental health.

Fears are the main cause of why we lower our energy and vibration. It is no coincidence that maintream media are crushing news 24 hours a day to generate fear or insecurity. The confinement decreed by different governments around the world because of the pandemic, plus the media and the news related to the increase of the numbers of infected cases, hospital’s colapse and the rest, do nothing more than predispose people physically and psychologically to become ill.

According to official data, in the United States in 2020, 500 thousand people that die had the virus (regardless of whether it was the cause of death) and it was the highest number per country worldwide. What it seems that nobody knows or did not realize, is that in that same period 600 thousand people died from cancer in the same country (not that they had cancer, but that they died from it). Cancer is generated within the person, it is not transmissible, but certain food, stress and living conditions can support its growth. Both this self-generated sickness as well as contracting a virus, speaks of an organism that is not balanced and in consequence, weak energetically speaking.

With the information available today, people must start rethinking their previous believes in both science, and astrology. First step to take that will help, is to disconnect from the devices that are fear-generating machines, to start, and try to understand how to use astrology to navigate the energy cycles through which we travel. Above all things and most important, don’t let anybody limit the expression of our human essence, nor let it be conditioned by anything or anyone.

We have all the answers within us, but we need to disconnect from the ‘outside’ and get in tune with ourselves. For anyone bringing our solution from the outside, first let’s analyze what is the convenience or interest that the supposed ‘benefactor’ has in the matter. Most probably there are very few people who cares for us and will provide advice for our own good, and mainstream media is one not to trust. They only seek for their financial benefit, apart from the fact that they are in collusion with their respective government.

For things to change, it will depend on those who have the clarity to ‘see’ reality and get out of the matrix. It doesn’t take many people to change reality, it just takes a group that is genuinely clear of mind and spirit.

As the anthropologist Margaret Mead said
“Never doubt that a small group of well-intentioned and determined citizens can change the world. Actually, it’s the only thing that ever existed. ”

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    • The negative side of Aquarius is ‘living outside reality’. When an outer planet is on the first degree or the last degree of the sign, is when the bad energy or negative characteristic of the sign gets manifested the most.
      When Saturn and Jupiter conjunct on the first degree of Aquarius in December 2020, a great ‘delusion’ was generated. People were tired of the restrictions because of the virus and were looking for the vaccines as a solution. Reality show that one shot was not enough to end the virus, a second one was necessary, then a third one and so on. The energy generated by that conjunction was potentiated because of Jupiter presence. Now when Saturn exists the sign of Aquarius and enters the sign of Pisces (the end of the astrological cycle), all these delusions will fade away and a new reality will start. Pisces is about healing. Saturn ruler of Capricorn is not comfortable is a water sign. Saturn will prompt serious reevaluation about what happened around the world.
      The eclipse of April 30th, 2022, and the lunar eclipse of May 2022 will generate significant energies which will have maximum effect by the end of 2022, beginning of 2023 coinciding with the exit of Saturn from the sign of Aquarius. Bye to the illusion and hello to a new reality.

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