Carbon and Spiritual Entities

Today’s topic may be controversial, but we must take into consideration that we are ‘thinking’ beings, that we have innate power of reasoning which can be developed by making good use of our processing center called ‘brain’ and our ‘heart’ known as our center for spiritual guidance.

Since time immemorial, the different religions have promoted the central axis of human development which is based on been aligned the thinking-saying-doing axis. We have to say what we think and then act on it, in another word be ‘coherent’ within ourselves.

Although there are plenty of examples of religious leaders and rulers who can outline this mantra, very few have or are carrying it out.

Ordinary people who are not in circles of power hold a discourse that is far from what they think, just to be “politically correct.” This practice does no other than unbalance their energy axis. If this is practiced in order to maintain peace and harmony, the end result is far from the original intention.
At some point, the energy is balanced, and there are consequences. We are immersed in a universe that is governed precisely by energy balance. The imbalances are temporary, and they are not measured in hours and months as we are used to. Universal laws run on a different clock.

Based on the Think-Say-Do axis, it speaks of what we are. Ask yourself, are we spiritual beings having an earthly experience, or are we just carbon entities with spirit?
Depending on what you believe, this is how your actions will be on this plane in relation to the Thinking-Saying-Doing axis.

In a previous article we talked about how astrology has a purpose only at the earth level. With the space travel that is so much in the news lately, if we are going to live on the Moon or Mars, we must invent the new astrology for those places since the one we know would not work.

Astrology sees the development of the person only from the earthly point of view. Astrology is not involved with spiritual precepts at all, whether of religions or beliefs. Astrology is a ‘tool’ that serves to help to travel the experience on this earth plane. As we stated countless times, it could be used as a GPS to travel through life, like the one we use in the car.

And what about the spiritual or evolutionary development of the person?

The answer is that astrology can help in this process by the simple fact of pointing personal characteristics (limitations and virtues), as well as the energy cycles that the person will go through during life.
If you are a person who thinks that you are a spiritual being having an earthly experience, you will believe that you come from something previous which could be another life on this plane or anywhere else in the universe, and that after this journey is completed you will continue your path of experiences, which goes on in infinity.
If you are a person who believes that you are a carbon organism that has a spiritual spark, you will believe that you were born of your mother, you will travel this plane and at the end of the road, you will be judged depending on your actions with the following verdict and its consequences.
Regardless of what you believe, the transit through this plane is the same, what you believe what you are, only changes your perspective.

Although the options that are presented are oversimplified, it is clear that most of the people fall in one of these two categories.

If you really believe that you are a spiritual being having an earthly experience, the least you would have to worry about would be the end, knowing that the end is part of the process. We can compare it to going on vacation to the dream place or going to see a movie that you have been waiting for a long time to be released. You are going to enjoy the holidays, or you are going to watch the movie, immersed in each moment living the experience until it ends. You are not going to be constantly thinking that the holiday or the movie are going to end. If you do that, what you were waiting for so long to happen, when it happens, you are not going to enjoy it thinking that it will be over.

Would a spiritual being cling to everything around? When we talk about possessions, people, titles, and the rest, it is understood that everything is temporary at the earth plane, and they are just part of the experience. In no way would that being cling to things that when leaves this plane cannot take in its journey.
A spiritual being does things to the extent that they merit and are necessary, always considering others and understanding that each one is a spiritual being with its own path to travel.
A mother must protect and help her children grow because it is natural and part of the process, but she cannot hold her children as if they were her property, for example. One thing is to comply with your responsibility and how you carry it out, but that does not give you the ‘ownership’ of others. This is mentioned as an example, but it is valid for everything and everybody. The more attachments there are, the less spirituality there is.

Now if you define yourself as a carbon organism with spirit, your experience will be based on competing against everything and everyone to be the best. You could feel that you have to surpass others, you always have to be on the award podium. You will value yourself for your achievements, for what you have, and even you will participate in the achievements of those around you as if they were your own.

And what does astrology have to do with all this?

For both cases, the natal characteristics and the energy cycles through life will be the same.
Each one will have their personal characteristics and will go through their lives with ups and downs depending on the corresponding cycle, but there is a substantial difference in the approach of how they will use astrology. Remember that astrology is a tool, nothing more than that.

Anyone who identifies as a spiritual being will use this tool for understanding its own foundation or core, trying to understand how and why the feelings that come and go, know its own limitations and work on them until they are eliminated. This is a lifelong task. On the other hand, the natural abilities will be brought to the maximum expression, applying them to help others.

For the one who is a carbon organism with spirit, it will use astrology to get ahead over others, and with little interest in knowing its own nature. Probably will try to know about others to learn about their weaknesses. This being will be in permanent competition for feelings, resources, and dominance.

Regarding the Think-Say-Do, it is clear that for the being who identifies itself as a carbon organism, most of the time, will not be aligned with these three principles. It will rarely do and say what he thinks, he will always be balancing what the result will be before saying or doing something. That imbalance usually manifests itself in poor health or ‘bad luck’ over time.

We are going through a very particular evolutionary process on earth currently. There is no doubt that the two types mentioned above correspond to a before and an after of what will be the final result of this process. Without a doubt, the carbon organisms will remain with the carbon organisms and the spiritual beings will continue their path together with those of similar energy. There will be a division of the waters.

For those who identify themselves as carbon units, they could at some point change their mind and join the evolutionary process. There is always time to change, there is free will.

The universe is perfection, if it seems that it is not, especially during this period, it is because we are in the middle of a change process. Like a labor pain before the baby is born, that moment could be seen as long and chaotic, but all is forgotten when the sound of the new baby crying is heard.

We will probably hear the baby crying in not too long. Prepare for that.

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